The Life and Death of Isabella Swan


WELCOME to The Life and Death of Isabella Swan! Okay, that sounds a little morbid but I assure you that is not my intention. Please know ahead of time that I am a firm believer of HEA's and would never let my readers down. That being said, PLEASE give this story a fighting chance.

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Esme entered through the main doors of the hospital and headed straight for the gift shop, with little Edward in tow. He didn't understand why it was important to get Isabella a gift just because she was sick. But once he saw the candy and stuffed animals that seemed to overflow from the shelves, he picked up his pace.

"Mommy, why do we gotta get Ithabella a present?" he asked his mother while checking out his candy options.

"Why do we have to get Isabella a present," she corrected.

He furrowed his brow in thought and nodded. He didn't think the way he asked was wrong but his mother did, so he tried again.

"Why do we have to get Ithabella a present?" Esme smiled and brought her hand forward to push the unruly hair from his forehead.

"Better," she responded.

He didn't know if she meant his hair or his reworked question. If it was about his hair he let it go. He didn't care about his stupid hair.

"Don't you like when Alice brings you a Popsicle when you're not feeling well?"

He thought about it. He really did like Popsicles but when Alice brought them they usually had a few licks taken from them first. He scrunched up his nose at the thought of his little sister licking his Popsicle. But being a rough and tumble little boy he didn't let the idea linger too long. A partially licked Popsicle was better than no Popsicle at all.

He looked up at his mother and nodded with a tiny smile on his face.

"So don't you think that Isabella would like a gift while she's sick, too?"

His eyes lit up and he turned to search the rest of the store for Popsicles. A gentle hand on his shoulder stopped him from getting too far.

"Edward," his mother warned in her warm, motherly, don't-take-another-step tone.

"Mommy," he whined. "I wanna get her thum Popthicles."

Esme smiled and tried to keep her giggle quiet. She didn't want Edward to think his idea was a bad one, just that he needed to be redirected a little.

"I think that's a really sweet idea, baby boy, but the gift shop doesn't have Popsicles."

His little brows pulled together and he thought hard about that. He couldn't understand why on earth they wouldn't have Popsicles.

"How about we look at the balloons instead?"

Balloons? He liked balloons. Who didn't like balloons?

"Okay," he agreed. "And I can have one too?" he asked in a hopeful little voice.

His mother shook her head. "No balloons for you, Edward. We're here for Isabella, remember?" She wanted him to understand the reason for the visit, as much as a five year old could anyway.

He frowned at the loss and folded his arms over his chest with a pout puckering his lips. Esme knew he was being a typical boy but she wanted him to think of others before he thought of his own wants.

She pulled his arms away from his chest and took his hand in her own. He begrudgingly followed behind her with a scowl on his face and a stomp in his step. He was so upset about not getting his own balloon that he refused to help Esme pick one for Isabella. She chose one with a yellow face that had a white thing with numbers on it hanging out of its mouth. It had some words on it too, but he didn't know what they said…and he didn't care. When they turned to leave the shop, Esme handed Edward the balloon.

"Here, you can hold this until we get to her room. Okay?"

The idea of just holding the balloon appealed to him, so he took it happily. She wrapped the ribbon around his hand twice and gave him the loose end.

"Hold on to it tight. We don't want to lose it."

He nodded and squeezed his fingers tighter around the thin string. He carried it proudly through the halls and toward the elevator. He liked to ride the elevators too. It made his tummy feel funny. The fact that the balloon he carried was not his was no longer a thought in his head.

When they stopped at one of the doors, it was cracked open and Edward could hear Isabella crying. He didn't like the sound of her crying. A tear formed in his own eye as he thought about Isabella being sick.

He looked up at his mother and found her looking at him with a sad smile.

"Come on," she whispered and tugged his hand as she opened the door wide.

He sniffled and wiped away the tear with the back of his hand, the ribbon from the balloon scratching across his face.

He peered around the striped curtain and saw Isabella in a strange looking bed. A lady was putting a Band-Aid on her arm and saying something quietly in her ear.

"Look, Isabella. Edward's brought you a gift. Isn't that sweet of him?" Edward followed Isabella's eyes across the room to her mommy, Miss Renee. She gave him a sweet smile, which he returned before looking back at Isabella. She still had tears in her eyes.

He looked up at his mother. He didn't know what to do next. He'd only ever been to the hospital to see his daddy in his office. He was nervous being in the strange room while Isabella was crying.

His mother gave him a reassuring smile and nodded her head. "Go on."

He walked toward Isabella and the strange bed. He thought about how he would feel if he were in that bed and didn't like the idea. He felt sad for her.

"I'm thorry you don't theel good, Ithabella," Edward lisped around his missing front teeth. Isabella liked to look at the hole that once was Edward's teeth. He could stick his pink little tongue right through that hole, without even opening his mouth. They giggled about it on more than one occasion. "I brought you a balloon." He pushed the string toward her tiny hand.

She gave him a smile and he couldn't think of another time he'd seen her smile so big. He liked to see her smile. Giving her the balloon didn't seem like that bad an idea after all.


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