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Another Important Note: As of the date this chapter was published, the number of states that now allow same-sex marriage has drastically increased, as between May 2, 2013 and May 14, 2013, Rhode Island (May 2nd), Delaware (May 7th), and Minnesota (May 14th) all legalized same-sex marriage. Now same-sex marriage is legal in 12 states: Connecticut, Delaware (effective July 1st), Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota (effective August 1st), New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island (effective August 1st), Vermont and Washington State, as well as the District of Columbia, and 3 Tribal Jurisdictions (the Coquille Tribe, the Suquamish Tribe, and the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians). This also means that same sex marriage is now legal in more than 1 out of 5 states.

Also be aware that this chapter will likely contain more fanservice than usual, and is probably going to end up being a bit weird.

Tuesday July 23, 2013, 10:45 am

After spending a day and a half at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Yutaka and Minami went out to the parking lot to their car. Yutaka wore a orange T-shirt, blue shorts and black sneakers. Minami wore a pink tanktop, short green shorts and white strap on sandals. Before they went to the car, they loaded their winnings from the night before onto 2 money cards, one for each of the girls. They had decided to split their winnings evenly amongst them.

"So now it's on to Rhode Island", Yutaka announced. "Yes, we'll spend a few days there", Minami answered back. "And then it's on to Boston, right?", Yutaka wondered. "That's right, and we'll decide what's after that later", Minami told her. And with that, as soon as their things were all packed up, they got in the car to drive to the Rhode Island border.

11:15 am

After about a half hour drive, the girls made it to the Westerly State Airport. They would take the 11:30 am flight to Block Island, where they would spend a few hours, and then they would take the ferry back to Rhode Island the next day. After the girls loaded their things into the back of the plane they got in the passenger seats. As soon as they were buckled in, the plane taxied off the runway and took off for Block Island.

It was only took about 12 minutes (just as the advertisements say) for the plane to make it to Block Island. Once they got there, they checked into the National Hotel, which is often regarded as the best hotel on Block Island. By the time they were all checked in and all their stuff was unpacked, it was about 12:30 pm.

"Now that we're here Yutaka, what should we do now?", Minami asked. "Well Minami, I think the question is actually what shouldn't we do now", Yutaka answered. "You're right, this place seems to have a lot of stuff crammed into one little island", Minami concurred. "Why don't we do a little bit of shopping for souvenirs first?", Yutaka suggested. "That sounds like a good idea", Minami agreed.

"Later on we can go to the beach", Yutaka added. "Great idea, there are plenty of beaches on this little island", Minami answered back. "Before we head back to Rhode Island itself tomorrow, we should have dinner at that restaurant in the hotel", Yutaka concluded. "That sounds like a plan", Minami reiterated. So with that, the girls walked out of their hotel room and began that day's adventure.

2:45 pm

A couple of hours later, Yutaka and Minami arrived at the Block Island Town Beach, which is located a little more than a mile away from the National Hotel. The two had done quite a bit of shopping, and they had already dropped off their stuff in the hotel room before they came to the beach.

"Well here's the beach", Yutaka announced. "And it looks pretty crowded today", Minami noticed. It was crowded, then again unless it rains the beach is always crowded during the summertime. Eventually the girls found a spot a few feet away from the water. They put a huge blanket down and put up a couple of umbrellas and sat down.

After Yutaka and Minami set up their little spot, they put on their sunscreen. They both get sunburned quite easily without sunscreen. The two girls helped each other out by putting it on each other. "If you don't mind, Minami", Yutaka asked after she was all applied, "I could put the sunscreen on your legs if you want me too". "Well thank you, Yutaka", Minami answered, "I would appreciate you doing that".

"Okay, if you could just put one of your legs near me", Yutaka advised. "All right, if that'll make it easier", Minami agreed as she lifted her left leg up slightly. As soon as it was close enough, Yutaka unfastened the sandal on Minami's foot and slipped it off. With that, she started massaging the lotion into her wife's leg. "Ooooh yes, that feels so nice", Minami sighed as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. "Well I'm glad to hear you say that", Yutaka answered. As she continued, she thought to herself, "You know, I've never realized how attractive Minami's legs are until now".

