Title: How About We Run Away Forever?

Chapter: 1

Pairing: Pre-Holmes/Watson to eventual Holmes/Watson

Rating: PG-13/T

Summary: When Watson and Holmes spend an evening out on the town, something occurred that puts them in danger. Will living their lives in a new way put their relationship to a new level?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

A/N: Whilst I was watching the movie (Sherlock Holmes 2009) for just about the 23rd time, the idea for this fic came to me. This is my first multi-chapter Sherlock Holmes fanfiction. I hope you enjoy!

Watson sat further into his chair, the springs squeaking in comfort. He turned up his newspaper in order for the fine print to become easier to read. The fire in the middle of the study warmed the area, creating a space where winter was never even in season. To Watson, it felt like he was back home with his parents, when he was just a small boy, coming home from his day out in the snowy forest with his father on a hunting trip – the kettle whistling, and his mum pouring him a cup, the bitter, yet tasteful tang enveloping his taste buds. The doctor woke up, not noticing that he actually dozed off. His feet were raised onto the footstool, and a small blanket was thrown on top of him. Mrs. Hudson's doing, I suppose, he thought. After a quick stretch he grabbed his pocket-watch to look at the time, which surprised him. He hadn't expected a four hour nap on a chair, hell; he didn't expect to fall asleep. The day wasn't filled with any crime fighting – just a day with his patients, taking care of them to make sure they hadn't ingested their medicine wrong or if they hadn't become worse. Grabbing his cane, he walked upstairs to the third floor of 221b Baker Street, not caring that his appearance was somewhat of a ghastly sight.

Watson arrived at his bedroom – the coziness engulfed the bedroom – and changed into his night shirt, laying his tweed suit on the chair next to him. He worried about Mary – his wife, his everything – but would have to wait until the afternoon of the next day since it was already one hour past the new day. He laid his head down on the pillow and instantly fell asleep.

The sunshine shone on his face, waking the doctor up. He cleared his throat and peeled the covers off himself. The light breeze from outside drifted in giving a sense of what London had to offer. He gathered his dressing gown and his cane for support; Watson could smell the food being cooked for the three of them that resided in the flat. He walked down the flights of stairs to see Mrs. Hudson preparing the breakfast. Sherlock Homes, Watson's flat mate, was reading the newest paper shuffling each fold in his hand. He leaned back in his chair, letting it creak.

"Would you like some tea, Mr. Watson?" Mrs. Hudson asked, checking the eggs that were frying on the iron cast pan.

"That would be lovely, thank you." he responded. A small smile washed over his face and he scooted himself and his chair a tad further under the table.

"Don't trust her, Watson. She already tried to poison me with her…concoction." Holmes said from behind the newspaper. Although he couldn't see Holmes' face, he could already image the small scowl that washed against his face. Mrs. Hudson rolled her eyes and set the plate of food in front of the two men. She tidied up the kitchen before setting aside the dishtowel and leaving for her morning market stroll. The downstairs area became quiet without the clattering of pans echoing. Watson set side his fork and sipped his tea.

"Do you have any cases for today?"

"I do. Lord Glasgane knocked on the door in middle of the night. He expects me on the other side of town. Apparently some theft that led to a bustle in the streets. It shouldn't take long. I expect you to join me?" Holmes' tone was light.

"Mary's parents are in town once again, and they expect me to be there. Since I'm their future son-in-law, I will not, old boy."

"Ah. Well...have a nice afternoon then." Holmes closed up the newspaper and rested it on the edge of the table, gave a smile, with a lack of emotion behind it. Holmes returned to his bedroom to change – to get ready for his case – not bothering to eat his portion of breakfast. Watson sighed and returned his dish to the sink. As he walked back up, Holmes passed the doctor barely acknowledging him, and stepped out the door. Watson sighed.

His clothes were lying on the bed, neatly folded and pressed, thanks to Mrs. Hudson's doing – except for the missing shirt.

"Damn barter system." Watson muttered. The doctor got dressed and grabbed his hat and overcoat, although not putting the garments on since the spring day had fully formed. Calling a cab, Watson returned back to his own home.

Mary sat in the living room, sipping her morning tea waiting for her husband to arrive back to the comfort of their own home, dressed and ready to start the afternoon with her parents.

Watson opened the door and was greeted by Mary's somewhat disappointing expression. "Sorry I'm late, I…uh… fell asleep in the study. Didn't want to wake you in an absurd hour." Watson explained.

"This is not the first time it has happened, John. " She said coldly. "Your little games with that man have to stop sometime soon. We're going to be married in no less than a month; surely you can say no more?"

"I just dozed off in the comfort of my ho-" Watson cut himself off, "of Baker Street. That's all; no cases last night. What's more important is that I'm here and your parents are arriving in no less than…" he pulled out his pocket watch. "Thirty-five minutes."

"You're right-I shouldn't focus on such trivial things. You're here and were to be wed soon." She smiled warmly and Watson returned the same.

It wasn't filled with the same emotion.

He loved Mary, really and truly does, but his heart belonged to someone else. Watson wasn't sure if it was returned, or if he was even sure about these feelings that rested inside of him. But for his wife's sake, Watson kept those feelings disclosed.

"So are we eating at a restaurant or at home?" Watson asked.

"I think we'll eat out. Any suggestions?"

"The Royal?"

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