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Chapter 4

It had been nearly four years since Naruto began training with Hiruzen and he would be turning ten in the next few weeks. For the last four years Hiruzen had trained Naruto in everything he thought he would need and with the help of the Shadow clones Naruto's progress went up by leaps and bounds. For the first year Tsunade taught Naruto about anatomy: pressure, nerve, and blood points, bone and organ positions, biology, chemistry, about the brain and how it functions. When Naruto asked her why she was going into all of these subjects she said, "I want you to know the body as best as you can so that when I teach you medical jutsu later you will understand." She had also started him on basic training saying that she had plans for him to make his own taijutsu when they were done.

Hiruzen for the first year had taught Naruto stealth, tracking, weapons handling and maintenance: kunai, shuriken, senbon, foraging and hunting, camping without leaving evidence, cooking, first aid. Also they've covered how to properly mold chakra, ninjutsu, genjutsu, how to disguise himself without the use of henge, how to make basic Fūinjutsu: sealing scrolls and exploding tags.

About three months into his training with Tsunade Naruto had confided in his sensei that he wanted to get as strong as he possibly could. So Tsunade wanting to help her student so she made a strict plan in both diet and exercise. For his diet Naruto had a strict schedule in which he had to eat a wide variety of foods controlling the times to eat and the types of food he should eat. For his exercise schedule Tsunade had him do a specific regiment of training that would eventually change his muscles from red, white, and pink to only pink muscles for optimum affect. Tsunade explained, "Your body has a set amount of slow-twitch fibers [white muscles], quick-twitch fibers [red muscles], and the in-between [pink muscles]. Fast-twitch fibers are good for short, explosive movement, like jumping and sprinting, whereas slow-twitch fibers are for low-intensity, repetitive movements, like walking. This supposed pink muscle does not truly exist but does in are areas that have a high amount of both white and red muscle that simulate the pink muscle, which has traits of both. But the human body has such an extremely low amount of it, and nothing you can do will change that. The only way around this without extensive genetic engineering is to train both the white and red muscle that are everywhere in the body to give the properties of pink muscle".

This would also have the effect of Naruto not having a bodybuilder build but having lean but powerful body with highly tuned reflexes. This was best for taijutsu usage and other physical activities. With Tsunade's plan Naruto would physically be stronger without chakra than most low level Jonin at the age of fourteen.

Besides the training Hiruzen put Naruto through he also trained Naruto more in what he thought were three important things. One was to completely master his chakra control; this was also a big part of the training taught by Tsunade for the medical jutsu he would be learning in the future.

The second was ninjutsu which Naruto had just recently mastered one of 5 main elements, lightning, and was close to mastering the other four. Fire release was the next strongest followed closely by water, earth, and wind. Naruto had even started reading notes taken by the first Hokage on his wood release jutsu and was planning to recreate them, but both Naruto and Hiruzen agreed that he should wait till after he had mastered the water and earth elements. Both Naruto and Hiruzen speculated that one of the Rin'negan many abilities was that it helped the learning process but not with just jutsu like the Sharingan but helped understand everything to a higher level.

The last and most important thing Hiruzen could think of to teach Naruto was to not use chakra for everything. When Hiruzen started this training Naruto had asked to be trained like the old shinobi, with this Naruto was taught how to be a real assassin.

It was quickly discovered that the Rin'negan had a sort of genetic memory that showed the user abilities that they were ready to use. By the end of the first year Naruto had found two; one was the ability to manipulate the elements almost flawlessly and something deeper but Naruto couldn't figure out what. The second was the ability to control gravity. All of Naruto's spare time was dedicated to training his Rin'negan.

Hiruzen had taught Naruto more than just that, but when it became apparent that there were others that were better than him in the different shinobi arts Naruto decided to branch out and see if there were other sensei's that would help him. He asked Hiruzen who he should ask for help.

One year into training

"Well Naruto, Tsunade is already training you in medical jutsu and basic katas for different taijutsu styles to see what's best for you. For genjutsu she is not the best, so normally I would go ask the Uchiha clan for help. Right now though, I don't think that would be the smartest of ideas at the moment with the tension building up between them and the village." Hiruzen honestly told Naruto.

"But isn't there someone in that clan that is still loyal to Konoha?" Naruto asked having already heard about the Uchiha clan beginning plans of a rebellion against Konoha from his father and Hiruzen.

