Lucy couldn't believe her eyes but this horrifying moment was still happening and it didn't look like it was going to stop. Natsu had once again broken into her apartment, he had been sitting on her bed and eating all of her candy when she returned. Plue had been extremely upset to see that his candy supply was all but gone and he started yelling at Natsu. Lucy, herself hadn't really cared because she was just too tired and headed into her bathroom to take a nice hit bath. Their last mission had done a number on her and all she wanted to do was relax for a few minutes. She should have wished for longer because not five minutes into her bath did Plue come running into her bath, crying about something and making her run out of the bathroom in nothing but her towel and for once not caring that she was half naked in front of her male teammate. However once she stepped back into her room she gasped in pure horror and wished she had never left the fire mage alone. The box that she kept the letters to her mother in was gone, it was burnt to a crisps leaving only ash and a few small smoldering pieces. The letters themselves were flying all around Natsu and Happy, who were both screaming and trying to put them out.

Lucy couldn't watch this any longer. If she did she was sure it would kill her. Acting fast she ran into her kitchen, grabbed the fire extinguisher and pulled down the lever to let the white foam come flying out and put out the letters that were on fire.

This left both boys covered in foam but by the sighs of reliefs and grins they were wearing said that they didn't mind. "Wow, good thinking Lucy," Natsu grinned brightly and gave his partner a thumbs ups. "Why didn't we think of that?" he wondered, looking at Happy for an answer.

"Probably because you were too busy panicking." Happy said smugly.

"Well so were you!" Natsu retorted back at the blue cat.

Lucy couldn't believe any of this. Not only did they break into her apartment and destroy her stuff but now they weren't even apologizing for it. "What happened?" her grip on the lever was strong, her knuckles were turning white from the pressure she was putting on them but she didn't care. She just wanted an explanation and a damn good one.

"Oh right," Natsu just seemed to remember about the damage he had caused. "Well Plue wouldn't stop freaking out about me eating his candy so I thought I would show him this new trick that I learned. I was actually going to show you too once you were done with your bath. Only one of the flames sort of escaped me and it landed on this box of letters. We tried putting it out but the box was already burnt beyond repair and soon the letters started burning too and that's when you came in and saved the day!" he finished his story with another wide grin and Lucy could feel her anger rising.

"Lucy is the hero of the day!" Happy cheered, him and Natsu giving each other high fives and dancing around each other in a goofy motion.

"Well now that I know what not to do," Natsu brought his two hands together and in a flash they both held a ball of fire. "I can finally show you my trick. I bet once you see it you'll be totally surprised. Mira even said you might cry," he was smiling at her, he wore a big goofy grin that usually made her smile back but right now that smile only made anger build up into her heart. "Actually once I show you the trick I really want to hear what you think of it. So promise you'll give me your reply right away." his smile widen and soon his flames began to rise as well.

"Wait, Natsu," Happy tapped him on the shoulder, making him turn his attention off the flames. "Don't you think we should do this outside? You can make it even bigger!" he exclaimed.

Natsu only shook his head. "But it's more private in here and Mira said I have to do this when it's just us or else the total effect won't work." he frowned.

Lucy kept her eyes hidden behind her bangs, her body was shaking, and her grip on the lever was only increasing with every passing second. She couldn't believe they were having this conversation and even attempting to set her house on fire again.

"Get out." she finally spoke but it wasn't what the fire mage and cat were expecting.

"Lucy?" Natsu's head snapped in her direction, his flames going out almost instantly. He looked her over and saw that she was shaking and looked upset. "What's wrong? Why are you-!" he was stopped by a slap to the face.

"Did you hear me, I said get out!" Lucy hissed this time, revealing her eyes to show them that they were filled with anger and tears.

Natsu was frozen with shock. He was used to Lucy hitting him but she had never slapped him before. She hit him the same way he would hit Gray or another friend. A punch that said I'm angry but come right back and let's have some fun together. This slap was a new thing for him and he didn't like the feeling that came along with it. "Lucy I-" he was once more cut off but thankfully Lucy didn't hit him again. Although after her next words he would wish she had.

"Damn it, Natsu, don't you understand the meaning of the words get out! It means I don't want you anywhere near me," she was shaking again but this one was more violent and her tears were falling faster. "That box of letters as you call it was the only thing I had left of my mother and you destroyed it!" she cried, slamming one hand on the table next to her. "You may think it's just some old box but to me it's something precious. How would you feel if I ruined the scarf that Igneel gave to you? You would be so upset that you wouldn't even be able to look me," she cried out, her tears falling down her face and making her voice come out in weak tone but she still managed to yell. "I have a right to be upset about this Natsu, just like how you would be upset if something happened to your scarf. The only difference is that if I did do something I would have apologized instantly, but you can't even do that! It would have been fine if you just apologized but you didn't and you won't because you only care about yourself! You're nothing more than a selfish jerk!" she gasped out. She stood there taking in deep breathes from her previous rant as she couldn't stop the tears from falling nor could she stop herself from venting out all her anger on Natsu. Deep down she knew that he hadn't meant it and that she was saying horrible things to him but she was just to hurt to even try and stop herself.

