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~Summer 5th~

Angela's POV

"Do you really think I should've brought Sammy?" Selena questioned, holding Sam's hand as we boarded the ferry. Selena was wearing a green tank top and a pair of light blue shorts. "Of course. Luke won't believe you unless you have some evidence." I replied. "I don't know about this..." Selena said, sighing. I gave her a reassuring hug. "It'll be ok." I said, smiling. She smiled back.

"Mama?" Sam said, sucking her thumb. She was wearing a white dress with a few yellow daisies on the top and skirt part of the dress. "Yes sweetie?" Selena said sweetly. "Where we goin'?" Sam mumbled, looking around the boat.

"Vacation!" Selena said happily. "Ready to go?" Pascal said as he approached. Sam clutched onto Selena's leg once he reached us. "Why, hello there! What's your name?" He said, bending over so he didn't look so tall compared to the toddler.

"S-S-Sam..." She mumbled, hiding behind Selena. "She's shy." Selena said, petting her daughter's auburn hair. Pascal nodded, then headed over to the control panel. "What time is it?" Selena asked, sitting on a nearby bench.

I took out my phone to check the time. "10:12." I answered, putting my phone in my pocket. "What time do you think we'll get there?" Selena asked, picking up Sam and placing her on her lap. "About noon?" I guessed, sitting down next to her. She groaned, making me giggle.

"What're we supposed to do until then?" She asked, bouncing Sam up and down with her knee. "Whatever you want." I replied, smiling at her. We had some small-talk until we reached Castanet.


"Thanks Pascal!" I called out, waving goodbye as he sailed away on his ferry. "Where was he going?" Selena asked, holding a sleeping Sam in her arms. "I think he brings in products from other islands." I said. Selena made a 'ah' sound, then looked around Harmonica Town.

"This place hasn't changed at all..." Selena awed, walking slowly. "What do you think people will think of me when they see me carrying a toddler?" She asked in a worried tone. I couldn't help but laugh. "Who cares?" I said, smiling. She smiled back, then started walking at a normal pace.

"Selena, is that you?" A shocked familiar voice called out. We both turned our heads to see Kathy in front of the Brass Bar with Owen. "Heh, yea..." Selena said shyly. Owen was giving her a kind of cold stare, but his expression changed to a curious one when he noticed me with her.

"What're you doing here?" Kathy asked, walking up to her to give her a hug. "Angela convinced me to come back." Selena said, giving me a smile. Kathy looked at me with a curious expression. "Really?" She said. I nodded, then smiled back. "He needs to know the truth." I said, making Selena nod in agreement.

"Who's the baby?" Kathy asked, trying to get a closer of Sam. "This is Samantha..." Selena said in a soft voice. I could tell she was wondering if she should say that Sam is her daughter, so I decided to end the conversation. "Well, we have to go. I'll see ya later, Kathy!" I said, walking in the direction to Clarinet District. Selena said goodbye, then hurriedly chased after me.

"Are we going to see Luke already?" Selena question, her voice shaking a bit. "No, I'm just gonna go home and drop off my stuff real quick. Plus I need to change..." I said, looking down at my outfit. It was the same one I wore the other day. She giggled softly.

As my property came into view, I was (for once) happy to see that Luke and Bo weren't working on the barn. "Wow, you're house is beautiful!" Selena exclaimed as we walked inside. "Really?" I said, looking at my plain living room/kitchen/bedroom.

"Well, you could use some furniture," Selena joked. "But it really is pretty." She said, setting down her beach bag on the floor. "What's in there?" I asked curiously. "Just a few outfits for me and Sam in case we stay the night." Selena said. I nodded, then walked over to my wardrobe to look for an outfit.

I took out a chic outfit then headed into the bathroom to change. Once I finished, I walked out to see Sam sleeping on my bed. "Sorry, but she was getting heavy." Selena apologized. I giggled softly, then told her it was ok as I threw my dirty clothes into the hamper.

"While she's asleep, I'm going to go get some work done. Make yourself at home." I said, grabbing the tools I needed. She simply nodded, then laid down next to Sam in my bed. I had to admit, it was an adorable sight.

Just as I got outside, I felt a vibration coming from my pocket. Since my hands were full, I went over to my field to set them all down so I could read the message. Once that was done, I took out my phone to see that the message was from Luke.

From: Luke

Sent: Summer 5th, 12:26pm

"Hey! You home?"


To: Luke

Sent: Summer 5th, 12:30pm

"Yup! Why?"


From: Luke

Sent: Summer 5th, 12:31pm

"Cuz me and Bo are gonna comeover to finish the barn. Is that ok?"


To: Luke

Sent: Summer 5th, 12:32pm

"Not now, Im busy :3 I'll come visit you later - I need some furniture anyway lol. Gtg, bye!"

