It's been a month since that fateful night. A month since the community Yaoi group emerged. A month since Elizabetha, Kiku, and Mai recorded (and published) the largest, most beautiful example of boys' love any of them has ever seen. A month since Matthew's last felt depressed. A day less than a month since Alfred returned with him to Canada.

A month since Ludwig stopped trying to comprehend the world, and its inhabitants, around him.

A month later Alfred drove to the ITTC HQ to pick up Matthew from work. When he arrived on the appropriate floor he was greeted with darkness and empty halls. He was immediately put on his guard, "Mattie?" He took a tentative few steps inside, gripping a device in his back pocket, "Mattie, you ready to go?" A few more steps….

His vision flashed, his hearing roared with some incomprehensible language, and something molested him—hard.

Turning towards the molester, he whipped the device out of his pocket and fired. The sound of a body hitting the floor reached him.

Blinking to try to erase the rest of the black spots, he looked to see who he'd hit. Francis lay sprawled on the floor, shirt fully open, with a grin on his face. Quirking an eyebrow he turned around to find the place filled with very shocked people. Blue eyes met purple and he smiled, "Uh, what's going on?" The Canadian shrugged, just as confused as his lover.

From the crowd bounded a brunette girl, with a bright, yaoi fan-girling smile, "Happy one month anniversary!"

A moment passed before Matthew facepalmed and Alfred grinned, "Yeah, it has been a month, hasn't it?"

"Al, please don't encourage her."

He next found himself plastered up against a certain American's side, "Aww, but Matt, we should celebrate!"

"Ve~ We're all gonna go eat at Pasta!" The smiling Italian glanced at the still passed out Francis, "Well, maybe all of us."

"Speaking of which," the Canadian began, "What did you do to him?" He glanced at the device Alfred was still holding."

"Oh yeah," he held the boxy looking gun thing up, "They had me working on this. It emits and directs a frequency that causes the nerves in the brain to go into overdrive, shutting down the cranial system," he paused, thoughtful, "It's actually never been tested before. Its effects on the brain are unknown." He shrugged.

There was a slack-jawed pause before Mattie half hugged him back, "You're an idiot."

"As sweet as this is," a rankled Prussian started, "I feel like I'm going to awesomely lose my lunch. Oh wait, I haven't eaten yet!" He was temporarily silenced with a clang of metal on skull.

Alfred laughed, "Yes! Let's go eat!" Gilbert led the way, picking up the still unconscious Francis as he went. The chattering group followed, unknowingly leaving behind Alfred and Matthew. The American cupped his lover's chin and kissed him. Mattie responded warmly. Pulling apart he leaned his forehead against the other's. They smiled before leaving, fingers intertwined, close, but not unobstructed.

They are, after all, brothers by blood. Such a thing is taboo after all. So they keep their love close, cherishing what they have, and continue on; together, happy.


When they made it to the parking lot they were greeted with the sight of Gilbert trying to stay ahead of a furious white ball of fur. "Al! Get this fucking beast away from my awesome self!"

Alfred grinned and crossed his arms, "What, awesome you can't take care against a cub?"

Matthew's eyes went wide and jumped in, managing to grip the white cub around the middle and hugged it to himself. It calmed down almost immediately but still seemed to glare at the panting albino. "Alfred," Matthew's voice held awe and trepidation, "Where did you get a polar bear cub?"

"Just found him by the road. Thought he was cute. Didn't know they came down this far south."

"They don't."

Alfred shrugged, "It was going to be a gift for you. So, happy one month I guess." He smiled.

Matthew couldn't help it, he smiled too but shook his head, "You know, most people pick up stray puppies or kittens or something."

"I'm too awesome for that." Gilbert snorted.

"Well… is it even legal to keep him?"

"Who cares!" Matthew sighed.

Unexpectedly, Kiku walked out from the group of people and calmly petted the cub on the head, "Kumajiro. That's his name."

Alfred quirked an eyebrow but refrained from speaking. Matthew introduced himself to the bear, "Hello Kumajuno, I'm Matthew. You're very soft."


There it is. The End.

My longest fic to date, focusing on something other than my OTP. ... Or any other coupling I care about. I don't really remember what prompted me to write this couple... Anyway, rather OCC but I'm fond of it. Need to work on some things, like... things. Oh, and the yaoi scenes need work.

Anywho, hoped you liked it! I'm working on other ideas but I'm not sure if I'm gonna post anything next Sunday. Just a warning.