She made sure to get every inch of her wife's leg, as well as her soles and in between the toes. "That kinds of tickles a little bit", Minami giggled. "Oh, well I'll try to be a little more careful", Yutaka replied. After the left leg was finished, it was time to do the right leg. She did the exact same thing to her wife's right leg, making sure every inch of it was covered. Once she finished, Yutaka noticed that Minami was on the verge of falling asleep.

"Minami, wake up", she called out, "I don't want you to miss out on the fun". "Oh, I'm sorry Yutaka", Minami realized, "I didn't mean to fall asleep on you". "I just don't want you to miss all the fun", Yutaka reiterated. "Okay, well thank you for waking me", Minami answered back. And with that they got up out of their area and went into the water.

The two of them had a lot of fun splashing around in the water, and building a pretty large sandcastle, gaining the attention of some of the kids and parents on the beach. They both felt like children again at least for a little while.

6:00 pm

After spending a few hours at the beach, Yutaka and Minami headed back to their hotel. "Well, let's get over our checklist", Yutaka announced. "Souvenirs, check", Minami chimed in. "Beach trip, check", Yutaka added. "So all that's left for us today is to have supper", Minami realized. "Right, and then tomorrow we take the ferry back to Rhode Island", Yutaka explained. "That sounds like a plan to me", Minami agreed. So with that they went downstairs to the Tap and Grille restaurant, which is the steakhouse restaurant located in the National Hotel.

When they got down there, they were directed to a table and given menus. To start with, the two ordered some asian marinated beef satays as an appetizer. For the entree they ordered 2 Surf and Turfs with consists of a 20 ounce lobster served with either a 6 ounce, 8 ounce, 12 ounce or 16 ounce steak. They washed that all down with a couple of martinis. At around 7:30 pm, they finished up, paid the bill and went back to their room.

9:30 pm

After they had packed up their stuff for the next day, Yutaka and Minami got changed into their pajamas. The former wore a pink one piece sleeveless nightgown, with the hem going down to mid thigh, and black thigh high nylon stockings. The latter wore the same thing but it was in green, and the stockings were white.

"Well, we have a long day planned for tomorrow", Yutaka announced. "That we do, so we have to get plenty of sleep", Minami told her. "The only problem is that I can't sleep", Yutaka admitted. "I think I may have a solution", Minami explained as she pulled out a metal stopwatch and a chain with a magnet on the end of it. "Oh really what is that?", Yutaka wondered. "Whenever I couldn't sleep, my mother would wave a watch or a coin on a string in front of me. I would follow it as I counted backwards from 100, and eventually I would drop off to sleep", Minami answered.

"That sounds easy enough", Yutaka replied, "I think I'd like to try it". "Okay, but are you sure you want to?", Minami asked, "Because we could try something else". "I'm okay with doing this", Yutaka reiterated. "All right, if you're sure", Minami answered back. "I'm positive", Yutaka confirmed. "All right, just give me a minute to put this together", Minami told her, "Just sit back and relax for now"

"Do you want me to let my hair down for this?", Yutaka asked. "If you want to, that's more than all right with me", Minami explained. With that, Yutaka untied the ribbons holding her pigtails in place and her hair fell down to her shoulders. Minami couldn't help but notice this. "Wow, Yutaka actually looks beautiful with her hair down", she thought to herself as she attached the stopwatch to the magnetic chain.

After about 2 minutes, Minami walked back over to Yutaka, who was now sitting in the armchair with one leg crossed over the other. "Are you ready, Yutaka?", Minami questioned. "I'm ready when you are, Minami", Yutaka confirmed, "I totally trust you with this". With that, Minami held the chain and allowed the watch to drop down until it was level with Yutaka's eyes. With that, Minami began gently waving the watch in front of her wife's face. Yutaka instantly started to follow the swinging watch with her eyes.

"Okay, now I want you to start slowly counting backwards from 100. With each number, you'll start to get more relaxed", Minami explained, "Your eyes will start to become heavy. But I want you to try to keep your eyes open for as long as you can, all right?". "I understand what you want me to do", Yutaka answered, her eyes still tracking the watch, "I trust you". "Listen only for the sound of my voice", Minami concluded, "You can start counting now".

