Carnations and Lilies

Disclaimer: If Hetalia was mine I wouldn't be writing fan fiction now would I?

WARNING: FRUMANO RAPE. SpAmano lemon later on. Angst. France bashing. Mentions of USUK and GerIta.

Okay, so this is my first lemon and rape so please help me out here if I messed up or if it feels rushed. Thank you!

'That damn bastard!' Romano thought to himself. He hated when Spain left without him. Even if it was just to hang out with his friends. But he said he was only hanging out with Prussia today, wonder where France was… oh well who cares as long as he doesn't come anywhere near this house! He didn't even know why Spain was friends with those two. Prussia was an egotistical douche not only that but he was related to the potato bastard Feliciano worshipped. France was a fucking perv, and a pedophile! If Spain weren't so dense he would realize his so called friends were total dicks! And maybe if Spain weren't so dense he would see that Romano wanted the Spaniard to stay home and spend time with him! Maybe that's how it was always going to be though… God knows Romano would never give the guy a hint, Antonio spoiled the Italian and even though try as Romano may he could never shake the guy. Spain clung to him constantly and had no idea of what an effect he had on Romano.

Though obviously Romano hadn't fallen for his caretaker immediately, in fact it all started when he hit puberty. At first Romano thought it to be a mere infatuation, something that would fade over time. But it didn't fade… it grew stronger with every passing year, and even after he and his brother joined countries Romano chose to stay living with Spain for the most part. Of course he still had to own a house in Italy. He couldn't ignore his people even if there was another person to represent their country. Spain seemed to understand him, or at least try to which is more than what anyone else could say. Romano had always pushed people away, ever since he was a child. Way before Spain came into the picture. Maybe it was because no matter what people always seemed to prefer his brother more than him. Even their Grandpa Rome. Eventually Romano expected to be hurt and turned away from people. Those who tried to get close got head butted and called harsh words. But when he did that to Antonio he tried even harder to break down Romano's thick walls. And though Romano would never admit it, he respected the man for it…

Romano had fallen asleep on the couch dreaming of tomatoes and his favorite Spaniard who harvested them when a ring of the doorbell interrupted his sleep. He reluctantly got up from his 3 o' clock siesta and looked at his watch. Great it was only 4, he only got 1 hour. He stomped to the door and swung it open about to cuss out who ever was there. It was France. Well that made him want to cuss out the French bastard even more!

"Ah, hello adorable Romano, is Spain home?" France asked.

"No, bastard, he's at Prussia's." Romano spat.

"Oh? Well I got a text telling me I can come over, so I'll just wait for him to get here." France smiled and walked past Romano inside.

"Damn tomato bastard…" the Italian muttered under his breath. France went into the kitchen and Romano went up to his room. He didn't want to be anywhere near the perverted French bastard. He lied down on his bed, he knew he shouldn't be sleeping with France in the house but since his nap got interrupted he was still tired. He felt his eye lids droop shut as he fell asleep.

The sound of a CRASH woke Romano up. He shot up from the bed and was on full alert. He grabbed a bat he kept in the closet just incase of situations like this and went downstairs where the noise came from. He went into the living room to see a vase that had had red and yellow carnations in it now broken on the floor. Spain won't be happy. But he couldn't worry about that right now, he had to see if France were still here and if he was he was about to wish he wasn't. He was about to step forward when-

"CHIGI!" Romano squeaked when a pair of hands grabbed him and threw him to the ground. He lost his grip on the bat and it went flying to the other side of the room. "What the hell?" Romano yelled and opened his eyes to see France on top of him straddling him, with nothing- I repeat- nothing on. "FRANCE WHAT THE FUCK?" the dark brunette shouted at the blonde.

"Haha.. Found you little Roma… where have you been hiding ma chère?" France slurred. Romano could smell the alcohol on his breath, he must've been bored and gotten into Spain's wine.

"Get off of me bastard!" Romano yelled.

"Ohonhonhon… when I have you right where I want you? Why would I do that? Spain is gone and now there is no one here to stop me from loving you."

"I don't want you to love me!" Romano countered.

