A/N: I did this story as a fill for the MassEffect Kink Meme about a year ago, knowing very little to almost nothing about writing fics. So this may not exactly be gold, but I'm pretty proud of it for my first ever fic.

The lights of the galaxy map flickered listlessly as delicate fingers fluxed between the buttons. The woman attached to the fingers released a sigh, breaking her gaze for a moment to fix her eyes on the attendant next to her. "Kelly?"

The younger girl shot up at the sound of the Commander's voice, "Y-yes, Shepard?"

"Did I surprise you?" The woman asked, biting back a grin at the Yeoman being caught off guard.

"Oh, a little. Sorry, Commander, I'm just not used to seeing—" Kelly fell silent, her eyes drifting downwards. Shepard broke into a smile, resting her hands gently on her protruding stomach. "—Yeah, that."

The Commander chuckled brightly. "Don't worry, Kelly. It's not like getting knocked up is contagious," she said before her brow knitted together, "At least, that's what I thought. I'm still confused about how this even happened,"

Chambers' stance faltered—it was weird enough that the Commander was even pregnant, given her caution in every other aspect in her life, but the real shock was a week ago when the DNA testing was done. After hours upon hours of going through almost every DNA profile that could be obtained of the people Shepard had been in contact with, Dr. Solus had come to the conclusion that the father could be no one else but Garrus. There was a stale silence in the air before either one of them spoke again. It was Kelly.

"Um… Do you think that Mordin's conclusion was wrong?"

The Commander paused for a moment longer. "No, he showed me the profiles. I didn't really understand a lot of it, but the comparison images were pretty clear,"

Yeoman Chambers nodded. "I see," She was about to go back to her work, but she halted due to a peak of curiosity. "… Does Garrus know?"

"Not yet, he's been too preoccupied with missions," The woman admitted, "I was actually about to go down and tell him after getting a copy of the profile data from Mordin," She paused, taking in a deep breath. "I think I'll go do that now. That'll be all, Kelly,"

Chambers smiled before turning back to her work. "Yes ma'am,"

The Salarian doctor barely gave a glance as the Commander waddled into the room. He had to admit, it was odd to see the presumed savior of the galaxy in such a manner, but he had figured that something like this had to come up on the Normandy eventually. Tensions were high throughout the Collector mission, and sexual activity was anything but rare for the wide assortment of hormone-driven species that had made up the bulk of the crew. The potential for an actual conception among a Human/Turian couple, however, had never crossed his mind even once.

"Shepard," The scientist greeted her in his normal fashion, "How can I help?"

"Do you have a copy of those DNA profiles for the, um… the father?" The Commander asked tentatively, still trying to shuffle her way across the lab to reach the spot where she normally talked to him.

Mordin looked up from his previous work and nodded to her, "Yes. Surprised that you haven't told Garrus yet. This is for him?"

Shepard let out a nervous laugh as she reached her destination, bracing her hands on his desk to help carry her weight, "Yes, this is so he'll actually believe me," she told him, "And I'm surprised this hasn't been leaked to every crackpot on the extranet."

"As said before, still have ties to Salarian Special Tasks Group. Helped wipe most data of this. Miranda's Cerberus ties also help cover trail," Mordin gave the expectant woman a once over, letting his medical mind speak, "And you are well? No excessive swelling or vomiting? Weight in check?"

The Commander smiled, "No, I'm perfectly healthy by Dr. Chakwas' books. At least, as healthy as someone in my predicament could be."

The professor nodded once again, expertly fingering through buttons on his Omni Tool. "Excellent. Transferred profile data to your Omni Tool. Would be wise to come clean with Garrus. Also—" He inhaled, glancing at the Commander again, "In last two weeks of pregnancy, correct?"

She fidgeted slightly at the question, giving her brain a moment to process that thought, "Yeah, I guess I am," the woman finally said, running a hand up her arm, "Any day now, right?"

"Precisely." For the first time since his encounter with Maelon on Tutchanka, Mordin paused, "… Advise against Epidural. Could poison child due to dextro-amino acid chemical makeup. Dextro alternative could poison you."

Shepard gave the Salarian an odd look. "… Okay. I guess I'll go natural, then."

Mordin smiled. "Glad to hear it. Wouldn't want galaxy destruction due to childbirth complications,"

"Right," The Commander said, laughing a little. She began to waddle towards the door, "I'll talk to you later, Mordin,"

"Of course," The doctor said before returning to his more pressing research.