I put away my phone after the last message sent, so I grabbed my sickle and started cutting some weeds. There weren't as many as last time, but there was quite a few. After that was done, I grabbed my watering can and quenched my thirsty crops.

I was a bit too excited about seeing the seeds starting to sprout. After I finished everything I had to do with my crops, I was about to go visit Renee so I could see Bella until I remembered that Selena was still here.

Grabbing my tools, I went inside to put away my tools. I noticed that Selena was sound asleep with Sam in her arms. "Aww..." I cooed as I walked up to my bed. I shook Selena awake, which caused Sam to wake up. Please don't cry! I pleaded in my head.

"Hi baby." Selena said in a sleepy tone, kissing Sam's forehead. She giggled softly, making me breath a sigh of relief. "Does she ever cry? Most toddlers I've met always cry." I said, sitting on the bed. Selena giggled. "Yea, but not as much as others. She's good girl." Selena said in a babyish voice, tickling the adorable toddler, causing her to giggle again.

"C'mon, let's go meet Luke." I said, standing up. Selena's expression changed from happy to worried. "Are you sure...?" Selena questioned, standing up. I nodded. "Get Sam ready - I'll be waiting outside." I replied, walking outside.

A few moments later, Selena came walking outside holding Sam's hand. Sam was wearing the same outfit, but her curly hair was a bit more tame. "Ready?" I asked. "I guess." She mumbled, shrugging her shoulders. I gave her a reassuring smile, then headed to Garmon Mines with Selena and Sam close behind.

Luke's POV

Why doesn't Angie want us to go over? Is she mad at us? I thought to myself, sitting on the couch in the lobby. "Luke, what's wrong?" Dale asked from behind the counter. "I think Angie's mad at me..." I confessed, hiding my face in my hands.

I heard him chuckle. "Son, why would she be mad at you?" He said in a curious expression. I shrugged my shoulders, lifting my head up. "I don't know..." I mumbled, staring at the ceiling. He sighed, then was about to say something until Bo interrupted walked in.

"Luke, guess what!" Bo said in such a excited voice that Boss woke up from his slumber. "What?" I asked, still staring at the ceiling. Knowing Bo, it was probly about him cutting down a big tree or breaking a huge boulder without passing out.

"Me and Bailey are dating!" Bo said happily. I flung my head up, then stared at him with a curious expression. "Seriously?" I said in disbelief. He nodded. "We were talking about it last night and it slipped out that she liked me, so I said that I liked her too and BAM! We're a couple!" Bo said, clapping his hands when he said 'bam!'.

"That's great, Bo!" Dale said, smiling happily at him. I nodded in agreement, but couldn't help but remember when I told Pops when me and Selena started dating, he just shook his head in shame or disbelief, I couldn't tell.

Before Bo could say anything more, we heard a familiar bell go off in the direction of the front door. We looked to see Angela, smiling nervously at us with 2 dark figures standing behind her - the sudden light from the sun made it hard to see who they were.

A warm feeling formed in my chest when she walked in, but it didn't last long when I noticed who the person behind her was. "S-S-Selena...?" I said in a surprised tone. She smiled awkwardly at me, and I noticed she was holding the hand of a toddler that looked like her but wasn't as dark.

"Um, welcome!" Dale said, breaking the awkward silence. Bo was slowly backing away into the kitchen, and Boss fell asleep again on the carpet. My head was filled with so many mixed emotions: anger, hurt, and wonder were a few to name. "Luke?" Angela said in a worried tone. I turned around and walked upstairs into my room with muttering another word.

I slammed the door shut once I entered the room. What was going on? Why is Selena here? Where'd that toddler come from? Why was Angie with them? I thought repeatedly, feeling a lump in my throat as my head stopped being so fuzzy.

"Luke...?" A voice said outside of my door, followed by a gentle knock. I didn't answer, I couldn't answer - I knew that the second I opened my mouth that all these mixed emotions and thoughts would pour out of me in the form of tears and cries.

I heard the door open, I slightly turned my head to see Angela and Selena walk inside. Where's the toddler? I thought as I sat up. "Luke, I need to talk to you." Selena said, sitting next to me. I felt the lump in my throat go away, so I assumed it was safe to speak without crying like a baby.

"What?" I said harsher then I imagined, slowly scooting away from her. "It's about what happened." She said, her voice sounding a bit shaky. I cocked an eyebrow, then curiously stared at Angela. "I already know what happened...I convinced her to come and talk to you about it..." Angela said softly.

I decided to hear her side of the story, so gave Selena a 'go-on' look and waited for her to speak. She took a deep breath, then started to tell me what really happened on the night that she 'cheated' on me.