"Lucy..." Natsu gulped, he was froze in his spot, almost as if her words were chains that were binding him and making him stand there to listen to every word that came his way. "I didn't...I know I..."

"Enough!" Lucy couldn't take it anymore. She walked away from the pink-haired boy and went over to the pile of ash and burnt letters. "Just get out already."

"But I..." Natsu couldn't just leave just like that. He had to fix things between them.

Lucy finally snapped. "Didn't you hear me! I said get out! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you and I don't want to see you so get the hell away from me!" she screaming by this point, all her hurt and pain was coming out in one giant burst and it was aimed at the one who had caused her this pain.

Natsu gasped at her words, his eyes were wide and his own body started shaking. He wanted to go over to Lucy and explain himself, he wanted to fix things between them but he couldn't do it. With a long gulp he moved towards the window, his head down as he looked at his feet. "Well...good night." he turned back around, in hopes that she would say it back or give him a smile or anything that could give him a sign that their friendship wasn't totally ruined. But she didn't do any of that. She kept her gaze on the letters, hands busy picking them up in a gentle matter so not to add more damage. With a heavy sigh Natsu jumped out of the window and walked back to his house, a heavy heart leading him the whole way.

Once he was gone Lucy could no longer hold any of it in anymore and just cried. Her tears flowed out of her and they didn't seem like they would ever stop. Her screams were muffled by hands but she could still be heard. Plue ran to his master's side in hope cheer her up but no dance would help her this time. "Lucy?" Happy was still there in the apartment, he hadn't gone back with Natsu because he wanted to try and explain things himself. "I know you're mad but Natsu really didn't mean to do that. You know he wouldn't do something like that. Natsu really cares about you Lucy."

Lucy hiccupped, one hand going up to try and wipe the tears away but more fell in their place. "You're wrong, Happy. If Natsu really did care about me then he shouldn't have done something like this or at the very least he would have apologized. But he didn't so that just proves that I don't mean anything to him. I'm just some girl that he can use when he's bored." she gathered all the letters and held them close to her heart. Only a few had burnt and most of the burns were on the edges. At least the letters had survived but she could only wish the box had as well.

Happy frowned, he felt like he was about to cry himself. "No, you're wrong. Natsu doesn't view you like that. He really does care about you!"

"That's enough, Happy." Lucy didn't want to hear anymore of this.

"No, you have to listen," Happy couldn't just leave with her thinking like this. "He does care. He cares about you a lot because...because...because Natsu is in love with you!" Lucy froze, nearly dropping the letters back onto the floor. She slowly turned herself around to face the blue cat, eye still shedding tears and now held a look of shock in them instead of anger. "I wasn't supposed to say anything, Natsu wanted to tell you himself. That's why we came here tonight. That trick he was showing Plue was how he was planning to confess to you," by this point Happy was in tears himself. He hated it when his friends fought and seeing his best friend get hurt like that really bothered him. "He was going to write how much he loved you in his fire but then the flames got away from him and they landed on the box. He really didn't mean to do it." he kept trying to get Lucy to forgive Natsu. He didn't want to see them fight like this.

"Happy..." Lucy walked over to the flying blue cat that was crying in the middle of her room and placed a soft hand on his head. "I know Natsu didn't mean it but I can't forgive him until he apologizes and understands that he needs to be more considerate of others." she spoke softly, her eyes were red from her tears. "Do you understand?"

Happy was not like Lucy, he still had tears in his eyes as he gave her a slow nod. "I got it," he flew slowly out the window like his friend did before and turned back to face Lucy. "So if Natsu apologized do you think you'll forgive him?" he asked with hope shinning in his eyes.

Lucy sighed and sat down on her bed. "I'm not sure if I could completely forgive him but it will be a start."

Happy nodded. "I see," he flew out the window and into the dark night, his wings flapping as fast as they could so he could go home and tell Natsu what he needed to do to get Lucy to forgive him.

Once he was gone Lucy let out another long sigh. She put the letters in the desk drawer that held her novel inside it before changing into her pajamas and jumping onto her bed in a defeated slump. "Come here, Plue." she picked up her spirit and set him down next to her. "Do you think I was too hard on him?"

"Puun." he gave her an answer.

"Yeah, I thought so." Lucy sighed and rolled over onto her side so that she could look up at the moon. Plue went back to the spirit world with a soft poof, leaving her alone with her thoughts. "So Natsu is in love with me?" her eyes looked at the moon that was shinning into her bedroom window and right on her face. "Go figure." she threw the blankets over her in hopes she could just forget about this whole mess but she knew life wasn't that easy.