"Hmm well there are two that would fit with what you want as a teacher. One would be Itachi Uchiha, he is the current heir to the clan and he is closest in potential to you that has been born recently. The other is Shisui Uchiha, I told you about him when I taught you the Shunshin jutsu. He has the highest skills in genjutsu in the village. Rumors say that he can control others with his Sharingan, followed closely by Itachi." Hiruzen told Naruto.

"Why can't they train me in secret then? Better yet they could train the Hokage's son publicly and through that the Uchihas may assume that they are rising in power and position in the village again." Naruto said trying to convince his oldest teacher to allow this.

"Well having them train Naruto would make it look like they had gained some political power to the Uchiha's again. The only problem is that when they find out that Naruto isn't that special in the eyes of his father it could back fire." Hiruzen thought.

"Naruto I think that I could make this happen. The only problem with this is that both Itachi and Shisui are on a mission directly from the elders of the village and the Hokage to be double agents spying on their clan to see if there is a chance that the rebellion could really happen. What I'm trying to say here Naruto is that if your that determine to get them to train you, you will need to be a part of this mission and help them. Now you deserve a break from training, I want you to think about joining this mission." Hiruzen said making sure that Naruto understood the importance of the mission he would be join if he chose to.

Thirty minutes later Naruto had come to a decision. He walked over to Hiruzen and said, "I want to do it, even if it's dangerous."

Hiruzen smiled and said, "Good."

He sent out a pulse of chakra and two ANBU appeared in front of him kneeling down on the ground with their heads lowered down in respect to their leader. The one on Naruto's left asked, "What is your command Hokage-sama?"

The Hiruzen gained a look that both Naruto and the other elders jokingly called his Hokage face, it was the face of a man that had seen many deaths and one that had caused many just the same, "I want you to fetch Itachi and Shisui for me and bring them both here as quickly as you possibly can without making it look suspicious. Also I want you to bring Tsunade here and if she complains just tell her it's for Naruto-kun here." He said.

Understanding what their leader wanted both ANBU nodded their heads before blurring away. This gave Naruto room to ask, "Why did you ask for Tsunade to come Hiruzen-Jiji?"

Smiling at the disrespectful name Hiruzen said, "For a few reasons actually. For one the Senju and Uchiha clans have always butted heads against each other and that also includes Tsunade. Another reason is that besides Shizune who is helping Tsunade, she is your main teacher when it comes to taijutsu and medical jutsu. Because of these reasons, she needs to be here if you are going to be getting two new teachers so that we can rearrange the schedule."

Naruto nodded and got into a meditative position to wait for the three people that were asked to come.

Not long afterward Tsunade came rushing into the clearing and asked Hiruzen, "What can I do to help Naruto-kun Hiruzen-sensei?"

Both Naruto and Hiruzen turned their heads to her when she spoke and Naruto said, "I may be getting new senseis today so Hiruzen said that you needed to be here." She nodded her head in understanding. Tsunade then walked over to Naruto and sat down beside him before she started a quiet conversation on a recent event.

Not five minutes later Itachi and Shisui came into the clearing bowing to the older Hokage and Tsunade. They both glanced at Naruto and gave him a respectful nod before devoting their attention to Hiruzen.

"What can we do for you Hokage-sama?" Itachi asked.

"It's not what I want from either of you but what Naruto wants." Hiruzen answered.

When the old man said this both Uchiha clan members turned to Naruto and waited for the question to be asked, "I wanted to know if you two would train me in genjutsu."

To say they were surprised was an understatement. Itachi raised both his eyebrows and while Shisui didn't show much reaction at the question he did show surprise at Itachi. Itachi quickly calming his features after his friend started laughing at him he asked, "What do you want to learn from us?"

"And for that matter why do you want to get stronger?" Shisui asked with a hard look.

"I want to learn genjutsu from you but if you had anything else you wanted to teach me I wouldn't decline it," Naruto answered Itachi before turning to Shisui and said, "and I want to get stronger so that I'm able to accomplish my dreams of making a better world."

Both of the Uchiha where shocked that such a young child had thoughts like that, but it quickly passed and Shisui grow a big smile before laughing and said, "That is quite the dream little man, but how far are you willing to go?"

Everyone in the clearing turned to hear Naruto's answer for their own reasons, "I will do anything to make my dreams reality even if it means destroying the world to start over." Naruto answered in a strong yet cold voice.

Shisui gained a somber but proud look in his eyes while he thought, "He's finally another person that wants to make the world better."

