A/N: This is AU, so I thought I would put a brief basic outline here. This is set in sixth year, and will be kept close-ish to how sixth year in the books was run. Not the events, but how the year was set out. In this story, Harry defeated Voldemort over the summer after fifth year. Not at the ministry. That was really just a catalyst to the Final Battle. The Battle was very similar to the Final Battle in Deathly Hallows, obviously minus the horcruxes, but this time I get to decide who lives and dies. Snape is alive, Slughorn doesn't exist. Dumbledore is alive.

Death Eaters, Voldemort, all that really isn't relative to my story, so they'll probably get a brief mention and that will be it. Oh and Molly still killed Bellatrix, because Molly is a BAMF.

Over the summer, before and after the Battle, Harry stayed at the Weasleys.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own anything in the Harry Potter universe except for a few pieces of awesome merchandise.

Summary: Having defeated Voldemort after fifth year, Harry is back at Hogwarts. Due to Snape-y circumstances, Harry ends up partnering Malfoy in Potions, where he is finally shown the real Draco.

Warnings: a bit of clichéd plot, graphic scenes of rape (later), graphic scenes of malexmale sex (later). If you don't like gay sex, go away and take your homophobicness elsewhere. This is Drarry. This will be top!Draco. I'll put warnings at the top of the chapters with the rape scenes, but it's your own choice to read it, I'm not putting up giant labels yelling "this is it here, don't read this bit if you can't handle it!" in the middle of a chapter.

Professor McGonagall tapped her glass with a fork, and the hall of students turned to look at the staff table, where Dumbledore was just standing up.

"Welcome, students, to another year at Hogwarts!" said the man as he smiled broadly, flinging out his arms. "I would like to remind you all that all products of Weasley Wizard Wheezes are banned, as well as many of the Zonko's items. To our new first years, and to several of our older students – "

Dumbledore's twinkling eyes made contact with Harry's, before he proceeded.

" – the Forbidden Forest is out-of-bounds. Students are encouraged to report their names to their Heads of Houses if they want to try out for the house Quidditch teams. First years keep close to the prefects, and I'll see you bright and early tomorrow! Pip pip!"

The hall burst into noise as everyone got up and headed to their dorms.

Harry stuck close to Ron and Hermione even as they led the first years out of the Great Hall, with Ron's usual call of "midgets," and Hermione's rebuking hit. He stoically ignored the whispers and blatant pointing from the younger and more obvious students; he had encountered much of the same on the train ride here.

Voldemort had been defeated over the summer holidays, and, as prophesised, Harry had been the one to end the reign of the Dark Lord. He didn't understand the morbid fascination the Wizarding World seemed to hold him in, he hadn't really defeated Voldemort. Well, he had, but it was most definitely not because he had some secret power that had blasted Voldemort into the Realms of the Dead. It was all really a repeat of the graveyard scene at the end of fourth year. Harry had cast expelliarmus at the same time as Voldemort's Killing Curse. Priori Incantatem had caused the two spells to merge and explode, and the Killing Curse had backfired from the intensity of Harry's spell, leaving the Dark Lord dead by his own hand.

Harry was knocked quite literally out of his reverie by none other than Draco Malfoy, but the other boy did not even glance at him, and merely continued walking as if Harry did not exist. Harry frowned. Alright, so the war had changed everyone, Harry conceded, most of all Malfoy, but Harry didn't even get a sneer. Not one, tiny strain of normality. Harry was even a little disappointed.

Malfoy and his mother had fled to France over the summer and avoided the war, leaving Lucius Malfoy with his Lord, who was now reaping the reward of a lifetime in Azkaban.

"Git," murmured Ron under his breath as Malfoy stalked past them.

Harry once again frowned, neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

As they reached the entrance to the common room, Harry couldn't help but notice the Fat Lady as she primped herself in expectation of the students. He smirked, and the Fat Lady winked at him before she shook herself and held out a hand in front of her ample bosom regally. "Password?" she asked, speaking as if she had a plum in her mouth.

