Fathers and Daughters: Rosalie

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WARNING: This story will contain non-sexual spanking of a teenage vampire. If you don't like it, then don't read or flame! You have been warned!

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Summary: Rosalie has been living with the Cullens for a year and a half. Both she and Edward have been constantly fighting, and one day she takes it too far. Carlisle is far from pleased.

A/N: Hey all, long time no hear! So, this is my story about Rosalie's first time getting spanked by Carlisle! Definitely my most difficult fic to write as of yet. From my perspective my Rosalie is a bit OOC because I just couldn't keep her all bitter and hateful. I have written previous stories with Carlisle, but while I recommend you read them, it is not necessary to understand the story. As with my other fics, this has a lot of angst and hurt/comfort going on as Rosalie comes to realize how she is a part of a family. ENJOY!


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Chapter 1: Trouble in Paradise

Esme's POV:

I hummed softly to myself as I tended to my garden, loving the feel of the sun on my skin. A small gust of wind breezed around me and I caught the scent of my dear husband. Looking up I was unsurprised to see him standing before me with flowers in his hand and a small, loving smile.

"Good afternoon Esme," he said, before pulling me up and into a hug.

"Good afternoon Carlisle," I replied, pecking him on the lips.

"I was on my way home when these beautiful flowers caught my eye, and they reminded me of you. I hope you like them," he said softly.

How thoughtful, I thought with a thrill. "Oh Carlisle they're beautiful!" I chimed, inhaling the alluring scents.

Carlisle responded with one of his brilliant smiles before pulling me in for a deep kiss.

All of a sudden though, the moment was broken by the breaking of glass and the yells of my two children.

Both sighing, I dimly wondered what had been broken this time and for what petty reason.

Carlisle growled lowly in frustration, and I lay a calming hand on his arm.

"Esme, this is beyond ridiculous. I cannot allow them to keep breaking things every time they get into an argument," he said in growing anger.

"Carlisle, it's fine, just give them some time," I said soothingly. "They will work out their differences eventually."

"Time?" he asked incredulously. "Darling, they have been this way since Rosalie was first turned over a year and a half ago. I have half a mind to take both of them over my knees and be done with it," he stated exasperatedly, running a hand through his hair.

I grimaced, not liking the thought of my children being punished in such a way. While I agreed a spanking could be warranted, and had seen how effective it could be, I would not give in without a fight.

"Carlisle, really," I responded, bringing him closer to me. "Talk to them or ground them if you must, but I do not believe a spanking is warranted. Rosalie is still new to this life, and adjusting to being a part of our family; and Edward is adjusting to having a another member in the family. You know how long it took him to accept me. Besides, they are siblings and siblings argue all the time," I said earnestly.

Carlisle sighed heavily, once more running a hand through his hair before nodding his head to me. "Alright Esme, you win," he said tiredly, "I will talk to them."

I smiled, giving him a peck on the cheek.

When pulling away though, Carlisle stated seriously, "However, if they continue to behave in this manner, I will take them in hand. This is their last warning."

I sighed softly before nodding my head in agreement. Their fights had been getting out of hand as of late with things getting broken at least once a day.

"Very well," I said, "let us go see what the argument was over this time."

Rosalie's POV:

I threw the plate at Edward who ducked out of the way. He stood up, giving me a cocky grin. God how I wish I could wipe that stupid smug grin off his annoying face, I thought in irritation.

Edward smirked, and I knew he had read my thoughts.

"Stay out of my head you creep!" I screamed at him.

"I can't help it when your thoughts are so loud!" he yelled back at me.

"You are insufferable!" I raged, causing him to laugh in disbelief.

"You think I'm insufferable? Why don't you take a look at yourself Rosalie?" he questioned in anger. "You're the one that's insufferable. You're a nightmare, honestly!"

I growled at him in anger picking up another plate to throw at him when I felt someone grab my arm. I turned to see Carlisle giving me a stern look, while saying, "Put it down now Rosalie". I wrenched my arm out of his grasp and glared.

He narrowed his eyes at me slightly before calmly asking, "What is going on in here?"

"She started it Dad!" Edward yelled. "I was just listening to the radio when she came in here and broke it!"

I glared at him. "I told you to turn it down! Not everyone wants to listen to your stupid music!"

"You know what Rosalie," Edward said while glaring at me, "I don't really give a"-

"Enough!" Carlisle yelled, coming to stand between us. "Forget I asked because right now I really do not care anymore," he said sternly, looking at each of us in turn. "I have had enough with your constant bickering. You two have been acting like small children and Esme and I are fed up. You are both grounded for two weeks. Neither one of you will leave this house without being accompanied by either Esme or I."

"But Dad, that's so unfair" Edward started to say before being silenced by a look from Carlisle. I smirked, glad to finally see perfect Edward being told off. How the mighty have fallen, I thought to him.

Edward growled and made towards me only to be stopped by Carlisle. "Edward Anthony Cullen, this is your last warning," he warned. I watched as Edward winced slightly before marching off to his room sullenly. Ha ha, I thought smugly.

