I don't own Pokémon. Nuff said. I do own Rowin Thunderblabe. He's mine.

The United States Pokémon League


"Over 100,000 people have filled the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California to watch… a Pokémon Battle?!! Yes, it's true sports fans. Those cute, but oh so powerful little creatures from Japan called Pokémon, who arrived here in 2001, have now taken the United States by storm. Thus in 2005, creating the first ever United States Pokémon League." The announcer said. Two guys kept yelling out orders to their Pokémon, which caused the Pokémon to beat the crap out of each other. The crowd cheered at the sight.

"Come on, Espeon!! Get rid of that guy!!! I didn't waste most of my year to lose!!" One guy said, trying to get his Espeon to focus on the fight,

"Sneasel! We got that Espeon on the ropes, but be careful!" The other trainer called out. Both Pokémon were exhausted from their fights. The next attack could seal the victory for one of them.

"This is too intense, ladies and gentlemen!!! The next attack might be the last for either one of these trainers!!" The announcer said,

"Espeon!! Psychic!!!" The first trainer yelled out,

"Sneasel! You're not affected by Psychic attacks!! Stand your ground!" The other trainer yelled out. Espeon powered up and fired a psychic blast at the Dark Pokémon, but the trainer should have used another move. Sneasel's Dark abilities just rendered the psychic attack harmless.

"Sneasel's still standing!! The psychic blast from Espeon didn't work!! It was ineffective!!!" The announcer yelled out,

"This is it Sneasel!!! Faint Attack!!!!" The other trainer yelled out. Sneasel disappeared and everybody, including the trainer and Espeon looked around for the Dark Pokémon. But, it was too late as Sneasel attacked Espeon. After that, the Psychic Pokémon fell to the ground knocked out.

"Espeon is unable to battle!!! The winner is Sneasel!" The official said,

"It's over!!! It's over!!! Sneasel has done it!!! Long live the first United States Pokémon League Champion!!!!" The announcer said and the crowd cheered loudly as Sneasel and his trainer jumped for joy in the middle of the Rose Bowl.

"We did it, Sneasel!! We did it!!!!" The winning trainer said, not noticing the losing trainer pick up his Espeon and exiting the arena. Some officials came onto the field with the winner's trophy. The crowd silenced as the ceremony started.

"I must admit. We didn't expect you to win this championship at all. Say, what is your name, son?" An older gentleman asked,

"My name's Rowin Thunderblade. From Skyline City." Rowin answered,

"Thunderblade? That is an unusual family name." The older guy said,

"My great-grandparents were drunk when they made our family name. It happens all the time. Actually, it scares a lot of people to hear my name." Rowin said,

"Well, anyway. Congratulations on becoming the first ever United States Pokémon League Champion. You've earned it!!!" The older guy said as he handed Rowin the winner's trophy. The crowd started cheering loudly once again, saluting the first ever U.S. Pokémon Champion.

The first ever United States Pokémon League Champion has been crowned.

There will be many more trainers looking to become champion.

This is not the end.

In fact…

This is the beginning of the United States Pokémon League.

Let the new adventure begin!!!!