Three months had passed without any trouble or danger lurking nearby; it has been peaceful and it made Goku quite content. He lived happily with his family, they were his everything.

In his previous life, he would have avoided the kitchen if it meant Chichi forcing him to help, but he doesn't mind now, in fact, he would gladly offer his help to his wife if it would make her happy. When he had first mention to his wife if she needed any help with anything she looked at him as if he had a second head, when he repeated it, Chichi practically bounced in joy. She kept him away from the stove and had him cut simple things live vegetables, he was clumsy at first, almost cutting off his fingers a few times but he got the hang of it after a few cuts and bleeds. He'll help every now and then, and sometimes he doesn't get to help because Chichi was too much in a good mood to let him do any kitchen work.

Goku played with Gohan more. First, he would let Chichi make him study for a few short hours, then they would either play or train. Though, Goku mostly played with Gohan while secretly training him without his son's knowing. Absolutely sure, Goku wanted Gohan to have a fun childhood without him having to study or train for long hours of the day.

When Goku would play a simple game of tag with Gohan, Goku purposely increased or decreased his speed seeing how far Gohan could push himself just to catch him. Goku would happily let his son catch him, ruffling his little boy's hair while the two laughed. It was during the night that the young saiyan man would hold his son close to him while the little boy slept comfortably on his father's chest.

Why Goku neglected this affection for his family and spending time with them, he will never forget the pain he caused to them, and to himself for realizing it far to late. He was just grateful to be back again. He thanked Shenron a million times over in his head for the opportunity, even though the dragon probably couldn't hear him. He wondered if he would talk to the dragon again? Or did this Shenron from this time would remember sending him back? Goku thought about it for a moment, then decided yes, that the dragon more than likely will remember, after all, he did basically lived between time and space if he could bring back the impossible.

(A Year Later)

Goku happily chatted with this best friend Krillin, for the moment, the monk had forgotten to question him about the whole scenario at Namek, and Goku was thankful that he had forgotten, he really didn't want to explain things so soon. But he knew that eventually, Krillin will remember one way or another. Right now, everyone was at Capsule Corporations' inner gardens, having a small get together party. Bulma had invited everyone, including Piccolo, who was reluctant to even attend. Vegeta was pissed that he was wasting his time there when he could be training at the very moment.

True that Vegeta had been living in Capsule Corp., for a little over a year now, and that he has calmed down from his intent to kill everyone, though his temper remains. After a very serious conversation between him and Goku, Vegeta was allowed to stay on Earth and live with Bulma, even though she was against it at first for being afraid of him, she accepted it and was no longer afraid of him. He had a temper just as bad as her's, and it amused him that he can easily rile up the blue haired woman so easily.

Goku patiently waited for Krillin to return from his bathroom break; he watched as his wife and Bulma spoke to each other as if they were young teenagers, he smiled as the two of had become best friends, apparently the two of them had taken a liking to comparing the two saiyan men. Although he wasn't sure what they had to compare about, it never bothered him. Goku turned his attention to his son who was chasing one of the animals that had been living in the inner garden.

"I don't see why you bother watching that damn wife and son of yours." Spoke a rough sounding voice. Goku stared at Vegeta for moment before answering the man that had taken a seat.

"I don't see why not." Was his reply.

"Moron. They're not going anywhere."

"Perhaps not, but I still like to see my wife enjoying herself and my son enjoying his childhood."

Vegeta snorted. "That makes no sense."

Goku couldn't help but let out a laugh. "Probably not. But you know what, I take pride to seeing my wife happy. As for Gohan, he's a growing boy who will eventually become a teenager in a few short years, so I want to remember his childhood. You may not know it Vegeta, but it's an amazing feeling to be a husband and father."

Vegeta once again snorted, mumbling something about being pathetic. He stood up and walked off mumbling incoherent words to himself.

Goku chuckled to himself. He waited a few moments before he stood up himself, walking out of the inner garden, and made his way outside of Capsule Corporations. The saiyan stood out there momentarily before something in the skies caught his line of vision. Honestly he didn't know when the boy would come, he simply sensed something nearby and immediately recognized who it belonged too. The flying boy landed in front of him. The two stared at each other for a brief moment, letting the silence fill the air for a second.

"You were waiting for me I presume?" The boy said. Goku looked at his jacket, on the side had the Capsule Corp. symbol. The boy also carried a sword behind him.

"You were easy to sense. No one around here really has such high energy." Goku responded.

"So you had sensed I was coming from all the way over there?" The boy seemed mildly shocked.

Goku shrugged. "Something along those lines."

