"I can make it worth your while to keep your mouth shut," Linda told Rochelle.

"What on earth are you talking about?" Rochelle grimaced.

"How'd you like a date with Todd Thompson?"

Rochelle's eyes widened. "You could get me one? Really?"

"Piece of cake." Linda smirked. "And all you'd have to do would be to keep your mouth shut."

"Well, I guess what you did to Jill and Tracy wasn't really such a big deal, after all."

"I'd like to ask another favor of you." Linda and Todd were hiding in the janitor's closet instead of going to fourth period. Linda had unzipped Todd's fly, and her hand was busy at work.

"Uh...what?" Todd managed in between grunts of pleasure.

"You know Rochelle, don't you?"

"Uh...yeah, I guess so."

"I want you to take her out on a date."

"I'd much rather take you out on a date."

"Please?" She looked at what her hands were doing and licked her lips.

"Uh...anything you say, Linda."

"I wanted to say I'm sorry," Tracy told Jill over the telephone. "I know you well enough to know you'd never steal from me. I just happened to remember how, right before my compact disappeared, Linda Fisher had been sitting next to me in the lunchroom. I'll bet she took it and planted it in your purse to make it look like you did it."

"Linda Fisher? Do you really think she's that clever?"

"She's changed, Jill. She's not the same girl she was four years ago."

"She's a lot taller and slimmer now..."

"She's changed in other ways too, Jill. And not for the better."

Rochelle was sitting with Jill and Tracy at lunch when she heard someone call her name and turned around to see none other than Todd Thompson.

"How would you like to go out with me this weekend?" Todd asked.

"I'd love to!" Rochelle exclaimed.

"Great. Pick you up at six." Todd grinned. Jill and Tracy squealed with excitement.

At exactly six o'clock on Friday evening, Todd picked Rochelle up and took her to dinner and a movie. After the movie, instead of taking her back home, he took her to a dark, deserted field.

"What are you doing?" asked Rochelle. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck beginning to stand up.

"It's so beautiful and peaceful here at night, isn't it?" Todd asked.

"Well, yes, I suppose so."

"Sometimes I like to just sit here and look up at the moon and stars."

"The sky is pretty," Rochelle agreed. The next thing she knew, Todd's mouth was covering her own. Taken aback, she at first tried to respond with equal enthusiasm, but when the tip of Todd's tongue touched her own, she felt a shiver of alarm go down her spine. The next thing she knew, Todd's hand was on her breast, caressing it.

"Todd...please..." she mumbled, trying to get away from him.

"Come on." His voice was a low growl. "I know you want it."

"Todd, you're scaring me!" She managed to get the car door open and hurried out. Behind her she heard Todd angrily slamming the door shut and speeding away.

Somehow she found the road and began to walk in the direction in which she thought her home was. After awhile, she heard a car horn honk and turned to see a young man beckoning to her.

"Do you need a ride somewhere?" he asked.

Breathlessly Rochelle told him what had happened. She saw anger flicker across his face for a moment.

"Hop in," he told her when she'd finished. "I'll take you home."