"Hmm he has a strong conviction that's good for the future that is coming. He is probably the only one that will be able to fight Madara when the time comes." Itachi though knowing Naruto was one of the few that had potential that matched Hashirama and Madara unlike what others thought when his sister came up.

"I will stand by your side Naruto no matter what." Tsunade thought with a smile while Hiruzen was having similar thoughts.

"Ok I will train you Naruto," when he said this Naruto gained a huge grin on his face while the others were slightly surprise he accepted so quickly, "but I have one condition. I want you to achieve your dream no matter the cost."

Naruto couldn't pass up an opportunity like this so he agreed then turned to Itachi for his answer, "I will train you when I can but since you want to learn everything about genjutsu you really only need Shisui. Hmm I'm guessing that he will be a cover for our mission Sarutobi-sama?"

As Itachi asked this Shisui turned to face his superior for an answer to, "Yes this will be a part of your cover for your mission and hopefully the Uchiha will back down when they see that they have some influence over the Hokage's son." Hiruzen said getting a nod from both boys.

Before anything else could be said Shisui hugged Naruto to himself while he burst out saying, "I can finally have a little brother like you Itachi."

Tsunade had a smile on her face at the cute moment while thinking, "Naruto looks so cute like that." She blushed at this but no one saw it.

Itachi couldn't help but chuckle at the scene before him with Hiruzen as Naruto tried to get free from Shisui but couldn't. But eventually everything calmed down and Naruto was left to pout as Hiruzen said, "There is something you need to know if you truly plan on teaching him. Naruto has a bloodline, but not just any he has a mixture of the Senju, Uchiha, and Uzumaki bloodlines."

As he said this Naruto activated his eyes for all to see, when he did this Tsunade though, "I don't know why people say that the Sharingan is amazing to look at Naruto's eyes are much more beautiful to see."

While both were shocked by this news they took it in stride as Shisui said with a happy smile, "That just means he really could be my brother."

"That means we could also train him in the Sharingans abilities if he ever activates them." Itachi said.

The rest of the day went by as Naruto's new and old senseis started to plan for the future and to discuss what Naruto already knew.

Second year of training

The second year of Naruto's training went like the first training, training, and more training. Shisui and Itachi while they were prodigies in what they did, what made them special in Hiruzen's opinion was the fact that they were also really good teachers.

They taught in a very straight forward way. When Itachi was away, which was a lot of the time because of missions both his clan and the village gave him, Shisui would teach him about genjutsu. When it got to the point that Naruto had mastered set genjutsu Shisui started teaching him what he called yin genjutsu, a type of illusion that didn't do one thing like cause pain or stop the use of sight but used all the senses to attack the opponent. This form relied on two major things one being the users imagination and the other users understanding of the mind.

When just Itachi was there he would teach Naruto a little of everything but mostly it was the Uchiha clan taijutsu style which was made to put down the opponent by predicting their movements and acting accordingly. When they were both there they trained Naruto in the Sharingan, which he had activated a month into training, by slowly making him master each tomoe before moving to the next. By the end of the year Naruto had a fully mature Sharingan with strength that equaled the Mangekyō Sharingan.

Tsunade had finally started to teach him more advanced taijutsu now that most of the "basic" conditioning was over. Because Tsunade wanted Naruto to make a style of his own she was teaching him the Senju style. Unlike the Uchiha taijutsu, which she was mad at Itachi for teaching Naruto in the first place, it is meant for the user to make their own variation after mastering the basics. Tsunade expanded that her clan style was more of a juggernaut style in the way that the clan used their monstrous strength to decimate their opponents by using all their limbs. She went on to explain that her style used her medical knowledge to her advantage.

During the second year of training Tsunade was satisfied with Naruto's understanding of the body and medical science. Because of this she started his training with Iryōjutsu by using dying animals for test subjects. While Tsunade taught Naruto everything she knew about Iryōjutsu and how to use the human body to ones advantage, Shizune taught Naruto about poisons and spy infiltration.

Hiruzen mainly taught Naruto more about ninjutsu. By the end of the second year Naruto had mastered the basic five elements to the point of needing no hand seal and was working on wood release jutsu. Hiruzen had also decided to train Naruto as a Hunter-nin for the year. For this Naruto had a higher deal of tracking and assassination training than the year before. One lesson that a Hunter-nin is taught is to use everything to their advantage. Naruto was tasked to completely master the skills he was taught the year before by Hiruzen. When they had a rarer break Hiruzen would also showed Naruto how to train his chakra sensor ability.

