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This is gonna be a cute little holiday story, focusing on Brulian and Davis&Jude but having appearances from a bunch of other characters too! It's gong to take place from Thanksgiving all the way through New Years, so let me know if this is a story you're interested in!

Holiday Spirit

Chapter 1 –

The school bus pulls up outside the house just as Brooke Davis-Baker closes her worn-out sketch book. She has lost track of time, and just when she is able to find her muse and work on some new designs, it is time for her sons to come home from school.

Shaking her head, she lets out a content sigh as she places the thick book on the counter before heading to the front door. She isn't sure when she will be able to get back to finishing that in the next few days. With two five-year-old boys in the house, peace and quiet is a rare treat. She'll be especially busy since it is Thanksgiving weekend, and, for the first time since before the boys were born, she is attempting to host Thanksgiving dinner at her house for all her family and friends. There really isn't much that can go wrong though, considering she and Haley agreed to have most of the food catered from Karen's Café. With Haley supervising, Brooke joked, they're much less likely to have a burnt turkey.

Stepping outside into the crisp autumn air, she wraps her cardigan around her body tighter and waves as Davis and Jude run off the yellow bus.

She laughs as the two boys race each other as if it's an Olympic dash. They do this every day when they get home, and Brooke has noticed that ever since they have started kindergarten, they have become very competitive.

"I win!" Jude announces proudly, dropping his book bag and lunch box onto the pavement.

"That's not fair." Davis shakes his head. "You got off the bus before me! You got a head start."

"Boys, it wasn't a race." Brooke reasons, picking up the bags Jude dropped and taking Davis's out of his hands as the three walk inside.

"Well I don't care," Davis sulks. "Jude always cheats."

"Do not, Davey."

Brooke groans. So much for the peace and quiet…


"Where's daddy?"

"Well it's so great to see you too." She pretends to be hurt. "What – is mommy not good enough for the two of you?"

The both of them giggle and walk over to their mom and give her a hug.

"Much better." Brooke wraps her arms around the two of them and places a kiss on each of their foreheads like she does everyday when she greets them home from school. Of course, she can't stop them when they use the sleeves of their shirts to wipe away the kiss. After all, they're in kindergarten now and are big boys –according to themselves anyway.

"But where is he, mommy?" Jude asks again.

"He went to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for tomorrow."

"For Thanksgiving?"

"That's right," Brooke answers, leading them into the kitchen so she can fix them up an afterschool snack.

"We learned about it in school, mommy," Davis adds while Jude nods his head in agreement.

"Oh yeah? What about it?"

She loves talking to them about what they learn in school. She's always so happy to see how interested and invested they are in school already at such a young age.

"Well there were pilgrims and turkeys—"

"—And Indians and corn and they all had a big feast together!"

"Wow, you boys are so smart. And you know we're going to have a big feast here tomorrow also. We're going to have a lot of people over our house tomorrow."

The boys are used to always going over their Aunt Haley and Uncle Nathan's house for the holidays, so it's a bit of a change.

The twins stare at their mother, wide-eyed.

"You're makin' the food, mommy?"

The boys share a few laughs as their mother playfully rolls her eyes at her sons.

They're always making fun of her cooking.

"My babies are so mean to me." She shakes her head and places a plate of cookies and two glasses of milk in front of them for them to snack on.

"We're not babies!" Jude exclaims, grabbing an Oreo off the plate.

"To me and daddy you'll always be babies. And you should be thankful that mommy wants to cook a nice Thanksgiving dinner for her babies."

"'Cause Thanksgiving's all about being thankful, right mama?"


"In class today, we had to raise our hands and say what we're thankful for. I said you, and daddy, and Jude!"

"That's so sweet, Davey." Brooke smoothes his hair and kisses his cheek. "What about you, Jude?"

"Uhh, well…" The young boy slowly begins. "I said I'm thankful for my Playstation and my Wii, and my action figures, and the trampoline in the backyard…"

Brooke can't help but snicker as her crazier son begins listing off all these things.

"And then…" he finally says, nearly sounding out of breath. "I said I'm thankful for mommy and daddy and my twin brother, Davey."

Brooke and Davis giggle as Brooke wraps her arms around the small boy sitting at the kitchen counter. "A trampoline beat us?"

Jude smiles, just like his daddy, and pulls his mother down closer to him for a big hug. "It's a tie." He jokingly says, resting his head on his mom's shoulder. "I love you, mommy."

"I love you, too, Jude." She kisses his cheek, just like with Davis, and smiles. This, right here, is what she is thankful for.

Seconds later, they hear the front door open, and the twins hop off the counter stools and run to greet their father.

His hands are full with groceries, and after the two five-year-olds release themselves from hugging his legs for a solid minute or two, they eagerly help take some bags from his dad.

