Cody and the Mighty Ducks

Okay, so it's the male version of Penny and the Mighty Ducks, it was an idea i've kept into my head for a while and now i'm ready to put it on the internet. And basicly the story will still sound short but please understand that i just explains the past of Cody intead of breaking it into small bits so that you can catch up okay? I hope you understand. Oh yeah, also i'm somewhat barrowing a few parts to Penny and the Mighty Ducks story, just to let you know.

This story is about the Might Ducks but it's also about a human earth boy named Cody. Cody wasn't like the other boys, the main reason was that he was raised by alien ducks on Puckworld and loved it. Also, the duck's story really starts with him, starting on Earth.

It all started precisely in the vast human city called Anaheim. Living there were lots of young and happy girls who were all very pretty and very attractive. Among them was the beautiful 13 year old Trinity, she was the local cat's meow and she was also the richest babe in the entire city. She was also the main heartthrob for all the boys in her school, every last boy wanted her to be their girlfriend and to go out with her.

Among these boys was a 14 year boy named Tylor. Tylor was madly in love with Trinity and long very much to make her his but with all the competidors aiming for the girl Tylor knew he had to do something fast before someone else claimed her heart.

He spent hoars trying to find the right gift but he knew he was running out of time. Suddenly, one night a strange orb landed in the boy's backyard, it was a Diamond! A very beautiful strange alien diamond. Tyler knew that all girls loved diamonds so he got a jeweler he knew to turn the diamond into a very stunning ring.

The next day at school Tylor gave Trinity the ring and she accepted it. But the moment she put the ring on on that same day, a second after she had gotten it to try it on, she didn't know that she had just triggered something she couldn't stop for a long time, something that absolutly no one ever thought it could ever happen for a girl.

Hoars later something strange started happening to Trinity, she started to have mood swings, weird cravings, morning sickness and even started knitting for no reason at all. When her parents took her to the doctor to have her checked out and they discovered the shocking truth, Trin was pregnant!

The news shocked everyone and her parents imediantly thought that one of the boys in her school must have done it to her but since Trin had never had a boyfriend in her life it was quite impossable to really blame the shock on any boy in town. And she never went anywhere without her parents so she couldn't have been 'harrased', it was a very confusing mystery indeed for a long time.

Nethertheless, Trin's parents planed from the first moment the baby would be born she would have to give it up to a childless family. Sadly, it was never ment to be. The diamond belonged to Lord Dragaunus and he was mad about one of his own power sorces having landed on an alien planet and wanted it's power back.

For Trin life was almost the same, only know she had a baby growing inside her and the only sad thing about it was that she would never get to be the baby's mother. Then, on November 13, at 9:56 am, she had her baby, a boy named Cody. After he was named Cody was taken away by force from Trinity by her parents, but not before she wrapped him in a blanket that had his name and a green wristband to him, and was giving to a care taker who promiced to give the baby a proper family. But that would never happen.

Wraith, the red Saurian's wizard, used his magic to steal away Cody and the baby appeared in the Raptor. They put the baby in a cloning device and created his clone, dubbing it 'Hector', and sent Baby Cody into space where he would die. But luckily the rocket instead landed on a planet filled with alien ducks called Puckworld where he landed in the middle of the city and the ducks were amazed to see an alien that wasn't like them at all.

It was then that a duck named Canard, the most popular hockey player of all dispite his age, decided to keep Cody and raise him as his own child, earning Cody a place among the ducks as one of them, the only human on the planet.