Carlisle watched him go before turning around and pointing a finger at me. "Rosalie Lillian Hale, this is your last warning," he stated sternly. "I know you are as much at fault for these arguments as Edward, and if I catch you antagonizing him again whether verbally or mentally, you will be one very sorry little girl," he warned, causing me to shift nervously.

He gazed sternly at me before I blurted out, "Okay! Jeez, I got it. Leave your perfect son alone," I muttered before walking out of the room.

"Rosalie," he called out, but I ignored him and continued walking.

Esme was standing at the entrance way and she gave me a disappointed look as I headed to my room, causing me to look away guiltily.

Once inside, I sat down at my vanity and set about combing my hair. I stared into the mirror, feeling both angry and guilty at the same time. I really didn't like arguing with Edward all the time, but he was just so high and mighty that I couldn't stand him. Who was he to think he was better than me?

He was just so damn perfect and Carlisle and Esme were always gushing over his accomplishments. He was their perfect son and I was just an unwanted stray they had picked up. What did I care though? They were nothing to me, I thought snobbishly, trying desperately to convince myself that this was how I felt.

I squashed down the small part of me that yearned for their approval and affection. I didn't need them; I didn't need anybody. I was perfectly fine with the way things were. What's it to me if they dote on Edward like the prodigal child?

I stared into the mirror looking at my chalky white skin and my unnaturally colored eyes, and I hissed. Throwing my brush down in anger I got up and went to lie down on my bed. Seeing my reflection made me both joyful and angry. I loved the way I looked. I knew I had been beautiful as a human, but now I was even more so. I had flawless looks that made every human male in the vicinity just drool with lust. However, that perfection, that beauty came with a curse. I was a vampire, forever frozen at 18, never able to have children or grow old.

I shut my eyes tightly in anguish. My dream of having the perfect family with a loving husband and adorable children would never be. I would always be this unnatural monster that never aged and craved the blood of humans.

I should have died that night. Carlisle should have just left me. I can't understand why he did this to me. He says he was saving me because my death would have been a waste, but I don't see it that way. He was just sentencing me to several lifetimes of torment and misery. I am alive yes, but unable to really live. I couldn't help but resent Carlisle for doing this to me. Even though a part of me knew he never meant me any harm, I couldn't help but hate the fact that I was forced into this life.

What was my purpose now? What was I to do? Was I to forever live with Carlisle and Esme, always at ends with Edward? Frankly, I was surprised they had kept me for so long. I had long expected Carlisle to have asked me to leave. I was almost always disrespectful with him, breaking things, and constantly fighting with Edward. Perhaps it was Esme that convinced him to let me stay. Esme was the only one that I could spend any time with without feeling angry. She understood me, and was always unfailingly kind, even when I would rudely snap at her.

I sighed deeply. What use was I to this family? I couldn't help but feel apprehensive. I wasn't contributing anything, and was really no more than a burden to them. As miserable as I was here though, I really didn't want to be alone. They were the only vampires I knew, and I didn't know the first thing about taking care of myself.

I once more sighed deeply, feeling more alone than ever. I wrapped my arms around myself, trying in vain to comfort myself. Listening around the house, I heard Esme humming to herself in the kitchen, most likely cleaning up the mess I had made. Carlisle was in Edward's room and I listened intently to try and hear what they were saying. Though I couldn't make out specific words, I did hear the stern tone of Carlisle and knew perfect Edward was getting a dressing down. Good, I thought smugly, serves him right.

I continued to listen, hearing as Edward's voice got louder.

"I will if she does!" Edward yelled. I couldn't hear Carlisle's response as he continued to speak in a soft tone, but I did hear the tone of his voice become angry.

"Jeez Dad, why aren't you talking to her? She's the insufferable bitch!" I heard Edward roar. I snarled angrily and was about to yell at him when I heard five sharp smacks and Edward screaming out, "Ow! I'm sorry Dad!"

I sat up abruptly, staring at my door in wide eyes. Did Carlisle just hit Edward? I thought in shock.

"Watch your mouth Edward or I'll have you over my lap faster than you can say unfair, do you hear me?" Carlisle asked loudly and angrily.

"Yes sir!" Edward responded quickly.

I bit my lip, trying to keep from laughing out loud. Did Carlisle really just threaten Edward with a spanking? Oh wow, this is too good. Now if Edward annoys me I can remind him about his Daddy's threat.

I continued to listen intently trying to see if I could hear anything else, but once more I could only make out tones.

I jumped when out of nowhere I heard Carlisle scolding me. "Rosalie Hale! Stop trying to listen to this conversation now! You and I will be exchanging words soon enough!"

I frowned, feeling somewhat embarrassed and annoyed at being caught. Stupid Edward, I thought loudly.

I lay back on my bed, nervously wondering what Carlisle was going to say to me. I wondered dimly whether he would ever swat me like he did Edward, but quickly dismissed that thought. I was not his child, so he had no right. I nodded resolutely. If Carlisle tried to act like my father then I would quickly tell him that I would not stand for it.

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