"100. 99. 98. 97.", Yutaka slowly counted as she watched the stopwatch swing in front of her eyes. Counting down with the stopwatch, the nice shiny stopwatch.

"95. 94. 93. 92.", she continued. What little sound there was in the room began to fade out as she continued to count down. Her eyes were still locked onto the watch.

"89. 88. 87. 86.". By this time, Yutaka began feeling strange. It was like a fog was starting to envelop her mind.

"82..81..80..79..". Yutaka felt her eyelids starting to droop and she let out a yawn in between 79 and 78.

At the same time, Minami felt herself shaking a bit. "She looks so innocent as she's following my stopwatch, but yet she also looks kind of, dare I say, sexy", she thought to herself. It was actually pretty sexy watching Yutaka's large green eyes follow the watch's movements and her eyelids start to grow heavy and flutter.

"74..73..72..71..". Yutaka was becoming more and more drowsy, and she struggled to keep her eyes open, which were still locked onto the swinging watch.

"67..66..65..64..", Yutaka mumbled in a monotone, and she let out another yawn between 64 and 63. Still she tried to ignore her increasing drowsiness and continued to keep her focus on the watch.

"61..60..59..". The tired feeling was becoming harder and harder to ignore.

"56...55...54...", Yutaka sighed. Her tired heavy eyes were starting to blur and she struggled to keep her focus on the stopwatch.

"50...49...". At this point, Yutaka was rapidly becoming sleepier and sleepier. But yet she was still counting down and following the swinging watch with her eyes the best she could.

"46...45...". She felt her eyelids start to close down, and she felt one last big yawn come out.

"41...40...", Yutaka whispered as her eyes finally fluttered closed (although she still saw the watch swinging in her mind) and her head fell forward.

Nonetheless, Minami continued to swing the watch for about another 5 or 10 seconds until she was absolutely sure. "Yutaka, can you still hear me?", she asked. "Yes Minami...I", Yutaka mumbled in a sleepy monotone. "Good, now just relax right now and drift off to sleep", Minami advised, as she pulled off Yutaka's stockings and began massaging her legs and kissing her on the neck. "Ok...I will", Yutaka whispered drowsily, "That...feels...really...nice". And that was the last thing she remembered before she fell asleep.

*Before you get that thought, no, it wasn't rape. Sorry but I HAD to say it*

Wednesday July 24th, 9:00 am

The next morning, Yutaka and Minami packed up their things in their suitcases and hopped on the Block Island Ferry. The former wore a red tanktop, blue jean shorts, and white strap on sandals. The latter wore a green tanktop, brown shorts, and black pumps. "Well, that was quite a night last night, wasn't it?", Minami wondered. "Yes it was a pretty amazing night last night", Yutaka agreed. "I didn't think it would work that well", Minami admitted. "Neither did I", Yutaka replied back. For a little while, they just stood there and stared out across the water.

"So what's the plan now?", Yutaka asked about 15 minutes later. "Well today and tomorrow, we'll explore the rest of the coastline", Minami answered, "Then on Friday morning we'll head up to Providence". "And then that means we'll arrive at Boston on Saturday afternoon", Yutaka explained, "After that, we'll decide what to do next". "That sounds like a plan to me", Minami reiterated. Soon after that, the ferry pulled into the Point Judith Ferry Terminal at Narragansett.

Just as they had planned, Yutaka and Minami spent most of that day exploring the South Shore. From Narragansett where they explored the villages of Galilee, Jerusalem, and Point Judith, they moved up to North Kingstown and later to South Kingstown. Later that evening, they moved further west to Charlestown, where they had a nice dinner at the historic Wilcox Tavern, which took place at around 6:00 pm. After that, they paid and left. That was at around 7:30 pm.

After that, they took their bicycles and rode the short distance to East Beach to watch the sunset, which was around 8:15 pm this time of year. It was a beautiful sight. "Would you look at that sunset? Isn't it a gorgeous sight?", Yutaka asked. "It is quite a sight", Minami agreed, "But not quite as pretty as you are". "Even though it's not quite as beautiful as you are", Yutaka replied, "It is still pretty romantic". "That I can get behind", Minami stated, "This scene really makes the mood more romantic right now".