She didn't want to admit it, but Shepard was still a little apprehensive about going to see Garrus. It had been a few days since they spoke last, and their conversation was a lot less than friendly. Of course, she couldn't blame him for thinking that she had been unfaithful—hell, she even thought that for while even though she knew in the back of her mind that it wasn't true. Plus, he had gone to lead many missions in her stead over the past couple of days and was probably pretty stressed. Her doubt wouldn't help her, however, since her feet had already dragged her into the elevator before her mind realized it. She hesitated slightly before pushing the button on the elevator, taking her to the crew's quarters. "EDI," the woman called out, "Where's Garrus?"

"He is in the Medical Bay right now, treating a minor injury," EDI's soothing voice replied. Shepard nodded, beginning to shuffle out of the elevator as soon as the door was open.

"Garrus, you really do need to be more careful," Dr. Chakwas scolded the Turian sitting across the room from her.

The Turian looked up slightly at the sound of her voice before turning his attention back to the wound on his arm. "I know, Doc." He said, hissing a little as he started to disinfect the wound, "The rocket just looked so pretty, I had to see it up close. With my arm,"

The doctor scoffed, "Just feel lucky you kept most of your arm this time. Next time-" she was cut off by the sound of the med bay's door opening. "Ah, Commander. Is there something wrong?" Garrus shot up at the realization of who it was, his body stiffening.

Shepard smiled at the medic, "No, nothing's wrong," She rubbed the back of her head, "I, uh… I actually came here to talk to Garrus."

The Turian's mandibles flared out in a grin. "Come to tell me how to dodge rockets? The doctor here's already talked to me about it,"

"Oh, is that what happened?" The Commander gazed at his arm, "Well, at least it doesn't look that bad. But that's not why I'm here,"

"I'll just wait outside, Commander," Dr. Chakwas chimed in, standing up, "Take as much time as you need," With that, the medic walked out the door, leaving the two alone.

Silence hung in the air for a while, Garrus cleaning his wound with his same tense stance. Eventually, he stood to face the woman. "Look, I know the last time we spoke, I said some… things, and I'm sorry I said all that. No matter what, I still love you. And this is part of you, so I will love it, too," he closed the distance between the two, placing his talons gently on her stomach. "And I don't care whose this really is—it could be Harbinger's for all I care… I'll help raise the child as if it was my own,"

Shepard lowered her head to touch his—a custom she had gotten used to easily, smiling as he spoke. "That's good to know, Garrus," She whispered to him, "Well, that's actually why I'm here."

Garrus stiffened again, backing up a little to give the Commander some space. "So you, uh… actually know who the father is?" The woman stayed silent, opting to open up her omni tool. Garrus watched her attentively as she pulled up an image from the orange device. "Uh, what is this?"

"This," The Commander started, pointing at a side of the image that showed an array of connected lines and different-colored dots, "Is the DNA profile of the baby," She pointed at the other side, showing another series of lines and dots that were almost exactly alike, "This is your DNA profile… Garrus, you're the father,"

The Turian's eyes widened, but played it off with a dark chuckle, "Oh really? Then I guess this kid's going to start crapping rainbows as soon as it comes out, right?"

Shepard glared at him, "I'm being serious! Go talk to Mordin if you doubt me that much, he'll tell you the same thing."

After that outburst, he stayed silent and unmoving for a while as if he was frozen in time. Finally, he spoke, "So… You're serious? This baby is actually… Mine?"

The woman nodded, "Yes, I'm serious. I'm still not sure how, but these are the facts," Garrus looked down, returning to silence. Shepard took his head in her hands to make him turn back to her. "Garrus, it's alright. You'll be an excellent father, I know it,"

He gazed at Shepard, his mandibles flaring again. "I-I hope so. Before, I think it was some kind of pride thing, just raising someone's kid because they touched my girl… But now, it's kind of unsettling. And damn, now it's my fault that this happened to you," Garrus paused, taking her hands in his. "I'm sorry again, I didn't know…"

"You couldn't have known, Garrus. I don't blame you," Shepard smiled at him, pulling up his hands and kissing them lightly, "And don't worry, you'll be a wonderful father,"

He did his best to match her smile, but it failed, "I hope so, but I'm not so sure,"