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Here the prlogue to my story, 'Would it be worth it?' the sequel to my previus stroy, 'Is it worth it?'

Summary: Heatherpaw is adored by many of the older toms and the main one that wants her is her mentor, Ashfur. But she's in love with someone else. Who could that be? And with Nightpaw being trained in the ways of a medicine cat apprentice, a prophecy comes; When Ash and Mud collide, the bird will suffer and be torn between Thunder and Wind.


As a sleek dark grey tabby tom slunk trough the swampy territory of Shadowclan, he mumbles to his self. "How dare they exile me! I'll show them! Every last one, especially that Kittypet!" He trudged through the swamp with 4 other rouges close behind him. they got closer and closer to the camp and as they came 5 fox leaps away from the entrance, they gets surrounded by Shadowclan cats.

"Darkstripe of Thunderclan! What is your business in our territory, and with these rouges?" A grey tabby tom hissed.

"Please Webfoot, dont make things more difficult than they already are!" A smaller tabby said.

"Littlecloud, you'd be smart to keep your trap shut!" Webfoot spat. Littilecloud opened his mouth to protest but snapped it shut after a moments thought.

"Webfoot, Littlecloud is right. We dont need to make matters worse. Are you forgetting what bad shape we're in right now? We have no leader, and no deputy!" A small grey and white tom said.

"Fine Runningnose. Do as you please, but i've got my eye on them! I dont trust Thunderclan one bit!" Webfoot said. Runningnose's ears pricked at the sound of Thundefclan's name.

"You said Thunderclan right? This grey tabby is from Thunderclan?" Runningnose asked

"Yes i do come from Thunderclan. However as of yesterday, i've been exiled, and i come with these rouges to join Shadowclan." Darkstripe mewed.

"Whats your name?" Runningnose asked him.

"Darkstripe." He answered.

Runningnose's eyes went wide. "The prophecy Webfoot! It's true! We did have a Thunderclan cat to save us!"

"You mean he's the one to-" Webfoot started but stooped when Runningnose nodded his head. Darkstripe grinned.

~Thunderclan camp~

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey. Join here under highrock for a clan meeting!" Whitestar yowled the familer words and the cats of Thunderclan gathered around in the clearing. Shadesong sat with her two kits Heatherkit and Nightkit close beside her with her tail wrapped around them. "We have quite a few ceremonies to comince this morning. First. Bramblekit, Tawnykit, please step foward."

The two dark brown tabby siblings did so. "From this moment on, until he has earned his warrior name, Bramblekit, you will be known as Bramblepaw. Fireheart, since Cloudtail, is a warrior, i think you can handle another." Whitestar mewed. Fireheart padded up to touch noses with his new apprentice. Whitestar turned to Tawnykit. "From this moment on, untill she has earned her warrior name, Tawnykit, you will be known as Tawnypaw. Brackenfur, you did well with continueing Timberfall's training, im positive you will do good with Tawnypaw." Brackenfur went up to touch noses with Tawnypaw.

Whitestar then Turned to Shadesong's kits. "We have two more ceremonies to do. Heatherkit, Nightkit, please step forward." Shadesong unwrapped her tail from them and the two siblings stepped forward. "From this moment on, until she has earned her warrior name, Heatherkit, you will be known as Heatherpaw. Ashfur, i think you are ready for an apprentice, Dustpelt was your mentor and you have become a fine loyal and fierce warrior. I hope you can pass some of these qualities down to Heatherpaw." Heatherpaw watched her mentor approach to touch noses with her. He smiled at her, and Heatherpaw twitched her whiskers uncomfortably.

"Now, Until he has earned his warrior name, Nightkit, you will be known as Nightpaw. Cinderpelt, you may say your peace." Whitestar said, beckoning Cinderpelt.

"Cats of Thunderclan, as you know, I will not be around forever. So it's time I took an apprentice. I have chosen a cat who has shown vigilance. Your next medicine cat will be Nightpaw" The grey she-cat mewed.

"Nightpaw, do you accept the post of Apprentice to Medicine cat?" Whitestar mewed

"I do" The young tom said.

"then at the half-moon, you must travel to the Moonstone to be accepted by StarClan before the other medicine cats." Cinderpelt meowed.

"The good wishes of all Thunderclan will go with you. And Shadesong, Goldenflower. Since yours kits are now apprenntices, you two may return to the warriors den tonight." Whitestar mewed, then he lep down from highrock meaning the gathering was over.

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