Naruto was coming along with training for the Rin'negan quite nicely. He had uncovered two more abilities one was the ability to observe, attack, or remove souls. Through further practice Naruto discovered that he could invade the mind of others and take all the knowledge the victim has by touching them. It was easier to do this by touching the head. He also had an easier time if the victim is dead to take the knowledge. He liked to call this his Human Path.

The second ability he could use was having a basic control over his form through the additions of mechanical parts, from the experimenting Naruto had conducted with Tsunade he didn't grow the mechanical part more like they appeared and acted like they were always there to begin with, but instead of having blood pump through it was chakra. The more he understood how machines work the more he could change his form. Naruto also found that the more control over his chakra he had the stronger he became. He called this his Asura Path.

Naruto also kept training in his other Rin'negan skills making great progress in the gravity control.

End of the second year start of the third

As the second year of training came to an end Hiruzen decided that it was time for Naruto to start his training with his mother. So one day when Tsunade was done training Naruto Hiruzen called them inside a house Naruto made out of trees to talk over tea.

As everyone sat done Tsunade was busy reading over some note Naruto had made on a medical case at the hospital, while Naruto was having a very relaxing break listening to the wind blow through the trees. Hiruzen had finally allowed everything to calm down before he started to talk, "Tomorrow I am going over to talk to your mother about training you in Kenjutsu and Fūinjutsu. This is the first time you will be trained by anyone outside your little group of teachers so I want you to try your best, ok Naruto."

It had been so long since either of the people across from him had thought about that fact that they both looked slightly confused. It took them a second before Naruto said, "Do I have to learn from my kaa-san? I want to learn all that I can but if I'm learning with my sister I don't know how much I can show without her getting too bratty and complaining to Minato-san."

Tsunade nodded her head at this because she had been over to Naruto's house for one of the twins birthdays and saw how whiny she was to her parents. After listening to Naruto and Hiruzen shoot the argument back and forth she said, "If it's that much of a problem I still have some scrolls in my clan library from my grandmother. Naruto can learn from them if he has so much trouble dealing with his family."

After she said this Naruto smiled at her and got close to her while Hiruzen was looking away to say, "Thanks but I don't think he is going to budge at all." When he was that close to her she blushed and smiled back.

Hiruzen turned his head to his two students and said, "No even with the scrolls and Naruto's advanced learning curve he needs a master to teach him all the ends and out in Fūinjutsu. And there is no one better to teach him seal other than Kushina, who by the way is better than Minato at them."

Both students conceded to Hiruzen's point and nodded their heads. They sat there in silence before Naruto said, "I will tell kaa-san you're coming over tomorrow."

"Thank you Naruto-kun." Hiruzen replied.

Naruto uncrossed his legs before standing up and saying, "I think that it's a day I'm going home. Have a nice night Hiruzen-sensei, Tsunade-sensei."

With that Naruto turned around before sliding the screen door open and leaving. Tsunade left a few minutes later saying she had some last minute hospital work to do. As Hiruzen sat there all alone he couldn't help feeling like soon everything would be done for him.

Path to Rebirth

Naruto arrived home about ten minutes later. He quickly slipped out of his shoes before walking farther into the house to the kitchen where he knew his mother would be making dinner for his family. As he turned the corner he came upon the sight of Kushina Uzumaki making ramen again like she did almost every day because Narumi and Minato loved it so much.

Sensing Naruto's presents in the room she turns her head toward the doorway and smiles when she sees that it's Naruto. "How are you doing Sochi, how was your training with Hiruzen-jiji today."

One of the things that the mother and son shared was the knowledge that Naruto was being trained by Hiruzen. It helped their relationship because she kept it from Minato instead of telling him like most in the village would, this had the effect of Naruto trusting her more than anyone else in the whole village outside of his teachers.

Naruto looks at her and gives her a genuine smile before saying in a calm collected voice, "I'm fine Kaa-san I'm just a little tired from today, the training went well but Hiruzen-jiji wants to talk to you tomorrow."

"He must be coming over to ask me to start Naruto's training in Fūinjutsu." She thought as she nodded in acknowledgement while she continued to make dinner. "Ok thanks for telling me Sochi. The kitchen will be free for you in about fifteen minutes so if you want to wash up go ahead."

"Got it Kaa-san." And with that Naruto left the room.

Walking towards the hot spring in the backyard Naruto heard Narumi come into the house with two of her friends, one was Hinata Hyuga, and the other was Ino Yamanaka. The last thing he heard was Narumi asking Kushina, "Hay Kaa-san can Ino and Hinata stay over for dinner."