The boy nodded, staying silent for a moment, then he smiled lightly. "My name is Trunks." He held out his hand. Goku smiled in return and shook hands with Trunks.

"I'm Goku."

"I know. My mother told me all about you."

"Did she really? Well, who is your mother? Do I know her?" He asked.

"Well, yes you do know her, and well... My mother is Bulma Briefs." Trunks answered.

Goku wasn't sure if he should humor the kid or not, so he settle with a laugh. "Ya know the weird thing is, I believe you. I mean, you kind of look like her, and you inherited her father's hair, but overall, you mostly remind me of Vegeta."

"Well, um...he's my father.." Trunks replied slowly.

Goku was quiet for a moment, making it seem like he was grasping onto that little piece of information. "Well who would've thought, Vegeta and Bulma? So you're a Hybrid Saiyan, did you come from the future?"

Trunks nodded surprisingly. "You know you're taking this a lot better than I thought you would."

Goku chuckled. "Well when I was younger, I hardly knew what was going on around me, so whatever happened barely surprised me. Old habits just die hard I guess. Oh and also, I have a six year old hybrid son." He ended with a grin on his face.

Trunks couldn't help but let out a relieved laugh. "My mother did always tell me you were full of surprises." It was all good for a moment until Trunks became serious. "Goku, I have to tell you something important about the future. Also I want to show you something as well."

"Alright. Tell me what you gotta say, and show me whatever it is later, but first." Goku turned his head over to the top of Capsule Corp. "Why don't you stop hiding back there Piccolo? You can come out ya know." True to his words, Piccolo did come out of hiding behind the building. It was at this that Trunks kind of panicked a little.

"W-what? But, my parents! Goku they can't find out, not yet. If they do I might not be born!"

"Calm down Trunks, Piccolo won't say anything to them. Right?" He turned to face the green Namek who appeared beside him.

"You have my word." He said.

Trunks seemed a bit hesitant, but after a little reassurance from Goku, he calmed down. "Okay." Trunks began telling his story as to why he was there, then he began to explain about horrible fighters that killed and killed so many innocent lives. They were known as androids. He told them both that the androids had appeared unexpectedly, destroying town after town, then he said how the Z-warriors went off to stop the androids, but they were too powerful, that each of them were killed one by one, effortlessly.

He then explained that Gohan was the only survivor, training him when he was boy up until he was a young teenager, until the androids finally cornered him, and killed him.

Just as Goku expected, the storyline was still the same, and seeing as Trunks hadn't mentioned him, he guess that he would still get the heart virus. He asked the young man about him. Trunks confirmed that Goku did indeed get the heart virus.

'Well now, I guess I'm going to have to stop that virus then.' Goku thought.

Trunks gave Goku the antidote to the virus, which the saiyan took, knowing he wasn't really going to need them.

"One more thing before I go," Trunks said. "Can you turn into a Super Saiyan Goku? I would like to see it."

"Yeah sure." Piccolo took a step back, this would be the first time he would see Goku as Super Saiyan, he was curious to see how powerful an ascension really was.

Before he turned, Goku made sure to lower his ki energy so that it didn't seem that he was overly powerful, just as strong as he had been back on Earth when he turned.

Piccolo watched with wide eyes as he felt the energy around Goku become stronger. He watched as Goku began to glow brightly, his hair floated up, changing into a golden color, and his eyes changing from onyx to teal. Piccolo nearly gaped at his transformation, he could feel then energy blowing at him, and the glowing golden chi that surrounded Goku made Piccolo eyes widen to the fullest. Goku's appearance was now different, and everything about him now was different. He wouldn't recognizable if Piccolo hadn't already known about his ability to change.

Trunks smirked, then suddenly turned himself. He his hair also went up and turned just as gold as Goku's and his eyes turned the same teal color. Without waiting for a response of any sort, Trunks charged at Goku quickly using his sword to attack the older saiyan. However, Goku remained on his spot, his face impassive when the sword just centimeters away from slicing him.

By surprise, Trunks withdrew his sword. "You didn't move... I could have tried to kill you, you know..."

"But you didn't." Goku replied.

"Everything I said could be a lie."

"You weren't lying. I can tell just by looking at your eyes, every word you have said was the truth." Goku stared at the young hybrid in front of him, watching his surprised expression turn into a smile.


The three males standing by each other looked over to see Gohan and everyone else that was in the inner garden running towards them. Goku descended, returning to his original state, Trunks doing the same thing. He grabbed Goku's attention just as everyone reached them.

"I'll return three years from now and help out with androids." Trunks said.

"Of course, we could use extra help." Goku held out his hand to Trunks, which the demi-saiyan gladly took.

