Just having a little fun with two of my favorite shows. Enjoy!

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Michael Westen had to stifle a groan as he walked into the snow globe store.

All around him, there were women of different ages and races, but there wasn't a single man aside from himself. He gritted his teeth, reminding himself of his mission. To find a snow globe for Fiona. She had dozens of the stupid things, but each one was uniquely special to her, and tomorrow was a special day for them. So he decided to brave the crowds and find the perfect snow globe.

He wandered around the shop, carefully weaving between other prospective customers. At the same time, the spy side of him catalogued each woman.

As he was noting the shaking hands of the twenty-something with pink hair, the door chimed again, and another man walked in. He felt a strange surge of relief as he turned back to one of the shelves.

The other man made his way around to Michael's corner, looking as lost as Michael felt.

Michael quickly swept his gaze over the other man as he approached. Five foot ten, dark hair, an easy going smile and nicely dressed. But his deep blue eyes were strangely empty.

He looked Michael over as well. "I thought I was going to be the only guy in here." He extended a hand to Michael. "I'm Dexter."

Michael shook his hand firmly. "Michael. And I thought I would be, too. Shopping for your girlfriend?"

"My sister. She's got a thing for snow globes."

"So does my girlfriend. Every time there's a gap in a shelf, she thinks she needs to fill it with a snow globe."

Dexter chuckled. "My sister has one on her desk at work, and a couple dozen at home."

Reaching out, Michael picked up a snow globe with a puppy inside. "I don't see the use in them, but they make her happy."

"And that's what it's all about," Dexter said with a knowing smile. "As long as she's happy…"

"My world is a safer place."

Dexter quirked an eyebrow at Michael's terminology. "I suppose it would be."

Finally Michael spotted what he thought would be the perfect snow globe for Fiona, and he picked it up. "Here we go…" He smirked at Dexter. "Good luck with your search."

"Yeah…thanks." He shook Michael's free hand. "Nice meeting you."

"You, too." Michael paid for the snow globe and stepped outside, sliding his sunglasses back into his face.

Miami was a city full of characters, and Michael never got tired of meeting them.

The End.

A/N: Bwhaha. Michael Westen meeting Dexter Morgan... the idea just makes me laugh! As my brother suggested, maybe one day Michael will be driving down the road after someone, and on the street, Dexter will be chasing someone else. It's entirely possible that they could meet, but I'd hate to see what would happen if one of them thought the other was a bad guy...Bwhahah. Thanks for reading, and please review!