After relaxing in the hot spring for a time Naruto gets out, gets dressed, and goes back inside to make his dinner. After a while Naruto is sitting at the table where everyone else is eating ramen and talking happily.

As he sits down he hears the tail end of Ino's conversation, "I just don't understand why we can't go to the academy."

Minato looks up from his ramen as he hears this, "That's because too many of our shinobi were dying so I decided to push back the entrance age to ten and push back the graduation age to 16. That's only one of a few things I did to change the academy, I also upped the learning material so that the graduating class actually knows something instead of history when they go out into the real world. I also did other things but they are a bit more on the economic side of things."

"Oh, that does make since and I don't want to die young, too many guys to date." As she said this three of the females in the room glance to Naruto although neither he nor Minato notices anything at all.

Naruto the young opportunist that he is decided to start up a conversation. "Ino, Hinata you're from shinobi clan's right?"

Both startled that Naruto started a conversation nod their heads looking at him to continue the topic at hand.

"I was wondering what your clans have that make them special?" asked Naruto in a way that everyone at the table thought that he was truly interested in what the two young girls had to say but Kushina knew that he had other motives for bringing this up.

The two girls look at each other to see who wanted to go first. Surprisingly Hinata was the one that went first by saying, "My clan has the dōjutsu Kekkei Genkai Byakugan. It has a 360 degree vision, lets my clan see through solid object and this ability lets us see the chakra pathways in the human body. The only downside is that the clan has to have tremendous control over our chakra to use any of our jutsu or our famous taijutsu." Most of the people around the table were surprised that she had said so much on what some would consider clan secrets but she was of the mind that no one at the table could even use the bloodline what good would a little information do.

Ino not wanting to be outdone in front of a cute boy like Naruto decided to tell about her clan even though her father had told her not to. "The Yamanaka clan are mind walkers." She said with as much pride as her eight year old self could muster.

She lost this pride when the others at the table looked at her blankly. She blushed and went on to say, "Well while my clan doesn't have a bloodline like Hinata or the Uchiha clan we have an affinity for mind based ninjutsu. My family has a lot of scrolls on them to, but Tou-san won't let me see any of them." She finished with a pout.

As the others continued to talk about other shinobi related issues Naruto was thinking, "Hmm the Hyuga knowledge on chakra control could be useful but at this point it would be useful for others that needed training in that field but their taijutsu style would be useful and so would any notes they may have on the chakra system. The only thing I could want from the Yamanaka clan would be any knowledge on the mindscape and how to attack other peoples' minds." And with that Naruto made plans to steal the needed material.

Path to Rebirth

The next day around eleven Hiruzen arrived to talk to Kushina about Naruto being taught Fūinjutsu and the Uzumaki clan Tai and Kenjutsu styles. After a short discussion Kushina quickly agreed to start teaching Naruto the next day along with his sister in Fūinjutsu. Kushina also agreed to train Naruto in Tai and Kenjutsu because Narumi was learning more from experts in the village or her father than Kushina could teach her.

That was the start of the third year. Kushina did as she said she would and taught Naruto Fūinjutsu along with his sister. About six months into the training it became apparent that while Narumi was good at making seals she was just outclassed by Naruto in every turn. It got so bad that Narumi quit because she didn't want to be upstaged by her brother. From then on Kushina didn't have to hold back anymore on Naruto when teaching him seals. The way she taught him was letting him do his own thing before looking at the finished seal and correcting any errors. By the end of the year Naruto had made it to a high intermediate level but still had a ways to go before being called a master.

Kushina also wanted to pass on the clan styles but with Narumi following her father more than her, Kushina put all of her attention on Naruto when he wasn't with his other teachers. The Uzumaki Tai and Kenjutsu styles were based on how water moved specifically in spirals; the styles work on spinning and acquiring momentum to attack others. There are some people that equate it to the Hyuga taijutsu, and they would be partly right but unlike the Hyuga style that focuses more on looks and has many useless steps the Uzumaki style never wastes a step. The main advantage of the Uzumaki way of fighting is that it is meant to take on many opponents at once.

