A/N: I had to write something Jeremy point of viewed. He has lost just as much as Elena, maybe more. Got the idea of a lost fanfic i read a long time ago. I didn't copy i just used what i could remember and twisted it into vampire diaries.

Nail Polish

Jeremy passed Elena's room to find her cross-legged on her bed painting her fingernails black. It wasn't a good sign that she started the nail polish thing again.


Jeremy remembered this nail polish thing like it was yesterday. Over the course of the entire first summer after their parents died Elena did this weird nail polish thing. She bought a bunch of different colors and painted on her mood.

Black was the first color. She wore it on her toes and hands freely without care, and telling Bonnie and Caroline she was fine. Telling Aunt Jenna and any other person who asked how she was.

She wasn't fine. At night he'd hear her crying or find her awake at four in the morning watching reruns of Friends. No she wasn't fine.

Jeremy wasn't fine either and he lied about it too. He on the other hand didn't paint his nails; he however found a new interest in smoking and other delightful drugs.

The entire month of June her toes and hands were black until early July when the smell of nail polish remover was sweet relief. He found himself running to her room and then realizing he looked like an idiot.

"Uhm Jer?" She asked.

"I was just…exercise is good." Jeremy then coughs that smokers cough, "Wow I'm in bad shape. New nail polish?" He asked.

"Yup. Sapphire blue."

Jeremy of course learned later that the beautiful sapphire blue was just a step up from the black. He found her sleeping a full nights sleep and not crying as much. It wasn't as sad as black but it was still sad.

Now during July she would take her diary and her car and leave for hours and not come back. Jeremy learned from Bonnie that she was at the graveyard, a place he did not want to visit. This news just made him want to smoke a cigarette.

Two weeks later Elena and Aunt Jenna were getting into arguments over stupid things and one night when she ran up the stairs he saw a flash of red on her toes. The new color was ruby red and this meant pissed off and for Jeremy that meant avoid as much as possible.

During the ruby red stage she found him smoking out his window and had a fit with him. It was a stupid fight but in truth he didn't have a healthy way of dealing with his issues, oh well. After that they were barely on speaking terms.

In August she went back to the black nail polish and on the first day of school she sported nude nails, hiding all of her emotions. When she met Stefan she painted her nails pink. Jeremy would catch on to every color, he always would.


Now here he was zoning out over a year later as he watched his sister paint her nails black. There wasn't much he could do at this point. By now she had lost so many people and yet so did he.

Both Gilbert children lost their parents and their aunt Jenna. Even though John was Elena's biological father he was Jeremy's Uncle. Elena had even lost her biological mother, but she was a bitch, so to him she didn't loose much. Elena had lost Stefan, not in death but in humanity and Jeremy had lost Anna and Vicki so it was even, not so much, but to him.

"Jeremy you okay?" Elena shook him out of his thoughts.

Jeremy stared at her for a long moment and then walked over to her bed. He grabbed the brush and dipped in the polish and then painted his thumb. When his big sister did nothing but stare at him he painted the rest of his fingers.

She gawked at him.

Jeremy then placed both of his hands next to hers, "Your not alone." He said.

Then he kissed his sister's cheek and left the room.

Jeremy hoped she would always know that she could never fool him, she would never be alone.