"Felix felicis," responded Hermione promptly, and the first years gasped in awe as the portrait swung open, revealing the comfy inner common room within.

Hermione directed the first years to their respective dorms with brisk instructions, before she, Ron and Harry settled themselves in front of the fire in their favourite armchairs.

"Well, this year looks different doesn't it? I wonder what we'll learn. Oh, I do hope we'll start on human transformation in Transfiguration, what – "

"What I'd like to know," said Ron loudly over Hermione, "is who the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor will be. Did you notice the empty chair next to Hagrid?"

"Speaking of," said Harry, changing the subject yet again, "is anyone actually continuing Care of Magical Creatures?"

Hermione and Ron looked at him guiltily. "Oh... Hagrid is not going to be happy with us..." said Ron.

At breakfast the next morning, they all received their new time tables.

"Excellent," said Ron, satisfied, "we get two free periods today! We'll have plenty of time to catch up on all the sleep we missed out on this morning." Ron finished his statement by shoving a large roll of bacon into his mouth, which thankfully prevented him from talking.

"Yeah but we've got double potions this morning. Probably with the Slytherins," groaned Harry, "Why is it always first thing Monday morning, potions with the Slytherins?"

Hermione frowned at the timetables. "I don't think it's only with the Slytherins, Harry. There wouldn't be enough students in the class. Remember, this is the year that everyone can change their subjects, in preparation for N.E. next year. So people like Neville definitely won't be continuing it."

Neville grumbled from across the table.

"Alright, so potions with everyone then. And Defence straight after! We'll find out who the new professor is pretty quick then," Harry concluded.

A small hand landed on Harry's shoulder, and he jumped slightly, his heart skipping a beat. He caught a wafting scent of flowers and relaxed a bit.

"Hello Harry," said Ginny, smiling as she squeezed into the small gap next to him.

"Ginny," he smiled weakly back.

Ginny pushed her luscious red hair back behind her ears and gave Harry a dazzling smile.

Harry shifted uncomfortably. She really was too close. Had she ever even heard of personal space?

It was at that moment that Ron stood up, oblivious to the wiles of his younger sister. "Well, I'm stuffed, off to Potions with the smarmy git, yeah?"

Harry let out a silent breath and stood up too. "Yeah, wonder what torture we're setting ourselves up for this year?"

Ginny looked slightly crestfallen, but Harry ignored the look.

"Later, Gin," said Ron, waving carelessly at his sister. Harry echoed the sentiment, and dragged Hermione off with them.

They waited silently outside the Potions classroom, the gloomy atmosphere of the dungeons dampening the usual first-day hype, and filed in wordlessly after Snape, his robes billowing behind him like a great, black wave.

All up, there were twelve students in the damp classroom. There were Harry, Ron, Hermione and Parvati from Gryffindor, Padma Patil, and Terry Boot, Michael Corner and Anthony Goldstein from Ravenclaw. The only Hufflepuff to make the cut was Ernie Macmillan, and he joined Harry, Ron and Hermione at their table, rather than sit alone.

Harry grimaced as Malfoy sauntered into the classroom, followed by Blaise Zabini and another Slytherin Harry didn't know. Snape didn't so much as take points off the late trio, let alone look up at them. Malfoy smirked at Harry.

Snape spun on his heel to face the classroom of students, rested on his own desk behind him, and began to speak in his low, exacting voice. "I am required to welcome you to N.E.W.T level potions, despite the skills that so many of you – " his eyes lingered on Harry briefly, " – lack. This year, you will brew more complex potions than many of you have ever encountered, and I will not tolerate failure."