"Thanks so much Goku, I know I can trust you with everything." The young saiyan smiled. "I better get going before Mom starts worrying. Thanks again Goku." Trunks began ascending from the ground, then flew off in the direction where he had came from.

"See you three years from now!" Goku shouted out to the boy flying away. He then turned to face everyone who were giving him and Piccolo questioning gazes.

It was quiet for a moment before Yamcha broke the silence. "Goku who was that just now? What the hell happened? And how the hell did your hair turn blonde?!"

Goku laughed at this. Of course Yamcha didn't know about his ascending state unlike, Gohan, Krillin, Bulma, Chichi, and Vegeta. Piccolo knew about it, but has never seen it until now. Goku decided to explain about his Super Saiyan ascension first. Then he changed the topic onto Trunks, of course he didn't say his name so that Vegeta and Bulma wouldn't about their future son yet. With the help of Piccolo, their story was much more convincing after they began explaining everything with the androids coming within the three year time; they needed to start training right away.

After receiving the news, they were too shocked to even speak. Vegeta growled to himself, a boy from the future was a saiyan and he was able to ascended before Vegeta could. Out of anger and frustration, the Prince of Saiyans turned and headed towards the gravity machine Bulma's father had made for him; he was going to train non-stop.

"Wow." Krillin began. "That's a lot to take in." He paused for a second. "Man why does this stuff always have to happen to us?" He complained. Goku laughed at him.

"Because we're the only ones who can stop them?"

Krillin sighed with a smile. "Yeah no kidding right there."

"Well I guess we all have to train again." Goku began. He looked at Gohan. "What do ya say Buddy? Wanna learn a few techniques from your dad?"

"Yeah!" Gohan jumped up and down excitingly.

Goku then looked at Piccolo. "How about joining us Piccolo? I'm sure you could use a sparing partner." The Namekian smirked at Goku, nodding his yes in silent. "Krillin, want to join us too?"

"No way Goku, I won't be able to keep with you guys. I'll just train at my own pace."

"Alright then. I guess we better get going, thanks again for inviting us Bulma."

"Sure thing Goku."

He turned to his wife. "C'mon Chichi, let's go." He walked towards her but paused when she was glaring at him. "...Um, let's talk about this at home." Chichi glared at him for a second longer before sighing. She walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, he lifted her bridal style. He began to ascend in the air. "C'mon you two." He said to Gohan and Piccolo, who also began to lift into the air. With one last final goodbye, he turned to the others. "See you guys in three years!" And the three took off in the direction of Mount Paoz.

Krillin turned to his friends. "Well I guess I better going as well. C'mon Roshi, let's go."

The old hermit looked at Bulma with a goofy smile. "Hey Bulma, how 'bout a kiss-"

"No way!" Immediately rejecting his goodbye, Bulma crossed her arms over chest and walked off with Yamcha following behind her.

Krillin sighed. "C'mon you old perv." The young monk grabbed the old turtle hermit from his torso and flew off in the direction of Kame House.

"Hey Bulma, mind if I train here?" Yamcha asked as they walked back into Capsule Corp. Bulma smiled.

"Sure Yamcha. You can use our gym if you want." She offered.

"Thanks Bulma. Mind if I use the Gravity Room?"

Bulma stopped in her tracks. She turned to face Yamcha. "Are you kidding? Vegeta is always in there, you really think that he'll let you go in there?"

Yamcha frowned. "Well your father did built that..."

"And do you think Vegeta will care? He's practically in there 24/7. The only time he comes out is when my mother cooks for him." She began walking again.

"Why do your parents put up with him if he's always rude to them?"

"My parents are carefree, they don't let it bother them. Besides they like him." The blue haired beauty chuckled lightly. "My dad likes to make new inventions for him, and my mother loves to cook for him, she pretty much adores Vegeta."

"What about you?" The former bandit asked, frowning along the way.

"I don't really care what Vegeta does."

"Why don't you guys warm up for a bit, I'll be back in a sec." Goku said to Gohan and Piccolo who nodded. The young man followed his wife into their house, he found her in the kitchen slamming pots and pans onto the counter angrily. Goku sighed inwardly.

"Chichi," He began slowly. "You know Gohan needs to train too."

"Why?" She growled. "Why should he have to fight when you can handle it yourself?"

"Chichi, you know that I can't fight these guys on my own."

"Why not? You are a hero aren't you?" She faced him, crossing her arms of her chest.

"Even a hero needs a helping hand."

Chichi sighed in frustration. "Goku I don't mind you training our son, what I do mind is that he won't be studying if you're taking him out to train where he can get hurt!" She raised her voice slightly.

