I have an unhealthy attraction. An extremely unhealthy attraction, really.

I am attracted to, no, captivated by my brother's body. Not only his body… his face, his style, his attitude… everything about him draws me in and I can't… I can't do anything about it.

To be honest, I find the entire situation rather… odd. I never really thought I was gay… or well, not completely, anyway. I've had my share of girlfriends and a fling or two with a couple guys… if you could even call it that. I thought that was just messing around, though… but ever since, I've become more and more attracted to the male figure… to the way they act and talk… and my brother is a perfect example. He's so perfectly attractive but he throws it around like it's no big deal. I know it is, though. He constantly has girls flocking him and silently begging him to ask them out… but I know something about my brother that no one else knows.

My brother, Itachi Uchiha, is a homo.

Yep; and the only reason I know this is because I can hear him fucking two rooms down from mine every time our parents are out on business. He tries, very successfully I might add, to hide his sexuality, but… it's pretty hard to say that those deep, masculine moans and groans come from any kind of girl; especially when he walks the guy right past me. "Over to hang out for a bit" my ass. It wasn't even the same guy every time… Itachi's quite the… man's… man? I'm sure he can get anyone he wants… he's such a smooth talker. Which is something else that I love about him. Really, it's starting to become that I'd do anything to be beneath my brother in his bed, screaming my desires as he worked me like he did all the other guys before.

That could probably never happen, though. Unless I worked really hard at it and managed to trick him into doing it… He'd probably think the whole idea was disgusting and wrong. Though, I've heard rumors that he was a bit of a kink…

I shifted in my seat, trying to push away the thoughts that corrupted my mind of Itachi pinning me down and ravishing me. It was becoming increasingly difficult to focus on my professor's lecture while my blood was flowing south-bound and making an awkward bulge inside of my jeans. I pressed the palm of my hand against it casually, trying to focus on the lecture and will away all other thoughts and reactions. I could think about it all I wanted when I got home.

Two more hours…



I'd given in. I'd given in even before I'd gotten home. My chub from class had taunted me during the entire drive home and the moment I stepped in the door of my house I threw my bag down and made my way to the bathroom. Actually, I took a detour and had gone into Itachi's room; that ended up being a very bad, bad idea. I'd gone in there looking for lube because I knew he had to have some… considering all the guys I hear him doing… and I couldn't find my own. It wasn't like he'd notice a little half of a handful missing anyways, right?

Now, I had expected to find the lube and maybe a few condoms or something… but when I pulled open that drawer and saw those things piled on top of a pair of handcuffs and a porn magazine, as well as what I could only guess were other sex toys or… something, I was a bit surprised. Granted, not as surprised as I should have been, though. Like I said, I've heard rumors about my brother being a kink…

So now, here I am sitting on the bathroom floor with the door locked, cock in hand while the thought of Itachi tying me to his bed and fucking me senseless continues to dominate my imagination. I let out a soft breath as I pinched the tip of my erection, rolling it lightly between my fingers before dragging my hand up and down the length a few more times. I had to find some way to get Itachi into bed with me… there had to be something I could do because it was so fucking torturous to watch him every day. That bastard… it was like he knew I wanted him… the way he always walked around the house shirtless after his showers and casually leave the door open when he used the bathroom… not only that, but the way he cuddled me was even different. We've always sat together on the couch and such to watch TV since we were little kids and it usually turned into 'harmless' cuddling. Lately though… lately he's been holding me a little closer and rubbing me a little more. Sure, it was probably just my imagination… but…

"N— a-ahh…" I groaned softly, my body tensing as I started to feel my orgasm approaching. Itachi always seemed to turn me on more than anything else… I wasn't sure why he made me so hot, though. I think it's the sheer fact that it's so morally wrong for me to even think about my brother this way. All I wanted was to feel him all over me… to taste him, hear his perfect voice in my ear while he turned me inside out. The more I thought about it… the more I realized how easily I'd become a little slut for Itachi… I'm sure I'd do anything he wanted. I know I would…

After a few more minutes of teasing and playing, I laid my head back and came hard into my hand. I tried my best to stay quiet, just breathing out my orgasm incase someone had come home since I'd started. I don't think anyone had but… there have been plenty of times that I hadn't noticed someone coming in while in this same exact position. Itachi had always made sure to bring it up and tease me about it each time he over heard. If only he knew I'd been thinking about him… I bet he wouldn't tease.

I shook my head slightly, dismissing the thoughts and then licking a bit of my mess off of my thumb as I stood from the floor. I've grown to like the taste of… myself, oddly enough, but once I'd one-handedly pulled up my pants just enough, I walked over to the sink and washed my hand. I wanted to grab something to eat after this and those two tastes clashing was something I didn't want to experience. Once I finished I buttoned up my pants again and sighed, leaving the bathroom casually and heading back downstairs.


There has to be some way… some possible way that I could trick my brother into sleeping with me. He has to have some kind of weakness that I could play the living hell out of so that he wouldn't be able to resist… so that he had to work his ways on me. I sighed and took another bite of my sandwich, mulling around the possibilities in my head as I leaned back to relax in my chair.

Wait… wait, wait, wait… he liked drinking sometimes, didn't he?

I paused, thinking for a moment that I'd finally found the seemingly simple answer before slumping down in my seat again. No… he'd never drink with me. I'm underage and he wouldn't want to hold that responsibility. Though maybe… maybe I could convince him to just get tipsy and flirt my way through the rest of it. I've seduced a few guys similar to him before… and it might even be easier with him since he's my brother. I can use the 'cuddling' against him. I smirked while the plan further formulated in my head. All I needed was an opening… just one night where we would be alone.

Hmm… maybe I really could have a shot at this.


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