Ok, just a little note. I'm very particular about historical accuracy because I'm weird like that, and because I love history. Hetalia's just made me love it more 3 So everything I write, including this, will be very historically based and I really do spend an insane amount of time researching historical details and terms for weaponry, titles, etc. I really did try my best to make this as accurate as possible with the addition of awesomical Hetalia-ness, so I hope you like!


The ceilings were gilded, soaring high like the heavens, with a colorful array of angels, trumpets , and the faces of the divine. Statues and likenesses of the mythical and the historical flanked the hall. Sparkling crystals integrated into complex, massive chandeliers draped down the grand hall, loftily carrying flickering candles to light up the room. But its most defining feature was not the arching ceiling or the bright crystals. It was the mirrors. Mirrors tall and wide, that yielded perfect recreations of the scene in front of them. Mirrors that lined the walls, like trained soldiers that always told the truth. No, the mirrors never lied.

The scene reflected in the mirrors that day was quite a sight. Foot soldiers flanked the hall, perched with spiked helmets and heavy rifles with needle points*. Many held banners of white and black, proudly displaying the single black eagle dominating the flag. Men of the highest statures were gathered, men with upright, straight backs and hard jaws, all dressed in the finest uniforms of dark blue or white, adorned with silver medals and gold-colored shoulder straps. They filled the room with a sense of overwhelming solemnity. At the end of the room, on carpeted platform, stood bearded men with intensely focused gazes that gave off an overwhelming air of authority.

Standing at the very front of the crowd, closest to the platform, was an odd duo. A man with a tall, trim figure, in the same dark blue uniform with golden trimmings lining his uniform and golden epaulettes* fixed to his shoulders. But he was different. The way he stood, the way he held his body. Aggression. Striking platinum hair, messy and short. Wild. Eyes like two bloody rubies, the glint in them almost malicious. Ambition. The smirk that hovered at the corners of his mouth. Excitement. However, he held a hand. A small hand. It belonged to a small boy, whose head around his guardian's waist. He was dressed in a simplified, mini military uniform, complete with shoulder strap, belt, and boots. A necklace of a black cross rested on his chest. The boy's light blonde hair was cropped short but neatly and slightly militaristic in style. His round, blue eyes betrayed no emotion, serious and focused but somehow absentminded at the same time.

One by one, the soldiers flanking the hall drew their swords, raising their curved sabers in a hail towards the man who now proceeded down the hall towards the platform. He was a man of stately stature, even in his age. His head was bald, but his sideburns plentiful, with two orderly strokes of white above his tight lips. His dark eyes were especially discernible by their extreme concentration, characterized by frowning eyebrows and a square jaw. Though he was dressed in a similar albeit more decorated version of the blue uniform, every step he took was characterized by precision, purpose, and power*. The men saluted him as he passed. He ascended the steps to the platform with absolute confidence, and turned to face the uniformed men below, who had assembled around the platform in an orderly fashion. His eyes scanned the assemblage of men gathered in front of him, lingering a split second longer on the faces of the platinum-haired man and the blonde boy. A man nearby on the platform raised his arms up in the air for attention. Then, he began to spin a proclamation* out of powerful words. His words resounded across the hall, echoing through the arched ceilings.

"Whereas the German princes and the free cities have unanimously called upon us to renew and to assume, with the restoration of the German Empire…"

The man with blood-colored eyes turned to gaze down at the boy beside him, and his expression suddenly softened into a slight smile marked by glowing pride.

"…We, Wilhelm, by the grace of God King of Prussia, do herewith declare that we have considered it a duty to our common fatherland to answer the summons of the united German princes and cities and to accept the German imperial title. In consequence…"

"Oi, Ludwig," the albino man whispered in a raspy voice.

The little boy looked up, a hint of curiosity in dull blue eyes.


"Today, this man is no longer just King of Prussia. He is also Deutscher Kaiser*. He is our king." He grinned down at the boy with excitement he could barely contain. For so long, he had awaited this day.

The boy seemed to ponder for a moment, then nodded seriously. "Yes, Bruder." Then, they both turned their attention back on the King.

"… And may God grant that We and our successors on the imperial throne may at all times increase the wealth of the German Empire, not by military conquests, but by the blessings and the gifts of peace, in the realm of national prosperity, liberty, and morality. Wilhelm I, Kaiser und König*."

A loud cheer arose as all the men raised their swords, banners, rifles, helmets in a unified hurrah. "All hail Kaiser Wilhelm I!" they roared. "All hail the King!" The mirrors shook with its overwhelming force.

Gilbert Weillschmidt's red eyes shone with sheer pride as he cheered with them, his loud raspy voice distinctive in the chorus of Prussian blue. Gilbert squeezed Ludwig's small hand tightly.

"All hail the Kaiser!"

I've raised you, and I'll nurture you even more, Gilbert thought as he cheered, I'll give you all you need, all my resources, all my care, everything. Because I made a promise to myself that you'll grow up this time. You'll grow up to be powerful and strong. I'll make sure that you do.

* The spiked helmets I refer to are a specialty of the Prussian army, the pickelhaube, which has a single metal spike sticking out from the middle of the round helmet. The needle point guns are the Prussian trademark Dreyse needle point guns, which were made famous during the Austro-Prussian War for their success. However, they were less of a success during the Franco-Prussian War, in which the French made an improved version called the Chassepot rifle.

* Epaulette- it's those decorative shoulder pieces on military uniforms you see on military uniforms with those golden bristles and stuff.

* This guy that I just wasted something like five sentences describing is King Wilhelm I of Prussia, and also the first emperor of the German Empire, aka Kaiserreich or Second Reich (empire).

* The Imperial Proclamation, January 18, 1871.

* German Emperor/Emperor of Germany. Kaiser means Emperor.

* Kaiser and King.

This is me citing my sources! -Proud Otaku

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