"That's what happened..." Selena finished, almost in tears. I was so confused and shocked by her story. All this time I thought she was a whore for cheating and a bitch for leaving, but she was raped? And left when she figured out she was pregnant? And that the adorable toddler was her child?

"Selena, I'm so sorry..." I managed to say. "Don't be, it's not your fault at all." She said, trying to smile. "Yes it is! If I went last night to the bar, this never would've happened!" I shouted, sitting straight up instead of laying back like I was a moment ago.

She shook her head in disbelief, then smiled. "Luke, it's not all that bad...I have a daughter that means everything to me, even if she was conceived in the worst way possible." Selena said, her voice sounding a bit shaky. I hung my head in shame, then glanced up Angela who was awkwardly standing there.

"Angela." I said, standing up. She looked surprised, but I walked up to her and gave her a huge hug. "Thank you...so much..." I whispered, feeling the lump in my throat come back to me. "Glad I could help." Angela said, giving me a faint smile. Even though she was smiling, something didn't seem right...she looked really upset.

Before I could ask what was wrong, she swiftly turned around walked out of the door in a rather speedy fashion. What the Hell? I thought, looking at Selena. "Is she ok...?" Selena asked, looking like she was thinking the same thing I was.

"I think so. Maybe I should go check on her..." I said, standing up and walking towards the door until Selena blocked my path. "Wait, Luke, I need to ask you something." She said in a rather serious tone. Curiously, I gestured for her to go on.

She blushed slightly, then flashed me a familiar smile that used to make my heart melt. "Will you be Sam's dad?" Selena asked in a hopeful tone. Surprised and shocked, I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out.

"Also, do you think we could..." Selena said, putting her hands on her deeply blushed cheeks. "...be boyfriend and girlfriend again?" She asked, smiling sweetly. What the heck? First she wants me to be the father, and now she wants us to be together in!

My head once again became filled with mixed emotions and thoughts. A part of me still loved her, but the other part was afraid of getting hurt. Before I could give her my answer, another thought completely changed my decision - Angela. Where did she go? Was she ok?

"Um, Luke? Did you hear me?" Selena asked in a impatient yet calm tone. I still couldn't speak, so I gave her a faint nod. "Can I get an answer, then?" She said but in a much sweeter tone then before. Thinking it over, I finally decided what to do.

Angela's POV

I walked back to Clarinet District in a fast tempo with tear-filled eyes. I had to get out of there, I just couldn't bare to see Selena and Luke together. Sure, I was happy that both of me friends were happy, but I finally realized why I was so reluctant to go to Toucan Island in the first place.

I was in love with Luke. His long, crazy blue hair and golden cat-like eyes complimented his round yet beautiful facial features; not to mention his muscular body that was shown off when he wore his white tank top and maroon vest.

But most importantly, he had the most amazing personality I have ever seen. Kind, caring, forgiving, naive, active, energetic, passionate, and determined were just a few of the many qualities I adored about him.

He's my best friend, and I'm happy that he'll be happy with Selena, but does it make me selfish that I believe that he would be much happier with me then her? Or that I regret bringing her from Toucan Island to fix things up?

What am I going to do? I can't ignore him...that'd hurt even more... I thought to myself, gradually slowing down my walking speed as more tears blurred my vision. I really was in love with the unique carpenter, and I didn't realize it until I saw him so happy with another girl.

"Angela!" A familiar voice called out to me. I knew that voice anywhere - it was Luke's! I turned around to see him running towards me, huffing and puffing as he caught up. "Luke, what're you-" "Angela, let me talk." He interrupted, holding my shoulders with his strong hands.

As I opened my mouth to finish my previous sentence, I was once again interrupted, but this time it was his lips forcefully crashing onto mine. Around 5 seconds later he broke the kiss, wiping his lips with the back of his hand with a blush almost as deep as mine on his face.

"W-W-Where did that come...?" I managed to mutter out, still surprised by the sudden kiss I was blessed with. He grinned sheepishly at me. "Angela, I love you. A lot." He said, loosening his grip on my shoulders. He did? I thought to myself, trying to hide my smile but ultimately failed at doing so.

"But...what about Selena...?" I questioned. I couldn't believe that he wouldn't rather have a beautiful, tan, sexy woman like Selena instead of an ordinary tomboy like myself. "I love her too, but it's totally platonic." He said with a reassuring smile.

"I promised that I'd help her out with Sam, but I just couldn't be with her again...not because of the pain she caused me before." He said, moving his to my waist and pulling me closer to him. "But because of you." He said in a voice that could make me melt.

"I love you too, Luke." I said, smiling what was probably the biggest grin I've ever had in years. He smiled happily back at me and pulled me into another kiss - but this time, it was much longer.

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