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"I think we've done enough investigating for today dear, I think we should meet again at a later date." Alexander said stifling small laugh at Luigi's…motherliness. "How about we meet again next Monday at the restaurant in toad town for breakfast?"

"Okay!" Jackie said. She said goodbye to her new friend and walked along with Luigi. As they traveled back home Jackie was in her own thoughts.

"I can't believe it. It's like I've started my own adventure…this is pretty exciting! I hope I know what I'm getting myself in to…oh well."

Great. She had to spend her whole day helping Peach with her star festival today. What was this festival you may ask? Ah, the inhabitants of toad town set up a festival for not only them but neighboring towns (such as koopa village) to celebrate the new season of summer. And, here our darling Jackie is, sweating in the beating down sun listening to a woman she declares has some sort of OCD thing or symmetry, and has many opinions on how the booths should be arranged.

Oh yes, punishment by a somewhat self-proclaimed mother luigi was not so sweet. Jackie knew that tonight would be fun though. In all honesty, Peach had eyes full of excitement and hope for a lovely turn out of it all, so Jackie made no negative comment when she was asked by Luigi to help the town set up.

And, she was a bit excited too. Don't get her wrong, she was as homesick as you can get, but she had no way of knowing or achieving a way back home at the time. Not until the pipes are fixed. But, what could a little time here do? Nothing right-

"Jackie! Yo! Earth to Jackie!" A toad waved a small stubby hand in front of her face to cast her out of her thoughts.

"Oh sorry bro,…uh, you want these lights here? Haha..."

"May I welcome you to the Toad town Summer Festival!" Peach said blissfully into a microphone in front of a large number of people in a crowd. Others were running booths, playing games and selling various items giving a lighthearted fun air. Couples and others walked among the festival enjoying themselves.

"Eek!"" Jackie squealed after dropping a hot dumpling on her toe. She probably should have worn closed-toe shoes. Oh well. She served the dumplings ignoring the eyes of constant watch from the elder woman toad who ran the dumpling booth, ignoring when her eyes twitched when Jackie made a mistake.


"Of ALL people dad thought I should be paired with!" Iggy whined, walking on a beaten path. Dimentio sneered. "Oh, I love your presence too." He sighed. Now you, the reader, are wondering: Why the heck is Dimentio alive? Why is he helping bowser? And is the narrator that bad at updating? Well, It all goes back to the Underwhere, when he ended up there because the stupid plumbers and co. had foiled his plans, thus killing him.


"W-…where am I?" A weak, beaten down voice whispered. The jester felt numb, hurt and highly uncomfortable, for he was lying upon a stone step. He took in his surroundings. This, this was…the Underwhere. Being here prompted him: He was dead. He had sinned. This was his home now. He had done enough bad to earn the burning sensation on his back and shoulders, enough pain to make you scream in agony, but he made no sound for his voice would make none. The jester knew, this, this was his lowest point. He never really had a joy in his life when he was alive- he merely tried to entertain himself. Entertain himself by making others miserable, and even then, his life never felt fulfilled, or even purposeful. That's why he had done so many bad things. That's why he wanted a world of perfection- …A world that was merely beautiful…one that, wasn't filled with such disgusting; vile things he thought had no need there.

None of it mattered. None of it. This was his eye-opener. This was his pain he deserved. Dimentio sat up and watched other wallowing souls. A new feeling overcome him: Disgust. Remorse…and…Anger.

This was the time Dimentio could review his life when he was alive. He thought pretty deeply, and he found one moment in the start of his life where…he was almost happy. It was when he thought he had found love. Yes, he once had the feeling of admiration for another. A long time ago Dimentio was the only son of his parents; though his parents died and he had lived with neighbors who took pity on him when they saw him on the streets one day. He was thankful and took a job as a jester for the prince of Kooperston, a kingdom in Gloam valley. The prince was bittersweet, acting only in kindness when absolutely needed. He was spoiled rotten and had no interest in leading his people, only in the position for the wealth and luxuries he could indulge in. Dimentio nearly hated him, but went to work with a smile, every single day.

And on one day, it was like he was given a beautiful gift that was priceless. The prince was set to marry the princess of Koopa village. She was set to meet the prince that day. The jester was waiting along the side of the prince's throne, fiddling with his fingers or making a joke for the prince. Then a door opened, and then walked in a beautiful girl with soft, loose black curls and bright, breathtaking green eyes. She was merely gorgeous. Dimentio stared at her, with a slightly gaping mouth and widened eyes. The princess walked in and made her way towards the prince, and noticed Dimentio, and gave him a soft, sincere smile. Dimentio felt his cheeks heat up. The prince was quite taken with her too though, and Dimentio kept telling himself, she's nothing you can have, nor touch, or even speak too. Though this didn't stop the princess who made visits here and then. One day Dimentio was roaming the garden and the princess had startled him and introduced herself. They talked and got to know each other, until the prince had found her and made dirty looks at Dimentio of jealousy. Now whenever the princess came she made sure she found time to spend with Dimentio. It was after a year the both of them knew they were in love with each other, and both knew it. The prince slowly became aware of it and was angered. He nagged his father, the king, to set the marriage date for him and the princess closer. The prince threatened the jester to stay away from her, but that did not stop him. So almost daily during the nighttime he would sneak over and speak with her, and this had worked for the next couple of years. That was, until she had finally married the prince. The wedding made Dimentio want to rip his heart out when they exchanged vows.

