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Chapter 1: Farewell, Earth

"This is a bitter hello, fair citizens of Metro City. Reporting live from the city's observatory, it has been confirmed by experts that the sun is surely dying. Our star's diameter is increasing at an alarming pace, and will soon become a planetary nebula. The earth will be a dry, burning mass by that time. The cause of this sudden expansion is uncertain, and is not the fate previously predicted for the solar system," The male reporter paused for a shaky breath. "Don't bother hiding underground or saving your selves, all attempts at survival are futile in this event. Use the remaining time you have to spend with loved ones, make final amends, do what you've wanted to do that you've been putting off, and say your final words. Expect death in the coming weeks. This is truly the end of the world as we know it, folks. This is Danny Baker signing off for the last time for KMCP News Channel 8. Coming up next, hear what the president has to say on the matter." The young man spoke from the TV with shimmering eyes and a quivering voice.

The broad cast was ignored by two astronauts where the flashing screen was perched in the high corner of the room from the ceiling, walking quickly past it and down the bleach white and steel gray corridor. The pair, a brunette woman with a round face and a blonde man blue eyes and freckles, sped up when they spotted the large door they were looking for. In the woman's arms was an eight day old baby girl.

Sirens were blaring through the walls from outside, declaring loudly that dooms day was approaching.

"You know this is probably pointless. You heard what Houston said, even with all of our technological breakthroughs, the rockets just aren't ready! There's no way one would be able to travel far enough to reach a new home planet." The woman dreaded, clutching the child closer to her breast as they walked side by side into the large room.

The man sighed, glancing down at the baby from the corner of his eye. "Amelia, we have to try. If there's the slightest chance of success, we have to take it." He said determinedly, only his face giving away his own concerns. "She's our only child; I'm not going to let her perish in fire and radiation after less than a month of life. Not if I can help it."

Amelia frowned, but nodded. "Okay…okay Rodger, you're right. But, what if – what if she does make it and the people of the blue planet don't care for her? All attempts of contact have failed in the past; we have no idea what they're like! What if they treat her horribly? What if they send her back into space? What if – Oh God, Rodger - what if they dissect her?" The mother was now all but hugging the life out of her daughter as nightmarish thoughts flashed through her head. She didn't dare utter that her daughter might just starve to death alone in space before ever getting that far.

"Amelia!" The man grabbed the woman by the shoulders in a moment of frustration, then calmed after viewing the pure sadness, fear, and love within his wife's eyes. His grip softened and turned into a gentle hug, sandwiching the baby between them. "That won't happen, Darling, I promise. This is what's best for her. This is the best chance she has." He slowly took the girl from her mother's arms and carried her to a bulky one-person shuttle. Inside the seat had been modified for an infant passenger. He securely fastened her into the cockpit; buckles and belts criss-crossed her tiny body.

Amelia reached into her purse and brought out a plush, white teddy bear nearly the size of the baby. It had a pink ribbon bowtie around its neck, a sown-on smile and nose, simple arms and legs which lacked toes and dull black eyes that glimmered to life at the woman's touch.

"Abraham, are you fully functional?" Amelia asked in a clear voice.

"Yes, I am fully functional, Mrs. Ritchi." The teddy bear responded in a smooth, robotic voice that mimicked a young boy.

"Demonstrate your maneuverability."

It flexed all of its joints using its hidden robotic skeleton at her command.

"Do you recall your directive?"

"Yes. I am prepared for my mission. You can trust in my competence, Mrs. Ritchi."

She nodded, and handed the bear to the baby girl, who was reaching for it with grabby hands. "Here is your Teddy Bear."

"And here is your pacifier," The father added, placing the simple pink sucker in his daughters mouth, which she accepted eagerly. She was wearing a pastel pink onesy that said "My Parents Are Out Of This World" next to a cartoony spaceship. Amelia laughed without humor at the irony, suddenly regretting the outfit she had chosen for her baby that morning. It was a cruel joke.

Rodger stroked the girls thick blond baby hair fondly, "We love you Roxanne. I know you don't understand yet, but we're doing this for you. We love you, so, so much…" Each parent gave their child one last kiss on the foreheard.

Baby Roxanne didn't understand, but looking at her mom's crumpling face and her dad's wet cheeks, her undeveloped brain suddenly comprehended something tragic was about to happen. Big blue eyes moistened, and the pacifier shook a few times before falling from her mouth in a confused wail as the hatch was closed down in front of her. All she could do now was peek though a small glass window about the size of her face.

Without a word, the parents walked away from the spacecraft, opened up the ceiling with the push of a button, and launched their only daughter into outer space as she cried.