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The sun shined down as two figures could be seen picking ripe red fruit in a field. It was their favorite season. Tomato season. It had been five months since Romano had forgiven France. Since then Spain and France could talk to each other without something horrible happening, they would probably never be friends again though. Luckily, there were few people who knew what actually happened.

"Ah! What a great turn out this year!~" Spain said happily. "We could eat tomatoes for every meal this week and still have enough for when your brother and Germany visit~!"

"Yeah, hopefully when Potato Bastard tastes the cooking he'll know good food from that German shit." Romano muttered, but he had a small smile on his face. He had also unknowingly complemented Spain's cooking. He was probably just in a really good mood from the tomato picking. Nonetheless it brought a giant grin to Antonio's face. They had been out there for hours, they always lost track of time out in the huge field of tomatoes. During their breaks, they would lay out in the middle of the tomato maze and feast on a few of the delicious red fruits. Spain would try and kiss the Southern Italian. The latter would sometimes reject him, which then led to a game of chase. Romano always running away and Spain chasing him.

Romano would start laughing, which was one of the two reasons Spain loved this game. The second: the Spaniard always won. Sometimes Romano would give in. This was not one of those times. The Italian was certainly one of the best at running away, but Spain wasn't one to give up easily. After a couple of minutes of cat and mouse the Spaniard finally caught up to the Italian. Antonio grabbed his wrist and pulled Romano to him. Romano slammed into him causing the pair to topple backwards. Romano yelped at the impact, even though the fall was softened by the Spaniard beneath him who was currently trying to catch his breath.

"Heh, you sure are getting old." Romano said smirking at him. Spain pouted.

"Not fair, Roma. I've just been around a long time!"

"Pedophile." Romano muttered resting his chin on Spain's chest. This was one of the moments Romano let his guard down… mostly. When they were alone.

"Hey, I'm not a pedophile! You're of age." Antonio said chuckling. Romano came back up and pressed a chaste kiss to the Spaniard's lips. But Spain would have that, he put his hand on the back of the Italian's head and pushed it back down for a longer kiss. Romano moaned into the kiss and Antonio couldn't help but smile. When they came apart Romano sighed and laid his head down on Antonio's chest, while Antonio wrapped his arms around him. Spain won.

They decided to lay there for a while in the sun. They did this often. There would even be times where the pair would take a tent out into the tomato field, and after spending the day picking tomatoes they would retire to the tent. Although they would much rather prefer to sleep outside staring at the stars, if it weren't for the mosquitoes. But it didn't matter to them either way, because they were still together. Granted, there were still nights where Romano would have nightmares and wake up frightened, but Spain was always there for him with open arms ready to comfort the Italian. Some days there would be set backs, but it only meant things were slowly but surely getting better. Of course Romano was still afraid of being alone, but really it just gave Spain an excuse not to leave his former charge's side.

"Hey, bastard, can we go home now? It's hot as fuck out here…" Romano murmured against Spain's chest.

"Yeah, let's head back. In fact, I even have a surprise for you." Spain said. He had made many calls last night, just to make sure he had ordered enough. He had had some people come and set it up while they were in the tomato field.

Romano raised an eyebrow.

"A surprise?" he asked. "What kind of surprise?"

"Oh, you'll see when we get back home." Spain said grinning. They began their walk back to the house. Romano kept staring at Antonio suspiciously. The Spaniard just continued smiling, leading his Italian lover back to their house.

Once they got there, Spain grabbed the door handle and jiggled it.

"Whoops, looks like I forgot to lock it." he said smiling.

"W-What?" Romano asked worried. Well that was a bad idea. Spain had his moments where it slipped his mind to be careful of what he said and did. But they were both still adjusting.

"Ah, don't worry Romano, I won't let anything hurt you again." Spain said pulling the Italian close. Said Italian was still a little stiff from the earlier statement but then relaxed some what.

"So, what's this surprise, bastard?" Romano muttered.

"It's inside~!" Spain said grinning. He finally opened the door and Romano started to walk in, scowling. But he then froze, eyes widened in shock. Every single flat surface- Every. Single. One.- was covered with baskets, vases, or just strewn out carnations and daisies in a variety of colors.

Romano was speechless. He began shaking, tears coming to his eyes.

"What do you think?" Spain asked. What did Romano think? His mind was completely blank at the moment, still in shock. But finally, something came to mind.

"I… think… this is going to be a pain in the ass to water…" came his always sarcastic response, but a smile- a real smile- graced his lips. Spain noticed this, and also noticed the tears running down the Italian's face. Spain pulled Romano into his arms. Romano wrapped his arms around Spain's waist and buried his face in the man's chest.

"T-Ti amo, Antonio…" came a shaky muffled voice. "Th-thank you… for everything…"

Spain pulled the younger closer to him and nuzzled the top of his head.

"You don't need to thank me, I'd do anything for you Roma," he responded. "Te amo mucho."

They walked into the house, locking the door behind them. Romano wrapped his arms around Antonio's neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Tongues coming together to meet in a passionate dance. Spain picked Romano up, the latter wrapping his legs around the Spaniard's waist and they began to ascend up the stair's to their bedroom.

It would be great to say Romano was completely over it, that France and Spain were friends again, and that Romano was perfectly fine with being alone for a period of time. But none of that was true.

There were times where Romano would randomly begin to shake, and he didn't know why. He got paranoid very easily. He could never be alone for longer than a couple of minutes before he began to get scared. But, he would get better. Spain would never give up, would never leave his lover's side. Romano needed Spain.

And Spain needed Romano.


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