"Ah, but Romano we all have urges we need to fulfill… don't worry, I don't love you it's just sex… just close your eyes and let me have my fun..." France whispered in Romano's ear and then proceeded to lick it. Romano cringed. Wrong. It was so wrong! He wanted the first time to be with someone he loved! He wanted it to be with Spain! Not that he'd ever admit it…

"No you bastard! Get the fuck off of me!" Romano yelled getting slightly worried now.

"Oh? Playing hard to get are we? That's fine. I'll just take you by force!" with that France slammed his lips down on Romano's.

Romano wouldn't react to the kiss and was trying to shove France off of him. France grabbed his arms by the wrist and held them above his head then bit Romano's lip hard enough to where he could taste blood. Romano gasped from the pain and France shoved his tongue in the Italian's mouth exploring it. Romano could feel tears in his eyes. 'Wrong… this is wrong… so wrong…' was all he could think right now. France was now only holding Romano's wrists with one hand, the other was unbuttoning the his shirt. Romano jerked his head away from France's lips. "No! Stop you bastard!" he shouted frantically but France finished unbuttoning his shirt and had latched his mouth on Romano's right nipple.

"Aah! Stop damn it!" he whined as France bit and licked his nipple, then began giving the left the same treatment. His hand that he wasn't using to hold Romano's arms he brushed up and down Romano's lower stomach casually dipping his fingers into the hem of the pants. 'Spain, where are you damn it? Come save me…' Romano thought to himself as he felt a tear begin to slip down his cheek. Spain was suppose to protect him, why wasn't he here now?

Francis shoved his hand down Romano's pants and palmed the Italian's member. Romano should've worn boxers. France squeezed it to make it hard, Romano moaned unintentionally. It felt good, he hated himself.

"France, please…" Romano whispered as more tears went down his cheek.

"Honhonhon… begging are we?" France smirked.

"Please stop…!" Romano cried. But his protests were ignored when France yanked Romano's pants down leaving him completely exposed. France licked his lips as he looked down upon the brunette. Romano felt nauseous under that gaze. He knew he couldn't run, France sadly was stronger than him. He knew he wouldn't get far if he tried to run, he felt more warm tears run down his face as France stuck a finger inside his entrance. Romano cringed, it wasn't enjoyable at all, it was fucking painful and he couldn't even have the joy of having his love doing this to him. How would he even face Spain after this? Why did France have to go after Romano of all people? Did God hate him?

France added a second finger, Romano gasped in pain. 'Spain… where are you?' his mind cried out. France started scissoring him. He couldn't scream, he just couldn't. He felt like he couldn't give France that satisfaction. But he wanted to, scream out in pain, fear, agony, grief, and hatred. If Spain did know what was happening would he even care?

'Spain…' his mind whispered as France pulled his fingers out and positioned himself.

"Are you ready Romano?" France asked smiling. Romano could only give a choked cry in response.

'Please forgive me…'

France plunged into Romano's entrance. He screamed in agony as France started thrusting.

"Ah, you're a virgin… so tight…" France giggled to himself. Romano could feel something warm run down his thigh. He tried so hard not to scream, not to show weakness, but he broke. He was broken. The pain, was excruciating. But the thought of France being the first one to do this hurt even more. His entrance was burning with this pain. He felt even more tears stream down his face. He barely heard France cry out but he felt the release inside him. Dirty, he felt dirty.

He heard a door close.

"Roma!~ I'm home!~ And I brought food-" Spain stopped, looking at the scene in front of him. France inside Romano, HIS Romano, and his Romano eyes red from crying, tears still going down his face, blood running down his leg.


"France… what the fuck are you doing…?" Spain growled dropping the food he had brought for Romano. He quickly started crossing the room to France. Romano felt France pull out.

"Ah, Antonio it isn't what it looks like!" France said standing up.

"It isn't?" Spain said picking up the bat. "You're trying to lie to me? Get the fuck out of my house."

"Antonio, I-"

"GET! OUT!" Spain swung the bat nearly hitting France but he dodged and ran out of the house. Spain immediately dropped the bat and ran to Romano.

"Romano…" Spain said wrapping his arms around him. Romano couldn't stop himself, he grabbed a hand full of Spain's shirt and bawled into his shoulder. He felt Spain tighten his hold pulling Romano closer to him. Spain felt tears in his eyes as well. He wanted to say it was going to be okay, but he knew it wouldn't be okay. Not for a long time.