Disclaimer: I unfortunately do not own Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid or any other character or concept from the How to Train Your Dragon universe. I only own the story. This Fic is rated M for smexy Toothcup Yaoi and some graphic violence. The story begins within the movie, but diverges soon after the exposition.

This story was produced with the invaluable help of Midnight7716.

Chapter 1

Berk was asleep. Most of Berk anyway. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was up and about. Of course how could he be asleep. He was flying. That had been a close call. Astrid had been yards, YARDS away from Toothless. That had been a situation he had found almost intolerable. That girl loved violence far too much. The whole damn village loved violence far too much. If they could just be calm and peaceful once in a while, they might notice things. Things like the way light filtered through the forest on a summer day, or the way the waves glowed in the light of a full moon. Vikings never noticed that. But Hiccup did. Even now looking down on the village from on high he could see the last Vikings that weren't on watch, make their ways into their freshly built homes and extinguish the lights within, completely unaware of the presence of the feared Night Fury high above them.

"How you doin Bud?" They weren't very good at flight yet. Right now Hiccup was keeping the tailfin wide open to allow for easy gliding. Toothless could easily keep a straight flight path as long as the fin was wide open.

Toothless gave an amused sounding growl and tapped Hiccup's leg lightly with his ear, as if to say "as if I would be otherwise" It had been this way for a while now. Hiccup was sure Toothless could understand him. Every single word. And though he couldn't himself speak, he responded to most of what Hiccup said. They could actually carry on limited conversations. The admiration of his peers was nice and all, but frankly Hiccup found them to be an annoyance. They were only concerned with his abilities in the ring, how he could overpower dragons without use of weapons. At one time he had wished to be noticed by them in a positive way. But now, with them dogging his every step, he only wished that he had his anonymity back. Well maybe he could do without all the disasters that occurred, but then most of those had been a result of his wish to be noticed. There was the cove below. This was the tricky part of course. Toothless angled his wings downward and began to lose altitude.

All in all it wasn't a terrible landing. Toothless managed to stay on his feet and Hiccup managed to land on his feet after flying forward over Toothless' head. With a glance at the moon Hiccup found that it was later than he had first thought.

"Hey bud do you mind if I sleep here with you? I so don't want to walk home at this time of night." With a happy gurgle Toothless tackled Hiccup and licked his face. "Ok! Ok! I'm glad your so happy about the idea! But you should let me take off that saddle if you want a good nights sleep." With a snort Toothless allowed Hiccup to sit up. The night made Hiccup a little clumsy but the saddle eventually came off. The tailfin stayed in place and locked in a closed position. Leaving it there helped Toothless to balance on the ground properly.

Hiccup had hardly finished stashing the saddle under a bush before Toothless tackled him again. Before Hiccup could so much as grunt, he'd been wrapped in a tight cocoon of scaly legs and wings. Well. At the very least he wouldn't be getting cold any time soon. And anyway for some reason is was extremely pleasant to lie here in Toothless' reptilian embrace.

"Night bud." Toothless' purrs sent him drifting into sleep.