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I don't remember if it was my calling for him that woke him up, or the crying that followed. Either way he rushed into my room moments later.

"What is it, Arden? What's wrong?"

His hand gently wiped the tears from my cheeks, as he sat, his arm going around me.

"T-t-he m-m-man you were t-talking a-b-bout.."

I remember speaking these words- or rather stuttering them-between sobs.

"Oh, honey, don't worry.. He's gone, he can't ever hurt you, or me, or mommy, or anyone…"

That hadn't been the answer I was looking for, now that I think about it. However, the tone of his voice, so caring and gentle was enough to calm me down. It seems that somehow I was able to bury the dream in my mind so I wouldn't have to think about it. I still can't seem to get a grasp on what happened in that dream.

Where am I?

Where is everyone?

My throat tightened in a knot, and I found it hard to swallow. I turned all around, looking for anyone. I even walked around but my search was worthless.

"Mommy? Daddy?"

No reply. What is going on? The tears welled in my eyes, threatening to overflow. Unfortunately, that's exactly what they did. I pressed my eyes shut, allowing myself to cry quietly. Suddenly I felt something against my face. At the same time I could hear someone humming a song in my ear. My eyelids fluttered open at the touch. That very moment I came face to face with the man that daddy had been telling me about. His skin was red, the colour of blood, and his hair, dark purple dreadlocks. Yellow eyes stared at me, almost seeming to glow as I let out a scream of fear before more tears came rushing down my face. Once again I felt something brush my cheek, but this time I knew it was his hand.

"What are you doing?"

I was very confused by his caring gesture considering what I had heard of him. However he did not reply. Instead he gave me a gentle smile. It looked odd but pleasant on his face. Yet if his caring and smile confused me, then what happened next would have baffled me completely. He looked away for a second, and when he was looking back he had the goofiest look on his face. Eyes crossed, tongue lolling out, grin showing. There was no way this was the man that daddy was talking about. I knew he was though. A giggle bubbled out of my chest, and he returned to his grinning after he was aware I felt better.

"Your name is Thrax, isn't it?"

"Why yes, baby, it is."

For some reason I wasn't afraid, even after knowing that this was the 'evil' man that daddy hated. He just seemed too friendly, too kind to ever be hated. How could this man commit a crime? I absent mindedly wiped at my eyes, clearing them of any tears.

"What's wrong baby?"

I kind of liked being called that. 'Baby.' It was weird but it made my stomach feel tingly and warm. He tilted my face up with his hand lightly, and I could see in his eyes he meant no harm. It felt like I had known him my whole life, like he was my best friend in the world. It honestly felt like he would never do anything to hurt me, physically or emotionally ever. So I told him what was wrong.

"I don't know where I am, or where my mommy and daddy are.."


He thought for a long moment before speaking anything to me.

"Well now, that is a problem, baby. But don't worry. I'll help you find your mommy and daddy."


He laughed warmly from his chest, and I found myself smiling a tiny bit.

"I promise, baby, I promise. And when Big Daddy Thrax makes a promise, he sticks to it!"

I don't ever remember smiling as big as I did when he promised to help me. Not on Christmas, not on my birthday. Never. I think it was from that point that I had a crush on him.

What happened after was the part that forced me out of my slumber, crying.

Thrax took my hand and we began to walk. As we walked, Thrax spoke to me in a soothing voice, asking me questions.

"So, what's your favorite colour?"

"Hmm. Red!"

He smiled down at me, and the way his skin crinkled near his eyes I could tell it was a real smile. Not like the ones some adults gave me when I talked to them.

"I guess that means you like me, right baby?"

"Well yeah, but I also like you 'cause you're helping me and stuff.. I don't know why my daddy doesn't like you, you're really awesome!"

I smiled up at him, only to find a look that consisted of confusion, happiness and sadness. He quickly wiped away the confusion and sadness, and kept asking me questions to distract me while we searched. Occasionally we would exchange jokes, laughing out loud with each other. At times it was so funny we had to stop walking just to get a hold of ourselves. I really liked spending time with Thrax.

"Uhm, Thrax..?"

"Yes, baby?"

I leaped at him, wrapping my arms around him tight. I buried my face into his side, so I don't recall what his expression was, but I'm sure he was more confused than ever. Still, I held onto him tight before I spoke again.

"Thrax, you're my best friend."

After a few seconds of silence, I looked up to see what his emotions were about this. He was just staring down at me with the biggest smile, one that reached his eyes. His eyes themselves seemed brighter than usual, so much happier than I had ever seen. Thrax looked genuinely touched by my words.

I smiled even brighter when I saw his face, and clung to him again. This time he kneeled down to my level, wrapping his own arms around me.

Pulling me closer to his frame he said in a spoke in a soft voice.

"Well you know what, baby?"


"You're Big Daddy Thrax's best friend too.."

After those words I felt like crying in joy. I had never had a best friend, let alone any real friends before. I was so excited about it, that I decided I had to prove to daddy that he wasn't a bad man. So we kept on searching.

Things went back to how they were in the beginning, asking questions, telling jokes. It was really fun to just hang out with Thrax. The thought of my parents was pushed to the back on my mind until I finally saw them.

"Mommy.. Daddy.. Thrax we found them!"

I began to walk towards them, until I noticed Thrax wasn't following.

"Thrax? C'mon it's my mom and dad.."

"I..I know baby. I think I should stay here."

"Why? You.. you helped.. I can show daddy you aren't bad.."

"I just think it'd be better.."

He stopped protesting when he saw the pout on my lips, and the sadness in my eyes. Thrax sighed for a moment, thinking to himself quietly. Finally he grabbed my hand and urged me forward. I hugged his arm before pulling him in the direction of my parents.

"Daddy! Mommy!"

They turned when they heard my voice, and ran towards me smiling. They didn't even notice Thrax, as mommy scooped me up in her arms, pulling me closer. Daddy came over and joined the embrace, both of them crying a tiny bit, happily. I noticed Thrax standing awkwardly near us, and spoke up.

"Daddy, look! Thrax helped me! He helped to find you and mommy.. He's really a nice man.."

Daddy and Mommy finally seemed to notice Thrax standing there, and he glanced up awkwardly, his eyes meeting with daddies. Daddy let go of me and mommy, and turned to face Thrax fully. My eyes widen slightly with hope, praying that he would just accept my new best friend as a good guy. I pleaded silently that he could forget about the past.

He stared at Thrax for what seemed like hours, silently, studying him. Thrax stared back with what looked like regret and hope. It was like they were having a battle with their eyes alone.

I glanced back at mommy, and when she looked into my eyes, I think she understood my feelings. Of course she wanted to protect me, to never let me be harmed, but she didn't want to hurt me herself. It was obvious she could see how much I cared for him, how much I had gained trust for him in so little time. So when she gave me a reassuring smile, I knew that she had taken my side on the matter. Turning back to daddy, she broke the silence.

"Ozzy.. I think.."

However, her sentence was cut short, though not by words. It was the actions that occurred right after she began speaking that stopped her.

Daddy had his blaster out, pointed right at Thrax.

"Ozzy, no!"

But it was too late.