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Word of the Day: Catalogar
Meaning: to catalogue

Percy POV

My mother is the biggest freak when it comes to organizing. Not cleaning, but organizing. Literally, I'll come back from camp, and she'll have rearranged my sock drawer in her spare time. This is why our house has the pleasantly lived in look, she organizes everything and then does a quick clean up. But hey, it works for me.

But the point is, she has decided to go through this entire box of old magazines and catalogues we found underneath my bed. It's all of Smelly Gabe's old stuff, which still makes my blood boil.

We are currently sitting in the living room, violently ripping out pages of car magazines and catalogues, and shredding them. Sometimes one at a time, sometimes bunches at a time. If it's any indication, we have had to empty the shredder five times already, and we aren't even halfway done.

We continue our vicious game, until my mom gasps. I rush over and see her looking at something. When I look over her shoulder, I see picture albums. Each one is catalogued with a series of dates.

"I was wondering where these went!" she breathed. Each one had a fine layer of dust, and it went poof as we pulled them out.

We spent the rest of the day going through my mom's childhood and part of mine.

She showed me her parents, her date to a school dance (before she dropped out), she even showed me her wedding picture to Gabe. I drew on his face in permanent marker (He was of course, ugly, while my mother looked like a billion golden drachmas).

Finally, she pulled out on that barely had anything in it. Just a few pictures of my childhood that my mom had managed to take before Gabe flipped.

"Here, Percy. I always wanted to make a scrapbook for you, cataloguing your life as a hero. But I never found time. Perhaps it's for the best. Because it's your life, and you need to be the one organizing it, living it, and cataloguing it. I love you." She gave me the photo album, kissed my forehead, and left to start dinner.

I looked at the gift and smiled. Maybe it is lame, and stupid, but it means a lot to my mom, and one day, I'll probably find the same joy looking through old photos of me when I was young.

I stood off, and walked towards my room with my new photo album. I knew just the picture to start off with.

Securing the picture, I wrote beneath it in my semi-neat, semi-readable handwriting:
Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson and Grover Underwood. After retrieving Zeus's Lightning Bolt (first quest)
Ages: 12

Word of the day: Catalogar
Meaning: to catalogue

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