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Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones sat slumped over in a rolling chair. The only thing keeping him from falling to the floor were the rope bonds. Cytoplasm leaked out of a gash on his eyebrow, and was dripping onto his jacket.

"Daddy!" Arden cried, running for the doorway, only to be stopped by a pair of muscular arms. Thrax held her tight around the waist, not allowing her to go into the room. "Let go! Dad!"

Ozzy stirred slightly due to Arden's voice, and groaned quietly. "Arden? Izzat you…?" The words were slurred, as if he had just woken from a deep sleep. He tried lifting his head, but found it to be too much effort as his head dropped back down.

Tears streamed down her face as she was lifted over Thrax's shoulder, and the door was shut. Her fists began to pound against his back, but when she realized it didn't seem to affect him at all, she gave up. Almost sobbing, Arden now found herself on a sofa where she had previously been drinking with Thrax. He was sitting beside her, awkwardly attempting a half hug.

"Listen, baby… Your daddy will be fine, I can't get what I need if your daddy ain't in the picture, now can I?"

"N-no… But you h-hurt him! I-I-I saw his face!" Arden looked at Thrax with anger in her eyes, and the slightest hint of hatred. "How could he do this to me," she thought angrily. Her face grew darker purple with a blush, when she realized what she had just said to herself. "He's a villain, that's how. He doesn't care about me at all, and I shouldn't care about him"

"Arden. Listen to me." Thrax grabbed her chin, forcing her gaze to look directly at him. "I need to get my bracelet back, right?" A small nod from Arden prompted him to continue, "So I need your daddy's help to get it back, don't I? Even with all these goons I hired, I couldn't take the FPD, but Ozzy can waltz right in and take whatever he wants. The only reason he was hurt is because I obviously wouldn't be able to take him quietly. Get what I'm saying, baby?"

Arden's tears had mostly stopped flowing, and she rubbed her eyes, processing what Thrax had said. She was somewhat more reassured by what he had said, but still she held much anger in her heart. Osmosis Jones, her father, was one of the people she loved the most in this world, and Thrax had caused him pain, and had already tried to kill him. Still, she somehow felt drawn to him.

"So you aren't going to kill my dad then?" Arden questioned him, trying to get the facts straight.

He hesitated for a moment, but looking straight into her eyes while speaking. "Listen, that was the original plan, I won't lie to you. I wanted revenge on Osmosis Jones for almost killing me the last time I was here." He brought up a hand to his face and rubbed it, looking a bit exhausted. "But my plans have changed. Plus, he isn't really the one I need revenge on, that would be-"

"Tom Colonic?" she finished for him, her eyebrow slightly raised.

Thrax looked surprised at her, wondering how and why she knew that. "How did you know that?"

Arden looked away, feeling slightly guilty about reading the letter. "Well, I saw the letter in your room when you locked me in there and… Sorry, I invaded your privacy…" She stared down at her hands in full guilt, hoping he wouldn't be too mad. She was startled to hear laughter coming from Thrax. She looked up at him, confusion on her face.

"Baby, I locked you in my room, it would be surprising if you honored my privacy when I did that."

Arden began to laugh a bit with him, feeling herself become calm. She gasped, remembering about her Dad sitting in the room, tied to the chair.

"Please, let me go see my dad. You don't need to hurt him to get what you want, I can tell him to get it. Just please, let me see him."

Thrax stared down at her for a moment, a hint of sympathy in his eyes. "Alright, but don't go crying when you see him again. I don't like seeing pretty little ladies like you cry."

She nodded eagerly, jumping up from the seat. She headed towards the door which stood between her and her father, Thrax following close behind. Once they arrived, he opened the door for her, and she ran straight for her father. By this time he was conscious, though most likely concussed.


"Arden? W-what are you doing here?" Ozzy's eyes searched for Thrax, and once he found him… if looks could kill. "Why is she here Thrax, what did you do to her? You'd better let her go, or I swear I'll get out of this chair and beat the sh-"

"Daddy, it's okay! I'm fine, he hasn't done anything to me. Really. Look, I know you think Thrax is evil, considering what he did, but it's not that simple. Right now though, all he wants is to get his bracelet back." She looked back at Thrax, and he nodded in agreement.

"Why in the hell would I give him his bracelet back? He damn-near killed me the last time we were this close. He almost killed Frank! There is no way he's getting it back."

"Dad, if you don't help him, he'll just try to kill Frank again, and probably succeed! He just about did it last time, this time he'll know what to avoid. It's just easier if you get him what he wants…"

Osmosis was quiet for a minute, a look of pain and thought on his face. "If I get you your bracelet, then what? Do you plan on staying here, and just leaving Frank alone? Or are you going to leave? What?"

Thrax clasped his hands behind his back, staring down at Ozzy. "Well my original plan was to get my bracelet and kill Frank, and then be on my way. Calm down, Jones." Ozzy had a look of intense anger on his face. "I said that WAS my plan, but like I've said before today, my plans have changed." He paused, his eyes travelling to Arden for a moment, before he glanced back at Jones. "I'll be leaving soon enough. After I get my bracelet back that is." Thrax stared at Ozzy, patiently waiting for his answer.

"…Alright. I'll get you your bracelet back."