And in the heat of the moment, the 2 girls wrapped their arms around each other and locked their lips together in a kiss. However, the moment ended up being ruined by a furious homophobic fanatic of a man who punched them both in the face and began kicking them and pulling their hair. "I fucking hate all you goddamned fags!", he shouted, "You both deserve to burn in hell for your sins!". Just then, he was painfully tackled to the ground by 3 other men and 2 women.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?", one of the men roared. "LEAVE THEM ALONE!", one of the women screamed. "Why does it matter to you if they're gay or not?", another man called out. "You seriously remind me of one of those Westboro lunatics, except for the fact that they're not violent like you!", the last man yelled at him. They then dragged him away and the remaining woman called 911.

After she finished the call, she looked at Yutaka and Minami and asked them, "Are you two all right?". "I guess so", Minami answered as she stood up. "That was pretty scary though", Yutaka replied as she too got up off the ground. "That guy is way off his rocker", the woman explained to them, "But don't worry, they're going to call the police, so you two can get on with your business".

"Thank you very much", Yutaka stated. "Yes, thanks again", Minami agreed. "You're quite welcome", the woman said to the two. With that the two girls got back on their bikes and rode away as the woman waved to them. As for the man who attacked them, he ended up being charged with a hate crime and assault, and he was eventually sentenced to 5 years in prison, and his life was effectively ruined.

Just to be clear here: I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AGAINST GAYS AND LESBIANS. In fact, I HATE anybody who discriminates against them or other minority groups, ESPECIALLY those FUCKING LUNATICS at the Westboro Baptist Church. I just put that scene in to add a little more drama to the story. If I offended anyone with that scene, I sincerely apologize, because that wasn't my intention.

9:00 pm

Anyway after that scene, Yutaka and Minami decided to get the hell out of that area. They rode a little over 4 miles away to check into the historic Shelter Harbor Inn for the night. They booked one of the five rooms that were located in the converted carriage house. "What a nice room this is", Minami noted. "Yes it is, the owner told me this was part of a carriage house many years ago", Yutaka explained. With that, they got in their pajamas, and slipped into bed.

Thursday July 25th, 8:30 am

The next day, the girls woke up and after a nice breakfast at the inn's restaurant, they got dressed and ready to go explore Westerly (my proud hometown for my whole life), Watch Hill and Misquamicut. At around 9:00 am, Yutaka and Minami checked out of the Shelter Harbor Inn, and they got on their bikes. Yutaka wore a green tanktop, brown shorts, black thigh high socks and white sneakers. Minami wore a white tanktop, blue shorts, brown stockings, and red sneakers.

"Before we head out, I was wondering if we could change the schedule a bit", Yutaka answered. "Oh sure we can if you really want to", Minami told her. "I was thinking that tomorrow instead of heading right to Providence", Yutaka suggested, "We could head to Newport instead, and bump Providence up to Saturday and Boston up to Sunday". "If you really want to do that, we can make some room", Minami agreed, "I'd like to see what Newport is like myself".

So after this brief conversation, the two young lovers climbed back onto their bikes and began riding. Their first stop would be the Misquamicut State Beach on Atlantic Avenue. Later from there they would explore the village of Watch Hill, where they would spend the night in the Ocean House (which unlike most Watch Hill locations is open year-round).

It took them about 30 minutes to ride from the Shelter Harbor Inn to the Misquamicut State Beach. Once they were there they paid the fee to get in and made sure to lock their bikes up really good so no one would steal them. Once that was done, they walked onto the beach. There were thousands of people along the shore that day. Remember, all school kids are on summer break right now until August 28th.

Note: The last day of school for Westerly students is Wednesday June 26, 2013. It was supposed to be on Wednesday June 19, 2013. But after 3 days lost due to Hurricane Sandy, and another 2 lost due to the blizzard we had on Friday February 8, 2013, it was moved to the 26th.

After searching for about 10 minutes, Yutaka and Minami finally found a space about 25 feet away from the ocean. Once they found their spot, they lay their big blanket down as well as 2 lawn chairs and sat down.

