Dean has been sent on a hunt with Caleb, leaving Sam alone with John. What could possibly go wrong in only a few days? Some hurt/sick!Sam, Protective/big-brother!Dean and (kinda) uncaring!John. Dean 17, Sam 13.

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Sam curled himself into a little ball on his bed and whimpered as another round of cramps attacked his stomach. He'd been in the bathroom to throw up five times already and he wasn't sure he had the strength to leave the bed one more time. Not for the first time these past days, Sam really wished Dean was here.

"Caleb just called me." Their dad had said three days earlier. "He needs help on a hunt in Philadelphia, and since I'm all wrapped up here I want you to go Dean."

Dean had of course been thrilled, but Sam hadn't. Besides being worried about the fact that something could happen to his big brother on this hunt, Sam really didn't look forward to be alone with their dad - especially not at this time of the year. Every year around November the 2nd, John Winchester was not the funniest person to be around. He always mourned the date of Mary's death by drowning himself in an endless amount of liquor, and the brothers had learned not to be in his way when that happened. Dean always made sure to keep Sam distracted, but this year Sam was going to be all alone with their dad.

"What are you sulking about princess?" Dean had asked while packing his duffel bag. "I'm only gonna be gone for a few days. It's not the end of the world."

Sam just scowled at his big brother and Dean let out a sigh.

"What is bothering you Sammy?" Dean asked.

"Nothing.." Sam mumbled.

"Come on, I know that's not true. Is it dad?" Dean asked and when Sam didn't say anything, Dean let out another sigh and stopped packing before sitting down on the bed next to his little brother. "It's gonna be fine you know. Just leave him alone as much as possible, okay? And try not to piss him off.."

"Why would I piss him off Dean?" Sam asked with annoyance. "I never do that on purpose."

"I know Sam, but just try to give the man some slack, okay?" Dean said while pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Yeah.. Whatever.." Sam had said and Dean had then returned to pack his bag.

The following day, Dean had left in the Impala to meet up with Caleb, and Sam had felt his chest tighten just a tiny bit when he watched the car disappear in the distance. The first day had come and gone without any problems. Sam had been to school and when he got home, John had been busy researching for a hunt so there hadn't been much conversation, and Sam had been able to make his homework in peace. The second day however, Sam hadn't felt very well. Not that he had shared this with his dad of course - Sam was smart enough to know not to bother John with anything these days. But Sam had had a headache that just kept getting worse, and by the time he'd come home from school his stomach had also hurt and he'd felt nauseous. His dad hadn't been home, and Sam had found a note without any useful information on it other than the fact that his dad was out. Sam knew that it probably meant that his dad had gone off to the nearest bar and wouldn't be home anytime soon. Still struggling with the nausea, Sam had decided to skip dinner and just go to bed instead. He didn't know when or if his dad had come home yet, but when Sam woke up the following morning, he felt even worse than the day before. He was light-headed, and even though Sam's skin felt hot to the touch, he was shivering of coldness. Sam decided that he would still try to go to school though, but as he barely made it to the bathroom in time to kneel down in front of the toilet bowl and throw up, Sam figured that maybe skipping school wasn't such a bad idea after all.

That had been hours ago and Sam kept getting worse. He had no doubts that he had a fever and should probably take something to try to get it down, but he just hadn't got the strength to push himself off the bed. His whole body was shaking, his head felt like it was gonna explode any minute now, his throat was sore from throwing up so many times and his nausea just didn't seem to go away. Sam's stomach started cramping again and he wrapped his arms around his abdomen and tried to breathe through the pain. He swallowed hard a couple of times as bile once again tried to make its way through his throat. Sam couldn't do anything about it when he finally lost the battle against the rising bile, and he started throwing up – on the bed, on his pillow, and down himself. That was also when the tears started rolling down the thirteen-year-old's cheeks and Sam whimpered. He'd got no idea where his dad was at the moment and somehow it didn't really matter anyway, 'cause there was only one person in the world that could make everything better right now, and he wasn't present. Sam continued to cry softly into his messed-up pillow as he prayed for his big brother to get home soon.

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