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-Chapter 2: Meeting of War-

It's has been 6 months since Seina has left the GP and since then, he has not been seen or heard from. Since then, the GP and the Jurai royal family have been searching everywhere to find both Seina and his giant mecha. And to do so, Jurai's royal family has been gathered to discuss what to do when they find their missing family member.

The meeting was held by Azusa Masaki Jurai, the Emperor of Jurai, his two wives Funaho Masaki Jurai, first Queen, Misaki Kamiki Jurai, Second Queen, and Sero Kamiki Jurai. This meet was more important to them than the state the GP was in at the moment. As for the GP, they have noticed that numerous members of the Galactic Army, GP, and even different pirates have disappeared, like Seina, but no sign of them being killed or even a fight.

They caused fear to be spread everywhere the story was being spoken of.

-At the Jurai Royal meeting-

The Jurai Royal family was having their meeting and had Airi summoned since Seina was once under her command.

"We must do something quickly if we are to stop this crisis, and we all know that the source of this problem is none other than that boy Seina Yamada!" Azusa said in a loud demanding voice.

"Yes Father, but the problem is that we don't know where he is or if he is even the cause for the multiple disappearances" Airi said while pulling up a map of the universe. "For as far as we've searched, we could not find any trace of him, and all the different ships that we've found did not have any sign of a fight. It looked like everyone just left and took all the supplies with them, even the escape pods were all accounted for."

"It seems like someone is just doing whatever they like is messing with us, and I don't like how their going about it" Sero said with her fan in front of her face.

"It does seem most troubling" Funaho said with her hand on her cheek.

"The main problem is that the giant robot that Seina took when he left had a first generation Jurai Royal-Tree seed inside it" Misaki said closing her eyes.

"Speaking of Seina leaving, how are the girls doing?" Sero said closing her fan.

Airi let out a long sigh while putting her hand on her head. "They keep coming to me requesting that I give them a ship good enough to have them find him. Plus they want me to send out other groups to look for him as well" Airi said with a sad smile.

"Ah yes, Seina also took the Kamidake with him too" Sero said giving a sigh. "This really is the worst situation."

"Yes and with the Kamidake gone and Fuku along with it, we will have a hard time finding it" Airi said looking at the ground.

"Enough!" Azusa yelled with impatiens. "All this about a ship and a few disappearances, what does this have anything to do with that boy, Seina, or that little message he left?"

"Yes Father. When he left, it seemed like Seina knew something that we don't. Seina must have had a plan" Airi said.

"Would you like to know?" a cold voice said from behind a tree in the room.

They all looked in the direction that the voice came from with a shocked look. A figure walked from behind the tree to reveal himself. The figure was a tall male with long black hair that covered his forehead and the back reached down to his shoulders. His eyes were a cold grey and he had no expression on his face, and he wore white ropes with a grey trim and an unknown gold symbol.

"Who are you? How dare to intervene on this meeting!" Azusa yelled with anger.

"Well then excuse me for interrupting. I just thought that you would like to talk with me" the man said then looked to Airi. "It's been a while madam chairwoman."

Airi's eyes opened wide at what the man said. "Seina?" Airi said looking at the man who gave a light smile. Everyone looked at the man with shock.

"I must really look different for everyone not to recognize me" Seina said walking closer to the group. His voice was deeper and more cold than it ever was before.

"How did you get in here Seina Yamada?" Azusa said looking Seina in the eyes.

Seina closed his eyes and smiled wide. "This meeting was planned three months ahead of time, and one of my commanders has informed me about it" Seina said opening his eyes slightly with a smile.

"Commanders? Oh my, what do you mean by that?" Funaho said with putting her hand to her face.

"Ah yes, this is the reason for me to come here" Seina said walking up to Azusa with a smile. Seina pulled out a stack of papers and laid them on the table. "I am declaring war on you and on everyone else. In six months I will begin my conquest."

Everyone got quiet and widened their eyes at Seina's statement. Seina then started to walk away when Airi called out to him.

"Wait, Seina! Why are you doing all this?" Airi yelled out trying to stop him.

"This is something I must do. If I don't….he will do something that I cannot forgive" Seina said with his back to them.

"Sir, it's time to go" a voice called off in the distance. Everyone looked to find Seiryo and Tarant standing off in the distance with similar clothes to Seina's.

"Yes, I'm sorry for making you wait" Seina said walking over to them.

"It is not a problem at all my Lord but the men are getting worried" Tarant said as he and Seiryo bowed to Seina as he walked by.

'Seiryo and Tarant? What are they doing with Seina?' Airi thought as she watched Seina walk away.

"Wait Seina, the girl-"

"Tell them that I don't want them to blame themselves for me leaving. I would rather not fight them but….it doesn't matter. Just tell them if they get the chance….don't think twice" Seina said interrupting Airi.

Seina's eyes turned red and a light formed around him, Seiryo, and Tarant. Seina turned and looked Airi in the eyes. His eyes had a gentle look, like how they use to.

"Airi, my life in the GP was one like a dream. You took me in, even with my bad luck. I thought of you as a mother, I found and fell in love with women that loved me for me. I will save everyone" Seina said in his old voice and with his old smile. "So I will do what is needed of me."

Seina and his two guards disappeared into the light. Everyone just looked at where the trio just was a second ago until Azusa spoke.

"So, Seina Yamada requests a war?" Azusa said in a calm voice with closed eyes.

Everyone looked at him waiting for how he would respond. Azusa stood up and looked at the paper with a smile.

"Then as the third member in line for the throne requests, we shall go to war!" Azusa says in a loud voice.

'Seina, whatever your planning…I hope you know what you're doing' Airi thought looking at the ground with a sad smile.