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SUMMARY: Sasuke is crushing on Hinata…BIG TIME. And it's a serious blow to his ego.Your typical SasuHina love square…I think. Told thru Sasuke's POV. AU, High School. Rated T for the hormonal teenager (lol Sasuke:)

PAIRINGS: one-sided SasuHina one-sided NaruHina one-sided NaruSaku one-sided SasuSaku So yeah its all one sided…for now why do u think a square has four corners? (SasuHina NaruSaku)

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Hnn these math tests are soooo easy.

I finish up the last problem, flip the paper over and placed it in front of me. I looked across the classroom to see everyone still taking the test. Except for maybe Shikamaru sleeping with his backpack on his desk as a pillow, the baka staring off into space not knowing how the hell to answer the problems, even Kakashi-sensei with his obvious hentai novels stuffed to his face.

I chanced a glace at Sakura, Ino and the rest of the girls in the class. Good there all still gravely concentrated on the test.

I placed my pencil on top of my desk and had my elbow down, hand resting on the side of my cheek. I instantly fell into love struck mode and openly stared at the indigo-haired beauty sitting right in front of me.

Kami, she's so beautiful. Her hair is like perfect silk. Oh how I wish to run my fingers through that gorgeous long shiny hair of hers.

As a small gust of wind came through the class window, her gracious blue hair cascaded along as it blew to the right. I breathed in the wonderful aroma of lavender and sweet tea. She pushed a loosed strand behind her left ear.

Kami why couldn't I push it back for her…hehe I wish I could push a lot for her…Dam it Naruto's perverted brain is contagious! Hnn…Dam her hair is just so perfectly straight…

I unconsciously brought my hand up and reached in front of me. My fingers were a little less than a centimeter away from touching that beautiful hair of hers, when I pulled back and realized what the hell I was doing.

Fortunately, in my rush to pull back, my pencil fell off the desk and went right under Hinata's seat! I was going to stretch out my foot to grab it when she turned her head to the side and saw my pencil under her desk. She bent to pick it up and I watched in awe as her body shifted to get it. She turned around and I got a full frontal view of her.

"Uchiha-san you dropped your pencil." She told me flashing a small smile as she placed it on my desk and turned around to get to back to her test.

"Hnn" I respond as I grab my pencil. Of course that would be my response.

What, do you expect me to say thank you?

Oh thank you kami for creating this concrete angel you have sent me. I finally got to see her beautiful opalescent eyes directed at me and not the dobe! It was been exactly four months, two weeks and three days since the last time she talked to her adorable "Uchiha-san". heh that's me.

She's the only to girl to ever call me by Uchiha-san. Because yes, I am an Uchiha, and it would destroy my reputation if anyone found out that I like a girl and not the other way around.

All these annoying giggly girls calling me 'Sasuke-kun' really is a pain in the ass! Uhh! Although, if I got Hinata to say my first name…

"Sasuke-kun…" Hinata stood before me beside my locker in the school hallway. She tugged at her sailor uniform skirt that was a few inches too short. She was blushing nervously. Her heart shaped face making the cutest expession I've ever seen. She put her finger to her lip.

"Ano…Sasuke-kun I love you…"

At that moment, the bell rang for lunch and snapped me out of my wonderful daydream.

I saw that Hinata was still in her seat trying to finish up the test. This happens quite often actually. She has a hard time with tests but she does the homework everyday. I know that geniuses like me can ace the tests and rarely do the homework but still you end up with a low B. So I'm a true genius and I actually do my homework so I'm getting a solid A.

Truth be told, I'm actually suppose to be in Trigonometry with the seniors but for a certain someone whom I could stare at on days like these are what keeps me in this average Geometry class for sophomores.

As I stood up, grab my bag and test, I checked out Hinata real quick one last time before I went right past her to the front of the class. The uniform skirt is actually only up to her knees.' I inwardly complained.

I was about to return my test before I realize what the hell I wrote on it.

I'm acting like one of my ridiculous fan girls. Oh but I'm not a fan of Hinata. I love her to death!

I realize I had written hinata-hime & sasuke-sama in calligraphy, a chibi hinata with that skimpy skirt I visualized her in hehe, and…was that suppose to be our future son? Oh he looks just like me but is even cuter thanks to his mother. Wow I'm a genius even when I don't even know I'm being a genius, I still am but I drew this good! But its on the back of my friking test, so I quickly grab the eraser and scribbled everything away at once.

"Eh…teme what're you doing?" Naruto raised an eyebrow in curiosity as he put the test in the box.

"Nothing dobe I'm trying to get ride of some lead that some baka smeared on my test." I lied smoothly showing him my usual stoic expression.

The baka gave me a look and started snickering.

"Naruto-kun did you think you did well on the test?" kami, she's next to Naruto right by me!

I continue to quickly erase this shit off my paper. But its such a great artwork, Sasuke-sama.' A soft voice told me. No she didn't say that to me!

"Huh?…Oh! Yeah of course I did good on the test and so did you Hinata-chan! Believe it!" He gave her his signature thumbs up and flashed a smile. She started blushing profusely as she put her test away and walked away with her fingers pressed together. Yeah right you just guessed or didn't even do most of the problem.'

"Ehh…Hinata-chan is still weird as always."

Yeah weird enough to still have a crush on you.

Naruto started snickering again.

"hehe but I didn't know you of all people would be into weird girls like…" I realize what Naruto was talking about and quickly covered his mouth. Luckily, there weren't any girls still taking the test. I backed up Naruto out of the classroom.

"Don't you ever say I like someone…ever!" I hissed at him backed up on the lockers.

"Yeah, yeah don't try to hide it teme! I seen you staring at Hinata trying to touch her hair! Oh and your expression was priceless." He started making kissing noises and cracking up drawing attention from the other students.

"Shut up dobe."

"Oo it was so out of character. I wanted to draw hearts on you eyes and drool off you mouth cuz that's what it looked like…hehe"

"SHUT UP!" I shouted trying to hide the fact that my face was getting hotter. All the students and teachers looked at me stunned.

"Not you guys."

I pushed Naruto outside to the bench by the trees and sat down.

"Dam Sasuke why didn't you tell me you like Hinata all this time?"

I relieved a sigh. "because I'm not suppose to like anybody."

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