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Word of the day: Archivar
Meaning: to file

Annabeth POV

Okay… L, M, N… after M… so it goes…here

Whoever said filing was easy, had obviously not taken it upon themselves to try and organize Chiron's file cabinets. Apparently, he filled out forms for every demi-god that came through here. It wasn't always easy, but he said that he found, satisfaction and pleasure looking back at the many heroes he had trained. Annabeth wondered what he had written about her…or Percy!

She continued filing away, looking for people she may know, or recognize. The first one she found was Clarisse's

Name: Clarisse La Rue

Age: 10

Suspected Godly Parent: Ares
True Godly Parent: Ares

Weapon of choice: Electric spear

First words to camper: Talk to me like that again and I swear, I'll rip your head off!
Spoken to: Castor, son of Dionysus

Reaction to being a half-blood: So…My blood lust is natural?

Annabeth laughed. It was so…Clarisse. There was really nothing else to it. Over the next hour, she found some of the forms had been personalized for campers…Like the Stolls

Name: Connor and Travis Stoll

Age: 14

Suspected/True Godly Parent: Hermes

Favorite Past time: Pranks

First words to camper: That was YOUR wallet? Whoops.
Spoken to: Clarisse, daughter of Ares

End result: who knew we had a flag pole? And one that you could hang children of Hermes from….

The next one she found, she had to stop and read it thoroughly, which included attempting to decipher the notes at the bottom. She had left that alone on the others, it felt personal. But this one was hers. She wanted to know what it said.

Name: Annabeth Chase

Age: 8

Suspected/True Godly Parent: Athena

Weapon of Choice: Knife

Passionate about: Architecture

Friends: Luke Castellan (son of Hermes) and Thalia Grace (daughter of Zeus)*recently deceased

Reaction to being a demi-god: simply staring, with intelligent grey eyes.

First words: No!
Spoken to: Chiron

Notes: Such an intelligent child. But I see such sorrow, and there is probably only more to come…

The next was dated nearly two years after the first

She is so ready to take on the world, but she needs help. And Luke won't do it, he is too old. They aren't right. She needs to wait, and the prophecy. So much is unclear. But it isn't time. Not yet.

The other notes were similar, talking about her improvements, and learning, her skill level etc… but one caught her eye

Percy Jackson has arrived at camp. Annabeth has helped me nurse him back (there is no one I trust more). And I see so much potential for both of them. I've watch Percy struggle through school and gotten a good idea of who he is. I know Annabeth, and though neither of them realizes it yet, they will become the greatest heroes of our millennium. Together.

Annabeth felt her eyes grow misty as she read it. He was so right. Everything she and Percy had done together, accomplished…and in a way, Chiron had predicted it all.

Ignoring the other files, Annabeth dug through them, looking for Percy's file. Finally, she found it:

Name: Perseus (Percy) Jackson

Age: 12

Suspected Godly parent: Big Three

True Godly Parent: Poseidon

Weapon of Choice: Riptide

Enemies: too many to name

Friends: Annabeth Chase (?), Grover Underwood. I suspect there will be many more in the years to come.

Reaction: You're telling me there's such a thing as God…Metaphysical? But you were just talking about-…Smaller?

Reaction in one word: Confusion

Quests: Too many to count

Notes: Loyal, courageous, impetuous. Annabeth's nickname is apt. They will save western civilization together.

He and Annabeth are not speaking

They are speaking, barely civilized.

I must say, I agree with Aphrodite this time. Just date, kiss etc.

With the prophecy, knowing the hero will die. There must be a double meaning.

The war is over. Percy did not die, as the hero of the prophecy was Luke Castellan, son of Hermes. Kronos is defeated, and Manhattan safe. We will have some measure of peace, but soon another great prophecy will come, and affect all of us. I only pray that we will have someone like Percy to lead us, and Annabeth to lead him.

Who knew that Poseidon and Athena's children could date somewhat civilly?

Annabeth sniffled, as she finished reading Percy's files. They were more like Chiron's journals on each and every demi-god.

She finished filing, still a little misty, when Percy walked in.

"Hey, Wise Girl. What do you want to do today? Maybe…Oh gods, you're crying. What's wrong?"

"Nothing." She said, smiling. "I was just filing."

Archivar: to file

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-p.s: anyone know that there's a new PJO book coming out next August, the Demi-God Diaries! I just found out, it's all about the stuff leading up to the Lost Hero, and in between TLH and SoN (I think)