Tsunade had continued to train Naruto in Iryōjutsu to the point that he was helping out in the hospital part time, through which Tsunade was hoping to have him gain experience. While his healing sessions were going great his taijutsu training was taking a different turn than it usually did. Tsunade decided that this was the year that he would start making his own style. Naruto had decided to join the styles he knew or was learning into one greater fighting style. Naruto also asked to be taught Orochimaru's snake style for variation and the fourth Hokage's humming bird style that Minato created by using Hiashi Hyuga help. Every now and then Tsunade would have Naruto participated in underground fighting rings for money.

Itachi and Shisui were pretty much done teaching Naruto in the art of genjutsu and because his Sharingan was fully matured the only thing they did to help him was spar with him to help advance his skills. When they were relaxing they would discuss ideas for new stronger genjutsu ideas. They help him understand how to enter minds like the Yamanaka clan with his eyes.

They did teach him one jutsu that was forbidden in the clan because it took away the eye sight of anyone that used it. From what Itachi said only one of both Senju and Uchiha blood could use it to its fullest. It was called Izanagi and it basically turned illusions into reality, the first time Naruto used it he felt two different things; one was a very dull pain in the back of his mind and the other was the usage of his Yin and Yang chakra in high quantities. This helped him identify the other ability of his Deva Path, Reality control.

Hiruzen had Naruto do the equivalent of the ANBU black opts training for the third year training. With Hiruzen's help Naruto was able to recreate many of the lost jutsu that the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju, had made. It was also during this year that Hiruzen had Naruto learn tactics and strategies, politics, along with increasing his knowledge of the history of the elemental nations so that he could see past the false history that the winners wrote to see the truth.

Naruto discovered an ability this year that allowed him to control life and death. Through more testing of this ability Naruto discovered that at first he had to summon a giant head that would use the power for him, it also made people more susceptible to his will. But the more he used it the less he needed what he called the King Path. He called this power his Naraka Path.

Forth year

At the end of the third year Naruto's teachers decided that Naruto should be left alone and take his training into his own hands. That's exactly what Naruto did, and with Hiruzen's permission Naruto searched through the Hokages library looking for jutsu that he could use. As he was he was looking he found three powerful jutsu one that he had found the night Hiruzen agreed to be his sensei and the other was one of the few jutsu left in the village by Madara and Izuna Uchiha, the last one he had no idea where it came from.

One was the Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei made by the second Hokage Tobirama Senju, he made this technique for two reasons; one was to wipe the board clean with strong undead shinobi while the other application was to take information from dead shinobi be they friend or foe.

The second one was Fushi Tensei or the Living Corpse Reincarnation technique. This was one of the many ways to escape the blindness that the Mangekyō Sharingan caused for the brothers. They had the idea that the Mangekyō Sharingan was a completely chakra based bloodline like the yin part of the Uchiha bloodline, but during their experiments they came to learn that even transferring the soul does not transfer the eyes.

These first two jutsu were known to be some of the few jutsu that Orochimaru had stolen before his treachery and following escape happened. From the one or two spies Jiraiya had in the snake sannin's circle he had found the Orochimaru was in the process of improving them. The only benefit that Konoha had in this matter was that he had neither the knowledge in seals nor the human body to complete this right away.

The last jutsu that Naruto had found was the Shiki Fūjin. From the notes Naruto had read it appeared to be a seal made by the Uzumaki to seal away just about anything into something else. It didn't take long for Naruto to realize that this was made to make Jinchūriki. The only down side to the jutsu was that the user lost their life after the Shinigami was finished with its job.

"Hmm these would be of great use to me in the future. And any of the negative side effects could easily be overcome with the Rin'negan abilities. The only one that would need serious training in would be the Fushi Tensei technique. While the only reason that the Shiki Fūjin is dangerous is because the Shinigami is needed to take the soul but I could easily do that. I would also have to rework the seal for the Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei to make it better." Naruto thought.

With these scrolls in hand Naruto left the library and started training for the last year. In ninjutsu Naruto trained to finish mastering the wood release jutsu as well as making other elemental jutsu. In taijutsu Naruto was finishing his own personal style that combined the styles he had learned, while it relied heavily on the Uchiha, Senju, and Uzumaki styles it was supplemented by the Humming bird and snake styles. All his genjutsu training consisted of the fourth year was trying to understand how to fool others understanding of chakra so that his illusions would truly be unbeatable. Naruto's Kenjutsu was basically the same as his taijutsu but just with a sword.

While these things took the forefront of Naruto's training he took time to work on everything else he had learn as well as stealing the clan knowledge from the Yamanaka and Hyuga clans he needed. It wasn't till two weeks after that the Yamanaka clan found out they had been robbed. This had caused a mandatory search of other clan libraries to see if anything was missing. Let's just say when it got out that the Hyuga were robbed and the one who did it wasn't caught they went down in their standing in the village.

