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Summary: So many centuries being away from his family, Goku becomes depressed. He misses them truly, he regrets not spending so much more time with his family. He wanted to start over. He gets the chance. Shennron allows him to be with his family once again. Sending him back all the way when the Saiyans first appeared on Earth.

Goku stared aimlessly at nothing. He had been thinking about his family for a very long time now. About a century ago, Goku had completed his training with the dragons, and he is simply living his life in immortality. He had visited the Earth far too many times to see if anything different had happened. People civilized rather slowly, as he thought anyway. He was impressed that he saw such new technology, but he wasn't surprised.

He stopped visiting the Earth twenty years ago, because whenever he was going end his journey, he always ended up back at his old home. It brought back memories of his family, and it hurt him. He couldn't bare to feel the pain anymore. He was alone now, and he had to wonder, was this exactly how Chichi felt whenever he or Gohan weren't there with her? He felt a pang in his heart once he thought of her. He slowly raised a hand to his heart. He missed her. He missed his sons.

He wasn't ashamed of crying for his family right now, so he let his tears fall. He felt ashamed for leaving his family over and over again, constantly hurting them, making them cry over him. He was guilty, and he regretted it greatly. But this was what he got. He was a fool. He knew that. He was the biggest fool of all, living this immortal life when he didn't deserve it. What he wanted most in life was to be strongest, to fight the strongest, and to train the hardest. His family never once came to mind whenever he trained, and he truly despised himself for it. His family was the most important part of his life, but he chose training over them.

He constantly beat himself mentally every time he would think of them. He would think of them, then beat himself mentally, then cry for them.

Being on Earth made him think of his family. But being here in this nothingness only made him think of his family.

Finally, his tears subsided, but he made no move to wipe them off his face. Goku stared down at his hands. He used these hands to protect his family, and fight anyone who threaten to destroy. He used these hands to hold his wife, and his two sons. He missed holding them.

Everyday he was filled with regret and remorse, yet he could do nothing to stop it. It hurt so much that Goku had begun to cry often; to cry off his regret, and guilt for leaving his family.

'An idiot. I'm an idiot.' Goku thought to himself. 'An idiot who left his own family just to fucking train!'

'The times I could spend with my sons, I was fucking training! The times I could be with my wife, I was fucking training, if not on my own then with someone else.' Goku repeatedly cursed himself over and over thinking of any harsh words he could describe himself as. He was becoming angry, he shouted at nothing, screamed at nothing, but most of all, screamed at himself.

Finally, he calmed down, though he was still frustrated.

He stayed quiet. Quiet for a very long time.

"You are very frustrated young one." A dark glowing green dragon appeared behind Goku.

Goku looked up at Shennron. He wasn't young, he was fucking old, he just looked young. Goku closed his eyes and let out a frustrating sigh through his nose. He opened his eyes once again, though he did not reply to the eternal dragon. He ran a hand through his hair.

"You are thinking of your family."

Goku merely nodded.

"Why?" Shennron knew the answer, but he wanted to hear it from the man.

Goku frowned. "I miss them."

"You miss them now, even when you had left them multiple times before."

Goku growled and glared at the dragon floating above him.

"This is the life you have chosen. You chose to leave your family for this training. And now you spent your immortality thinking of past loved ones-"

"I get it! You don't have to fucking remind me!" The saiyan snapped.

Shennron chose to ignore his attitude and language. Immortality can make a man go insane for living too long. Luckily he was a dragon that continuously slept through the many years so he felt no such thing, but this man did not sleep they way he did. No, this man awoke everyday filled with regret, guilt and sorrow for the lose of his family. His only family.

"Tell me Son Goku. What is it you desire most?"

Goku stared at the dragon with questioning eyes. "To be with my family." He paused, then spoke again. "I want to start over." He whispered.

"You wish to start over, just to be with your family?"

He nodded.

"Your Wish Is Granted." Shennron's eyes glowed red, granting the wish Goku unknowingly made.

Goku was caught off guard as Shennron disappeared from his sight and a bright, blinding light engulfed him. The saiyan floated in a white eternal room, he looked around but saw nothing but white everywhere, then he spotted something, something blue, it was coming towards him, and fast. Then all of a sudden he was engulfed in blue. He shut his eyes tight from the brightness.

When he opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was that he was completely surrounded by dirt and rocks. However, this scene looked all to familiar to Goku, but he couldn't place his finger on it.

"What's the matter Kakarot? To afraid to make a move? Good you should be." A rough voice taunted him.

That voice was familiar. Goku looked up and saw Vegeta himself, in a fighting stance, and in his saiyan uniform. Goku was shocked and confused at the same time, he didn't know what was going on.

"Fine. If your not going to make a move then I will." Vegeta said. He jumped and charged at Goku. He landed a hit on his face, sending him flying across the rocky terrain with the large bolders toppling over him.

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