"I promise that he'll study right after we eat, and when he's done he can train again."

"Gohan is just a boy Goku." She argued.

"And he's also a saiyan." He countered.

"A hybrid."

"I've already explained to you why he needs to train Chichi. If he doesn't train now, eventually he will when he gets older. You have to know that this is what Gohan wants, and I'm not going deny him the training if he really wants it."


Goku sighed, he was beginning to get frustrated. He walked up to Chichi, holding her arms into his hands. "Chichi," He said softly. "You know I will never let anything happen to Gohan."

Chichi looked straight up at her husband, frowning at him, then looked away, sighing dejectedly. "Fine." She looked back at him. "But you have to promise that Gohan will study right after dinner."

Goku smiled at her. "Of course." He leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

As the days went by where everyone began preparing for their future fight, their training was becoming heavy bound as they put off easy going training as they strive to be the best they can. Because of their upcoming battle, tales of their deaths, their training had not once been put off and only taking a break when it was needed. They couldn't afford to lay back and rest for a few days when their lives were on the line, and many others on their hands. After all it never hurt to strive to be the best they can...

...When their best is always on top...

Well aware of the situation that was hovering over every day, Goku actually put an effort into being his 'old self', but made sure that it didn't seemed like he was stressing it. Piccolo was far to observant to let anything pass up if he finds it suspicious, Goku couldn't let anything slip out by accident; if Krillin managed to figure out that something wasn't right with Goku not being 'himself', then no doubt Piccolo will figure something more then that, and the Saiyan man was not quite ready to speak about it.

As far as he was aware, the Namekian didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary, but Goku wasn't so excited about that. He knew that eventually Piccolo would catch on and no doubt about it, question him; which is why the young father was preparing himself for it. He would answer Piccolo's questions carefully so as not to arouse further suspicion.

Goku sighed to himself as he sat on the small, but comfortable couch. As of right now, no one was training, dinner had been served not long ago, and as promised, Gohan was studying in his room at the moment, and Piccolo had left to the forest to find a waterfall to meditate. Chichi was in the kitchen busing herself with washing the dishes so Goku used his alone time to think of the androids. As far as he was concerned with, was Gero's lab; he hadn't any idea where it was since the last time he was in bed fighting off his heart virus. The virus would certainly be a hindrance if he can't stop it right away; once that is out of the way, he can fight Gero, find the lab, do something about 17, 18, and 16. Android 16 is a computer with orders to kill him, but he can be reprogrammed by Bulma again, and 17 and 18, well it certainly never hurts to try persuasion. After all, Goku didn't want to destroy Krillin's future wife.

Before Goku could finish his thoughts, he felt Chichi sit beside him. He smiled softly at her, which she returned, she wrapped her arms around his, and leaned her head onto his shoulder. Goku sighed contently, he missed this feeling.

"What's on your mind?" She asked him softly.


"You looked like you were in deep thought,"

"Did I?" He asked. "Don't worry, it's nothing."

Chichi lightly frowned. "You know you can talk to me about anything right?"

"I know I can,"

She took a moment to respond. "I believe in you..." She said quietly. Goku looked at her. "You'll win... After all, it's in your nature to, being the hero and all, you love to fight, it's why you win."

Goku cupped her chin, making her look at him. "It's not just why I win," He spoke just as quietly. "I win because I have to, I protect. These fights, they threaten lives, or the destruction of the planet. I have to protect everyone, so that they can live... So you can live."

Chichi removed herself from him to sit on the edge of the couch. "And if it wasn't life threatening?" She asked him, lightly patting her lap.

Goku lay his head on her lap, taking her small hand into his. "Then winning wouldn't be worth it, if it means I would lose you."

Chichi smiled, running her hand through his hair. "You won't ever lose me."

"Glad to hear it." Goku closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of his wife's hand running through his hair, it would always lull him to sleep, but he made himself stay awake. Chichi paused running her hand through his hair, making him moan in protest, she lightly laughed to herself. She removed her other hand from his reaching up to her hair, she was itching to remove it from its bun. She let her hair fall loosely shaking her head a little, some of the hair strands went onto Goku's face. Her hair had gotten increasingly long, but she had never tried to cut it shorter, mainly because Goku loved her long hair.

Goku opened his eyes when he felt Chichi playing with her hair over his face, he gently reached up to run his hand through her hair. It was soft, and felt incredibly healthy. He brought a piece of her hair over his lips, kissing it softly, Goku closed his eyes again, sighing contently.

Right now this was absolutely perfect to him.

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