Brothers Ch. 1

Matthew cursed as he stood from the couch to go see who was knocking so persistently on his front door. During a hockey game. Why the hell did someone decide to remember me now!

He flung open the door, fully prepared to tell whoever it was to go the fuck away but… "Hey Mattie…" Alfred smiled sheepishly up at his younger brother clutching a pillow and some rolling luggage.

Mattie had been in this situation before, "Ivan kicked you out?" Alfred's smile turned apologetic. Matthew sighed, "Come in. Quickly, there's a game on." Alfred nodded and grabbed the bag before coming in quickly. Matthew shut the door behind him, "You remember where your room is?" Alfred nodded.

When he left the Canadian resituated himself back on the couch, "Oh, what the fuck!" Toronto had scored twice on Ottawa seemingly as soon as he got up.

"Did I make you miss your game Matt?" Alfred had come back downstairs. Mattie grumbled something unintelligible. Alfred grinned again, "Sorry."

Matthew sighed, "It's alright," he gestured to the other corner of the couch, "Have a seat. It's the Senators against Maple Leafs

"Toronto's winning?" Mattie grunted and Alfred chuckled.

They sat in comfortable silence until it flipped to commercial. Mattie turned to his twin, "You want something to eat?"


"I'll go get some popcorn." He got up and moved to the kitchen. While the snack was heating up Matthew came back to observe his brother from the doorway. When Al realised he was being watched he turned and met his blue eyes with the odd purple-blue ones of his brother. "Why now?"

Alfred looked back at the television before speaking, "Francis was right."

"Francis? Are you sure?"

"Wasn't he the one who bet on Yao?"

Matthew's face heated up. When Alfred started dating the Russian Matthew and some guys he works with made a betting pool to see what would happen to the couple. Gilbert, the self-proclaimed Prussian, thought they'd kill each other. Antonio, the Spaniard, figured they'd stay together to sex each other out of anger. Lovino, an Italian, bet Natalia, Ivan's creepy little sister, would kill the American. Mathis thought Toris (the Lithuanian heated up and objected) could steal the Russian away. Mattie bet (hoped) that two would just get bored with each other and separate. Francis, a Frenchman very close to Mattie, had a feeling that Ivan had eyes for the Chinaman, Yao.

Damn, looks like he won the pot.

The beeping of the microwave brought Mattie back to the present but he ignored it for the moment. "It's not your fault you know."

Alfred raised an eyebrow humourlessly, "Oh?"

Mattie considered telling all that he told him that getting together with Ivan was a bad idea, but he figured that'd be cruel. Mattie shrugged, "Of course not. How could any of this have been your fault, eh?"


"Don't even get into it. The relationship was doomed from the start." Okay, so he was still a little sore about missing his game, "And don't even tell me you didn't go out with him out of spite."

Alfred looked back at the television and said nothing. Mattie went back into the kitchen and withdrew the cooling bag of popcorn and poured it into a bowl before returning to his seat on the couch. The game had come back on but it didn't seem as exciting now as it did before.

But, of course, Alfred cracked in the silence first, "It's not…"

"I know Al," he sighed before turning to face his brother, "But perhaps it'd be best to stay single for a while, eh? Jumping partners like this all the time doesn't seem healthy."

Alfred thought for a moment before breaking out into a very recognisable grin, "Hell yeah! The hero's free and loose!" He fist pumped and Mattie rolled his eyes good-naturedly. "But, hey," his smile turned sheepish again and the Canadian groaned inwardly, "Since I've been crashing at," he paused, "My previously un-exed boyfriends place, do you think I could stay here for a time?"

Mattie rubbed his eyes, "Sure Al, whatever you need." The American fist pumped again before focusing back on the game, munching on the popcorn. Mattie smiled fondly at his brother before turning up the Canadian hockey fan again.


Matthew woke up the next morning with a headache and lying in a very uncomfortable position. He groaned. What the hell? The smell of pancakes and bacon drifted to his nose causing his stomach to growl hungrily. Who?

Then last night came back to him. Alfred arriving, their talk, then the Senators crushing the Leafs and he celebrated by downing four beers in quick succession. He must have passed out on the couch.

Gingerly he sat up and made his way to the kitchen. His brother was working by his stove on breakfast. Al must have heard him because he turned around and grinned, "Good morning Mattie!" The Canadian winced at his brother's loud voice, "You look like the living dead!" He turned backed to the stove, "I was actually fairly impressed that you managed to down that fourth beer. You're a beast when it comes to hockey!" Matthew groaned before turning away to take a shower.

After the shower (and a few aspirin) he was feeling marginally better. He was still drying his blond hair with a towel when he re-entered the kitchen, "Smells good in here Al, you finally pick up on my cooking?" He let the towel drop around his neck as he replaced his glasses to find his brother staring at him in a peculiar fashion, "Al?"

"How is it people are always getting us mixed up?"

Mattie gave a light chuckle before grabbing a plate of breakfast and moving back to the living room. He winced when he saw what a mess the place was. It was a relatively contemporary space, contemporary but simple. There was a brown couch in front of the new flat screen and in between the two was a small coffee table. The table and couch were now covered in popcorn and empty beer bottles and garbage. He swept his corner of the couch clear before sitting down to eat. Alfred took the other corner.

"Actually," Mattie continued, "People confuse me for you. I've kind of gotten used to it."

Alfred grimaced, "Sorry."

"'s not your fault. It just is." Mattie didn't see Al glance over at him while he ate.

Here it is! The beginning of another multi-chaptered fic. It's based off of http: /browse. deviantart. com/?q=brothers%20hetalia%20america%20canada&order=9&offset=120#/d3kdgir . Thus far I've gotten to chapter ten, so it will definitely be long. (I fail at hyperlinks.)

-Human names used
-Grammer/spelling issues
-I just looked up Canadian hockey teams, please don't hate me for the random usage of random teams
-Future incest
-I do NOT own Hetalia

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