The last three months of the year Naruto was training in his Rin'negan abilities, making his mindscape and its defensives, and the scrolls he took from the Hokage's library.

He found another ability when he and Hiruzen were talking about summons. A persistent idea got lodged in his head, using ability similar to Izanagi in the respect of Onmyōton jutsu Naruto decided to summon something from his imagination while giving life to it. The next moment Hiruzen and Naruto saw a giant serpent appear in front of them, the only things that showed that it wasn't a normal summon was that it was draining the chakra out of the area and the other was that its eyes were the same as Naruto's. Naruto want to see the limitations of this power so he kept summoning different animals, after a while Naruto found that the more were summoned the less of his soul was in his body, like shadow clones.

Naruto decided to name this ability his Animal Path. Naruto speculated that it would allow him to summon from multiple clans as well as make anything he wanted.

As Naruto started making his mental defenses he was glad that Itachi and Shisui had already trained his mental strength. He made it so that his mindscape was at the center of his mind surrounded by ten levels of defense. He decided to base his defenses on the Biju, the first level was a giant desert that went on as far as the eye could see and then kept going. There was a blazing sun in the sky along with a hot dry wind that was always blowing, and if one was to spend any amount of time in this level they would see the occasional sand storm that would rearrange the landscape. The defense in this level was the Ichibi, a giant tanuki made of sand, which resided in what distinctly looked like the remains of Suna. As it was a sand demon as soon as someone set foot on the sand they would be caught and attacked. It was given the ability to have total control over the air and sand.

The second level was set in a forest that was so big the intruder wouldn't be able to tell the time of the day, it would remind most of the forbidden forest of Konoha because of its thickness and wild life. The Nibi, a giant bakeneko, could be found in the center of the forest. Aside from the wild animals that would attack you if detected once the Nibi found you she would set the forest on fire and gain almost unbeatable power. She also had the ability to raise the dead of the intruder and have them attack.

The third level was set in a large area of water that was copied after Water country territory. The only difference is that there is no human life only animal and plant life. The only way to get by this level like the others is to beat the Sanbi, a giant demonic turtle with a spiked shell, lobster like tails and two human albeit turtle arms. This level is known for either its harsh storms or its deep fogs. The Sanbi controls all marine and can create smaller clones of itself to swim the oceans.

The fourth level was situated around a large mountain chain of dormant volcanoes covered with a large gathering of forests here and there, with many large cave systems that spread throughout the whole area. The major animal in the area are intelligent apes that are at least twice as big as a normal human, their leader and the 4th levels primary defense in the Yonbi, a giant monkey with the build of a gorilla. Its main ability is to control and create lave and magma, besides its main ability it had full control of the earth and fire.

The fifth level is a large valley fill with forests of autumn trees, surrounded on all sides by mountains with ice cover caps. There are a few waterfalls around the valley that form rivers that all eventually flow to the center of the valley and connect into a large hot spring/lake. If one were to swim deep enough they would find a nearly endless underground water cave system. The Gobi, a gigantic horse dolphin hybrid, guards this level. It has the ability to control stream as well as fire and water.

The sixth level is an endless cave system that is controlled by the Rokubi, a giant six tailed slug. It has three main abilities; one it can control illusions that are hard to break if not impossible, the second one allows the slug to release many types of poison and acids into the surroundings, the last ability it has is that it can take large amounts of physical damage without any signs of losing.

The seventh level was set in an area that was modeled after Takigakure. There were many mountain size trees that the Nanabi would live in on large islands with water flowing between them, and a thick layer of clouds that are always moving either peaceful or dangerous storms. This level is guarded by the Nanabi, a giant kabutomushi with six wings and a single tail. The Nanabi had the ability to use dust release jutsu as well as control over all bugs and the ability to fly.

The eighth level is modeled after the Valley of Clouds and Lightning and is guarded by the Hachibi, a giant octopus ox. The Hachibi had control over chakra, lightning, and has super strength.

The ninth level is situated in the destroyed remains of Uzugakure. The only land mass is a content size island with harsh tides around it, the few lakes on the island all having strong whirlpools flowing in them. The Kyuubi, a giant nine tailed fox, resides in the remains of the old village. To make this level harder Naruto put the past two Jinchūriki as extra protection in this level; one was Mito Uzumaki with all of her strengths and none of her weakness, and Kushina Uzumaki as the second guardian. Naruto planned to add the other Jinchūriki to their proper levels once he finds out about them but till then it's just the demons.