He barely got to see her. The new king had kept her away from him as much as possible. Then, one day, when the king was out, Dimentio had finally found her in the garden. She had hugged him tightly, but unfortunately the prince had seen. He had filled with rage. He knew the Queen did not love him, so he had locked her away and would not let her out till she had loved him instead. Dimentio now wanted to kill the king, but did not for it would ruin the name of the family he was staying with and could not lose his job. She never said it. She never said she loved the prince. Everytime he asked her she said no. She sat up in her room and was miserable. Then one day she was miserable enough to say she loved him. She agreed she would pretend Dimentio never existed. When she walked in the garden and Dimentio saw her, he hurried over to greet her, only to be shoved to the ground forcefully and sneered at. "Stay away from me. I don't love you. I hate you" She said. Dimentio knew her words had empty meaning, but it was like he had just been stabbed with a knife many times. This had made him miserable, seeing her with the king acting as If she was genuinely happy, and that disgusted him. He loved her. He knows her. Unfortunately, that meant nothing to her. She was now seen as the king's 'property' and followed him like a dog on a leash. It made Dimentio want to let out all these pent up feelings and frustrations that he couldn't say. They had children, and that made Dimentio even more disgusted. He never looked at any of the children's eyes; all of them were like their mother's, bright and beautiful. If you looked at the queen now though, she merely looked worn and unhappy, unless she was performing her façade of affection and loyalty for the king. Then one day, it happened. Rumors said it was the night before that made her do it. She was dead. The Queen of Kooperston was dead. Alice bells now layed in peace. Dimentio had cried in anguish. The one time he felt joy; it all slipped away completely. The king was more bitter than ever. He swore he would never remarry, for he was his only love. Dimentio couldn't stay any longer; his heart was shattered even more than it had. He was going to leave to see the world, though he knew he had nothing left. He packed his belongings and told those he was living with good-bye. When he traveled, there was a feeling of nothingness and uselessness. He had soon stumbled upon a man named Count Bleck who he had talked too, and told him he could fill the emptiness he felt with his plan to create a new world; one filled with beautiful things. Dimentio did so and found his joy in tormenting others. He now believed love could be conquered by hate and made his own plans to make his world, knowing Bleck was a selfish man.

That's how he met his death. By hate. Now, what was he to do?

Dimentio sighed. Living here with an only purpose of being punished was unbearable; it was bleak and horrifying to him. Now, he had an idea. He knew he could beg for his life. He did not deserve a second chance, but he felt that now he must right his wrongs. Maybe now he could fill the void in his heart.

He dragged his feet to an extravagant building made of white stone and marble flooring, with columns holding the roof up. He gulped, and made his way to Jaydes, queen of the Underwhere. This was going to be difficult, but he knew it would be worth trying for how badly he wished to fix things he had done.

"Dimentio." Said a strong, booming female voice.

"Yes, that is me my queen." Dimentio said bowing.

"What could you possibly need to tell me? Wasting my time will anger me." Jaydes said bluntly.

"Queen, may I please ask that I be put back in the living world, so I may right my wrongs that I have done. I want to die knowing I have done right. and not wrong. I know I am not deserving of this. I know I should be punished-"

"Yada yada yada- Alright bud. Time for me to play tough love here. Dimentio. Follower of the once evil count Bleck. Attacked and killed when he felt like it. Almost ended the world.'' Jaydes said.

Dimentio flinched. That was quite the big spot on his record. Jaydes sighed.

"But- I can tell you are sincere in your pleading. I may grant you your life back, but you have rules that you would have to follow." Jaydes said sternly.

Dimentio nodded eagerly.

"To right your wrongs you must be a good person. Help those in need and be selfless. If you are ever committing something bad you shall be sent back here immediately and I will torture you for a million-jillion thousand years with fire and let my rather large pet use you as a chew toy. Are we clear?"

"Yes, my queen" Dimentio said gratefully.

And now, the jester would start a life of helping others and doing good.

And now you're wondering, well, why is he helping bowser? He's evil!

Dimentio knew that capturing this criminal would put him on Jaydes' good side. This opportunity would convince Jaydes she made the right decision. See, if Dimentio were to do something bad, a mark the queen had put on his back would burn, warning him. If he was doing a poor job of being kind or not helping others, he would feel the intense pain. So now here he was, putting up with a scientific nerdy teenage brat who he yearned to tape over his babbling mouth.


"-Like, seriously, dad can be pretty dumb, and- HEY! Are you listening mister clown?" Iggy said noticing proper attention was not being given to his rambling.

Dimentio twitched. "Excuse me? Oh, some gothic punk rock guy called, He wants his hair back."

Iggy snarled.

"What are we doing anyway?" Iggy said sighing. They were walking a pretty long distance and his feet

were aching.

"We're going to the festival being held in toad town."

"Why? To ease your cotton candy fetish?"

"No. We are going to see if the criminal will show up here and try to commit some crime. Then we can catch him, like a hungry cat chasing the mouse for dinner."

"…Yeah okay. May I just say that if anyone see's us in particular that we may not be welcomed?"

Dimentio grunted and snapped his fingers, and then two cloaks appeared in his and Iggy's hands.

"Anything else princess?"

"Yeah. Can you wear something besides purple and yellow? Those are distasteful colors to me."

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