"Be careful, they're heavy. Go bring them to mommy in the kitchen."

The boys speedily walk back into the kitchen where they left their mother, both mumbling words about how the bags aren't heavy and they're strong men who can handle it.

Julian just shakes his head at his energetic children with a chuckle and heads in the same direction.

"Sweet! Daddy got us Cinnamon Toast Crunch." The twins shout, peering into one of the several bags of groceries.

"He did, did he?" Brooke smirks, and when Julian walks in with the remainder of the bags, she turns to him. "I thought this was solely a Thanksgiving grocery shopping trip…As if our boys need any more sugar."

Julian shrugs guiltily, placing the bags down so they can continue to scavenger through them.

"Hello, beautiful." He finally formally greets her with a kiss. "How was your afternoon without me?"

"Well it was nice and quiet before these two little tornadoes came home from school." She sticks her tongue out at her two boys before smiling up at her husband.

"You do know it's only going to get crazier tomorrow, right?" He clasps his hand within hers and sighs.

"Yes." Brooke nods confidently. "And I'm up for the challenge. Especially with the help of my two helpers, right, boys?"

Davis and Jude look up from the groceries unaware as they hesitantly nod their tiny heads. Spending a day with their mom, helping her cook none the less, isn't exactly a fun day.

With an amused expression, Julian responds, "You sure about that?"

Brooke playfully smacks his shoulder before leaning contently into his body.

"I can't even remember a time actually having Thanksgiving in this house." She says out loud, even though it is more like an inner thought.

They no longer live in the house Brooke had bought upon returning to Tree Hill when she was twenty-two. When the twins were just a few months shy of one, Julian surprised Brooke by buying her old house back. He knew how much that house had meant to her and how she loved being the girl behind the red door. She hadn't grown up in a happy, loving environment in the house, but Julian was sure that their family would.

"Julian!" They are sitting in the car with the boys buckled into their car seats in the back. "Where are we going?"Julian insisted that before going in the car, Brooke had to put on a blindfold. She found it odd and slightly creepy, but when she tried to protest, he wouldn't hear it.

"I can't tell you that just yet." He chuckled. "Come on. Don't you want to be surprised? Think of it as a Christmas present."

"Christmas is months away!"

"It wouldn't fit under the tree anyway…"

Brooke throws her hands up in frustration. "Julian Baker, I'm going to count to ten and if we're not there you're in big trouble…1…"She begins counting.

"Hear that boys? Mommy's mad."He jokingly speaks to the babies in the backseat.

"5…" Brooke tested. "6…"

"Okay, okay." Julian replies as the car begins to slow down and he pulls up to the curb. "We're here."

"So can I see again?"She tugs at the blindfold.

"Yes, you may."He laughs, helping her pull it off her face.

Brooke looks out the window and seems completely lost and confused.


There they are, sitting in front of her old house with the red door.

She then spots the 'sold' sign hammered into the lawn.

"Did you…" She trails off.

"Look, I know I maybe should have talked to you before I went ahead and did this but…I know how much this house meant to you growing up. You've got a lot of baggage from back then, but I know that this house is something you truly loved. And the boys, they're going to get bigger and want to run around and be crazy, because that's what boys do…so I just thought that this made sense."

With tears in her eyes, Brooke pulls him in to a quick, yet passionate kiss. She doesn't know how she lucked out and ended up with this amazing man.

"So what do you say, Brooke Davis?"

She smiles at him, dimples and all. "Lets go look at our new house."

Brooke looks at her sons and smiles, pleased to give them all these great memories in the house she grew up in but didn't get to experience.

Julian wraps his arms around her small frame. "Well I guess there's always a first time for everything…but I must warn you, babe; the pressure is on. And if I remember correctly, the last time you tried to cook a turkey you nearly set the old house on fire…I think we'd be better off if Davey and Jude here cooked."

"Hey!" Once again, she smacks his shoulder.

"Boys, are you gonna let daddy pick on me like that?"

The twins look up to their parents, and shake their heads with a laugh. They know just as much as their father that Brooke can't really cook, but they'll play along.

"No way, mommy!" Jude defends.

Davis stands up on his knees on the chair and throws his fist up in the air. "Attack!"

And as if on cue, he and his brother jump of their chairs and sprint after Julian, who by this point, has caught on to their little game of tackle and has made a run out of the kitchen to get a head start.

Brooke smiles to herself as all three of her boys race out of the room. She is left once again in silence with the exception of their laughter in the background. She glances at all the groceries covering the kitchen's surfaces and stands perplexed knowing a lot of work has to be done before tomorrow's happenings.

She is sure though that this will be one of the best Thanksgivings ever.

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