The last level number ten is in the Valley of the End. It's guarded by the Jubi who has the ability to manipulate energy and the Rikudō Sennin who has all the abilities Naruto has discovered he can do with or without the Rin'negan and the ability to control matter.

Naruto had one last safety measure in his mindscape; one was exact copies of both Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. Their only purposes is to go through the levels unhindered and learn the abilities of the intruders there by spreading that knowledge to the other level and if it comes to it stop said intruder.

Naruto's mindscape is a based on the world as he wants to see it, with changes in areas that he wants to make different. And while he hides some useless information in the hidden villages he hides all of his personal information in the moon that orbits the world.

Path to Rebirth

Present time

As the fourth year to Naruto training came to a close Hiruzen came up with an idea to further push Naruto into the right mindset. One day while Hiruzen was over at the Uzumaki house he told Kushina that he was sending Naruto over to Water Country to participate in the civil war that was going on. When Kushina asked what Minato would be told Hiruzen looked to Naruto before saying Naruto had run away without being found. At first you could say that she was furious at the idea but as soon as Naruto started backing the idea and told her that his other senseis agreed to it her resolve to see it not happened crumbled away.

The night before Naruto had planned to leave his mother called him to the dojo they had behind the house. As Naruto entered the door he saw his mother sitting on the floor with a beautifully crafted sword on her lap.

Kushina waited for her son to sit down before she began talking, "Naruto-kun I have called you hear to give you this sword. It was meant to go to the better of the Uzumaki Kenjutsu style between you and your sister but as we both know your sister went down the path of over powering everything instead of focusing her power. This sword was one of three weapons made, one given to each of the clan heads of the Senju, Uzumaki, and Uchiha clans during the clan wars as a way to get them to protect them."

Kushina took a pause in her speech before continuing, "One was the fan and sickle used by Madara Uchiha. It was lost to age after his death. The second was Hashirama Senju's Bo staff; it is locked away in his grave. The last was given to Ko Uzumaki; it was a guard less curved handled Chokutō. Unlike other swords Ko never gave it a name. These weapons were all made from a special mixture of chakra metal and an unknown element, this new metal came out almost unbreakable."

Naruto was both awed that he would gain such a strong sword and kind of put out that he didn't earn it fairly from his sister like it was meant to be earned, but he wasn't going to complain.

"Thank you Kaa-san. I will be careful on my journey to Kiri." Naruto said trying to reassure his mother.

"I know you will you're strong no doubt about that but it is my job to worry about you as your mother." Kushina explained.

"There is one other thing I want to give you before you go." Naruto looked up in surprise that he would be getting something else.

Kushina looked at Naruto with a smile, "I was known for this ability in my prime as a shinobi." She handed him a scroll before continuing, "In that scroll are instructions to use my chakra chains."

Naruto gave a small kind smile before hugging her and spending the rest of the night talking with her.

Path to Rebirth

Three miles outside the village of Konoha we see Itachi talking to a man with an orange mask decorated with black flames across it, "and he will be leaving for an unknown amount of time to gain experience in the Kiri civil war."

It was quiet in the clearing for a while before the masked male said, "That's good he needs to learn how the world really works. What is the excuse for his departure?"

Without a wasted second Itachi answered, "He will be reported missing in a few days before someone figures out he was either kidnapped or he ran away."

"Ok that works. I'm assuming you're the one taking my beloved grandson there." He finished with a chuckle.

Itachi showed some surprised but quickly hide it but not quick enough for the man before him saw it, "Don't act so shocked Itachi who else do you know that he could be related to, to have so much natural talent. Then he gets even more from his relation to Hashirama-baka and Mito."

With his head still bowed Itachi asked, "What are your new orders now?"

The masked male looked at Itachi with a tilted head before saying, "With Naruto-kun outside the village I think it's time for the Uchiha clan's death."

Itachi grimaced before the masked male said, "Don't worry Itachi you are allowed to let two people live but no more."

For the first time during the whole conversation Itachi looked up at the man with thankful eyes, before saying, "Thank you, and your orders will be done Madara-sama." then he left.

"Hmm Naruto-kun is coming along nicely. So strong at such a young age, he may be a problem to my plan but if something happens to me he will be the next best option to take up my mantle." With that thought done Madara backed up into a shadow and disappeared.

Chapter end

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