"One of the people down here told me that this whole area was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy last year", Yutaka interjected. "Is that so?", Minami wondered, "What happened?". "Well they suffered a lot of damage", Yutaka told her, "For example, one home on this road got washed off its foundation and ended up in the middle of Crandall Avenue". "I've heard hurricanes can be really powerful", Minami cut in.

"Well now it doesn't look like a hurricane hit it anymore", Yutaka stated, "They did a really good job of fixing it up". "They certainly did", Minami agreed, "I can't see anything resembling hurricane damage anywhere".

Note: It is true that Misquamicut was devastated by Sandy, but they recently re-opened a few days ago for their annual SpringFest festival. This is a great example of a community pulling together. This is why I love living in Westerly.

Anyway, getting back to the story, after this conversation, the girls took over their shoes and stockings and after they put on their sunscreen, they walked into the water, until they were about knee-deep. From there, they bounced around their inflated beach ball to each other. A few times they got knocked over by the waves but they were having fun anyway. They also did more of the usual beach stuff. After about 3 or 4 hours they got back on their bikes and rode into Westerly (my hometown).

1:30 pm

After riding for about a half hour, Yutaka and Minami made it to Wilcox Park on Broad Street. They decided to have a picnic right in the park. After getting some lunch at the PizzaPlace Pie and Suds (they make REALLY good Neapolitan style and New York style slices) restaurant across the street, they went to the big grassy part in the middle of the park, near a model on The Runaway Bunny (from Margaret Wise Brown's beloved children's classic) and sat down to eat. They had picked up a small pepperoni pizza and two pasta dishes.

As they ate they watched everybody walking or lounging and the kids playing. It reminded them a lot of when they were kids and they used to play around in the park. But of course, this was years before they even met, started dating, or let alone got married.

"You know Minami, watching all these kids playing reminds of when I was a kid", Yutaka sighed. "I know what you mean Yutaka, it reminds me of those years as well", Minami recognized. "When we were kids, we didn't even know each other yet", Yutaka added in. "We didn't meet each other for the first time until our first year of high school", Minami interjected.

"And those years that we have known each other have been the absolute happiest years of my life", Yutaka announced. "Every year since we first met has been the most wonderful time of my life too", Minami concurred. After this little conversation, they hugged each other and kissed each other. As they were in the middle of a kiss, they heard some giggling and saw a brief flash. They turned their heads and saw two teenage girls with their cell phones, and one 25-ish year old woman with a digital camera.

Understandably, Yutaka and Minami were none too pleased with this intrusion, and they wanted an explanation. "What in the world is all this?", Yutaka demanded. "Yeah, why were you taking pictures of us?", Minami questioned. "Sorry about that", one of the girls apologized. "You two just looked so cute that we couldn't resist taking a picture", another girl confessed. "By the way, are you two married?", the woman with the camera asked.

"Yes, we are, actually", Yutaka admitted, "We just got married on Saturday in Mystic". "We came here all the way from Japan", Minami added, "We got engaged back in December". "Oh so it was a Christmas proposal?", the first girl asked excitedly. "Kind of", Minami told her, "Actually, I popped the question to Yutaka a few days before Christmas". "The day Minami proposed to me was actually my 21st birthday", Yutaka interjected, "And it was one of the best days of my life"

"A birthday proposal! Awww, how sweet!", the second girl exclaimed, squeeing a bit. "You know if you had waited until next Thursday, you could have gotten married right here in Rhode Island", the older woman explained to them, "The same-sex marriage bill was signed by the governor back in May and takes effect next week on August 1st".

"By the way, my name's Heather Johnson", the first girl introduced, "I'm 16 and about to become a junior at Westerly High School". "My name is Judith Thompson", the second girl called out, "I'm 14 and about to become a freshman at Westerly High School". "And I'm Rachel Anderson", the older woman said, "I'm their babysitter for the day".

Note: I am a proud graduate of Westerly High School Class of 2011.

"My name is Yutaka Kobayakawa", Yutaka answered, "I came here from Yokohama, Kanagawa". "My name is Minami Iwasaki", Minami responded, "I came here from Yokohama as well". "You know, I'd really like to go to Japan someday", Heather contemplated, "I've heard it's a beautiful country". "Personally, I'd like to see how they make anime", Judith interjected, "I watch a lot of it". "Yes, I know you do", Rachel grumbled, "Your room is so full of anime stuff I don't know how you can stand it!".

