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Chapter 1, The Doctor

Bella's P.O.V.

I've lived in Volterra with the Vampire Royalty, known as the Volturi now for close to 3 years.. I came here one day on a vacation. I came across the love of my life, Aro, when I accidentally backed into him, looking at his gorgeous home in the city. From that moment on, I had loved him with all my heart, even if I hadn't known it. The next day, I joined a tour into the castle. Not realizing what I had gotten myself into. I ran into Aro again, seeing his face. His true beauty. His power. His… Lifestyle. I was pulled aside by Jane, being kept out of the chaos that would soon erupt in the chamber.

Soon, I came to love my new life. Didyme, Aro's biological sister and Marcus's wife, Athenodora, Caius's wife, and my best friend, Sulpicia. We all were a loving family, despite our horrific habits. Aro and I were in love. Hopelessly in love.

Now, here I am. Still a weak, fragile human. But, not because Aro refused to change me. No, much more complicated reason. I am carrying Aro's child. Soon, he would be a father. A vampire-human hybrid. Then, and only then, when I give birth, would I be a vampire, as the child would kill me if I had no vampire venom. I was nervous, but Aro had a friend that could help me. He is a doctor, in the Olympic Peninsula in Forks Washington. Last I remember, his name is Carlisle Cullen. I walked into Aro's office, with questions.

"Aro," I asked gently at his door.

"Come in, love," he answered back in his perfect voice. I walked in through the lavishly decorated door, into his nicely accented office. He was sitting at his desk, finishing a letter as I could tell. He looked up and smiled at me. I sat down on one of the office chairs.

"What can I do for you, love?" he asked, smiling. I laid my hand on my stomach, where the bulge protruded out, getting significantly larger every day.

"Aro, when is this… Doctor supposed to be here?" I asked urgently.

"Tomorrow afternoon. Around four," he replied smoothly.

"And, who is he? How do you know him?" I asked, less urgently this time. He set down his pen and sat back in his chair, exposing his perfect face and flawless features. He took in a breath, beginning to speak.

"Carlisle Cullen is a brilliant doctor. He also happens to be a vampire, head of the Olympic Coven. The second largest coven, next only to ourselves. An old friend of mine. He lived here for about 3 decades. Just as a companion. He has the strangest way of life as well. He refuses to drink the blood of humans, living only on animals. He tried very hard to get us to convert to that lifestyle as well, in a failed attempt. He left us, and made a coven of his own. Last I heard, there were seven of them, including Carlisle. Two of which I prize more than any in this world. Alice, able to see the future. And Edward, able to read someone's current thoughts from a distance. Not needing to touch them, like I do. Does that answer your questions, Bella dearest?" He finally finished. I nodded. This doctor sounded like the doctor that I needed.

I left the room, feeling my child move around as I stood up. Automatically, my hand flew to my stomach. I sighed, and walked around the castle.

Soon, I ran into Jane in the library. She was hunched over a huge book on one of the cushy chairs. Her petite little body looked like it stood no chance in heaving the large, ungodly like book up from her lap and back onto the shelf. Yet, she did it with ease. I must have surprised her, for when she looked up she snarled once, then took deep breaths, calming herself.

"Oh, Bella. Don't sneak up on me when I'm reading. It scares me more then anything, because I cut off my senses and focus on my reading. Oh well. What can I do for you?" She said, pushing the books she had out back up onto the shelf. Her piercing red eyes still unnerved me.

"Nothing. I'm just anxious for the doctor to get here tomorrow. I'm wondering if he can determine how long it is till I deliver," I rambled on. She giggled a little at my random words.

"You're waiting for Carlisle, I take it?" she answered back. I can never remember the doctors name. Carlisle. Carlisle. I repeated it over and over in my head.

"Yeah, that's the one," I replied again. Swinging my hand to my stomach in answer to the movement in my abdomen.

"Carlisle is the most brilliant doctor I have ever heard of. Except for House, on the tv show, except, that's a tv show, with actors. Carlisle is real. And he will be here soon. With Edward, I expect. He always takes Edward with him on medical trips like this," Jane explained. I sighed. Two doctors?

Leaving the library, I looked at the clock in the hall. It was getting late, and I was tired. I made my way back to my room, moving through the throne chamber. Aro, Caius, and Marcus were all sitting in the wooden thrones. Aro looked up from his book. Caius in Marcus didn't do as much as blink. He walked over to me and led me to my room.

He put his arm around my waist. Ever time he did this I flinched, never getting used to the freezing temperatures of his skin. I huddled closer to him as he did this, leading me to my chamber. We silently walked. Just enjoying each others company. We got to my door. The look in his eyes signaled to me that he could not stay and lull me to sleep. I understood. He looked down at me and smiled. I wasn't much shorter than him, only by about 3 inches. Enough to where he still had to look down into my eyes. His red eyes accommodated him perfectly. I wasn't scared of them as I was on Marcus or Caius or Jane.

We still stood by my door. He bent his head down, so his lips could meet mine. He kissed me with sweet, lovely, passion. He pulled away, his eyes closed and whispered into my ear. [I feel no need to tell you what he said, just let your imagination think what it is and review and say what your think it is. Fantasy] He opened the door for me and I walked in, ready for sleep.

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