After talking more about each other, the five women separated. Later that afternoon, after walking around and seeing the sights of Historic Downtown Westerly, Yutaka and Minami got back on their bikes and began to ride to Watch Hill to check into the Ocean House. But before they did, at the advice of the locals, they took a quick pit stop at the Bess Eaton Coffee Shop at the corner of High Street and Oak Street. They ordered 1 dozen of their best donuts and two large iced coffees which the staff affectionately calls "The Tank".

6:00 pm

At around 6 o'clock, Yutaka and Minami made it to Watch Hill. After checking into the beautiful (and massive) Ocean House hotel, they had a nice dinner at one of the Ocean House's restaurants, to be exact The Bistro. When they finished the meal and paid the bill, they walked outside to the back to watch the sunset. Summer sunsets are always the best to look at. Eventually they looked into each other's eyes again and their gaze locked. They wrapped their arms around each other in a tender embrace and kissed each other gently.

Author's Notes:

Chapter (finally) completed on May 15, 2013

Westerly State Airport - one of six active airports in Rhode Island. As the name implies it serves the town of Westerly (which is my hometown).

Block Island - an island which is part of the state of Rhode Island. The island is located about 13 miles from the south shore of Rhode Island.

Wilcox Tavern and General Stanton Monument - also known as the Joseph Stanton House. It was built way back in 1739 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Shelter Harbor Inn - built on farmland dating back to the early 1800's, this former farmhouse was transformed into a inn back in 1911. It is located at 10 Wagner Road, just off of Post Road (aka US Route #1)

Bess Eaton Coffee Shop - a former chain of coffee shops that closed in 2004. However in Spring 2011, by some miracle, 3 stores reopened, including the original location at High and Oak Streets in Westerly. There are 2 stores in the Westerly-Pawcatuck area, one in Wakefield, a seasonal location in Narragansett, and one in Groton. If you come across any of them, I suggest you get a coffee and some donuts from there (they are absolutely delicious, especially the double chocolate donut), and don't walk to it, RUN!

Again I sincerely apologize for making all you loyal fans of this story wait for so long, and the fact that it's been taking me so long to upload the chapters. I never expected this arc to drag out for so long and to only complete 5 chapters in 9 months. To me that is absolutely and completely unacceptable. You see so much shit has been going on recently, not to mention I recently extended my hours at my job. But I'll try to get the last 2 chapters of this arc finished as soon as I possibly can so we can FINALLY get to the next arcs. And not to mention continue on with my newest fanfic, Saki: After Story (the first chapter was uploaded on February 14th). Hopefully I'll have this arc done by no later than September 30th, but that's probably a long shot.

Here's what's still in store for this fanfic: Chapters 33 through 37 will include the second Konata and Kagami family arc, which will include the birth of their second daughter and the days before and after. Chapters 38 and 39 will be the second supporting character arc (it will involve Ayaka and Nanami this time since I already gave Mariko and Chiyoko their arc). Chapters 40 through 42 will involve Tsukasa and Miyuki considering adopting a child.

Heather and Judith are named after Heather O'Rourke (December 27, 1975 - February 1, 1988) and Judith Barsi (June 6, 1978 - July 25, 1988) respectively. They were two popular child actresses from the 1980's who both died FAR too early. Heather was most famous for playing the role of Carol Anne in the three Poltergeist films; she was only 12 years old when she passed away from cardiopulmonary arrest and septic shock caused by an misdiagnosed defect in her small intestine, which led to an acute bowel obstruction. Judith was most famous for playing the role of Ducky in the original Land Before Time movie as well as Anne-Marie from All Dogs Go To Heaven; she was just 10 years old when she and her mother were both murdered by her own father. That just absolutely enrages me to my core.

Finally, on a more somber note, my thoughts and prayers go out to the 3 people who lost their lives and the 282 people injured in the Boston Marathon bombings of April 15, 2013 (Thank god they caught the madman who did this) and also to the at least 15 people killed and the more than 160 people injured in the West Fertilizer Company explosion in West, Texas on April 17, 2013.