Snape continued to outline the potions covered in the course, until he came to the finest aspect of Advanced Potions. "This year, you will be partnered off in a Research Assignment. The assignment will be of your choosing, but your partner will not." Snape's lip curled as his eyes rested on Harry, Ron and Hermione, as they glanced at each other in dismay. "This assignment will be worth 50% of your grade for the year, and you will be presenting your research before exams. I will leave on the board previous topics students have chosen to research, and you can either take one of those or discover your own. Because of the importance of this assignment, your partner will also be your regular potions partner, so you will have time to get along if you do not know one another."

Hermione's hand went into the air, but Snape ignored it. He pulled his wand from his sleeve gracefully and with a flick, writing began to appear on the blackboard behind him, outlining previous assignments previous students had researched. He continued along the tangent of the assignment, and only when he had thoroughly covered the topic did he turn his obsidian eyes to the eager girl five minutes later.

"Please sir, how will you decide the partners?"

"Why, Miss Granger, by magical dip, of course. Unless your brain has not heard of such a common method before?"

Hermione blushed, but refused to cower. Harry silently applauded her. It had been a long time since Snape had called her an insufferable know-it-all, and she had gone through a war since then.

When Hermione didn't answer, Snape merely raised an eyebrow at the rest of the class before explaining. "Magical dip is the wizard's adaption of the Muggle lucky dip game, or drawing numbers out of a hat. It allows for a completely random, unbiased calling. I suppose you'll want me to start now?"

The class remained silent, but the air was thick with anticipation.

Snape rolled his eyes and whipped his wand back out. He made a complex waving motion, and two names appeared in the air. Harry was distinctly reminded of Tom Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets, and he gave an involuntary shudder.

Padma and Parvati Patil.

Snape stared at the two girls until they moved to be seated next to one another, and the rest of the class soon understood.

Terry Boot and Hermione Granger.

Michael Corner and Theodore Nott.

The unknown Slytherin boy sneered, and Michael immediately moved to the Slytherin's desk.

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

Harry gave a silent groan as he glanced over at the other boy. Malfoy was regarding him with narrowed eyes, and Harry took that as a sign that he would be the one to move. He nudged Ron goodbye, and he lost track of the other pairings as he moved across the classroom.

"Malfoy," he nodded stiffly.


Snape finished pairing. "You have fifteen minutes left of class time; I suggest you begin discussing your options."

Harry glanced at Malfoy reluctantly and frowned. That expression from before was on that pale face. The narrowed eyes, the tiny crinkling between hi s eyebrows, an absence of a smirk.

Harry hurriedly began to talk, the expression on his rivals face making him wary. "So, um, Malfoy. Any ideas?"

Malfoy smirked. "Really Potter, are you sure you want any of my ideas? Could you handle the concept of using my idea, oh great and mighty saviour?"

"Don't call me that!" Harry snapped, and Malfoy's smirk only widened.

Harry glared, and Malfoy finally spoke, his eyes meeting Harry's. "Well," the blond haired boy said slowly, "we could always do something on Polyjuice Potion, I've always wanted to try that."

Harry lowered his gaze and ducked his head. "What, like, the effects of it? I'm fairly certain everyone knows the effects of Polyjuice Potion, Malfoy."

Malfoy sniffed disdainfully. "No, Potter, like what ingredients could be used to change the effects, make it last longer. I've heard polyjuice doesn't change the voice box, what if we manipulated the ingredients to change the voice?"

Harry nodded reluctantly. This was starting to sound like a decent idea. He exhaled upwards, ruffling the hair covering his forehead. "That sounds like a good idea..."

Malfoy smirked. "Of course it does, Potter, I came up with it."

"Cocky git."

"Just cocky," said Malfoy.

And then he winked. At Harry.

They agreed to meet in the library after dinner, to work on the research assignment.

The bell rang, and Harry positively fled the classroom, away from smirking, winking Malfoy.

Ron and Hermione caught up with him, and Harry explained their chosen research topic.

"That's clever, Harry," said Hermione, sounding surprised.

"Yeah, well I didn't come up with it," Harry grumbled.

"Malfoy?" said Ron, and Harry merely muttered unintelligibly.

"Well, do try to get along with him Harry, your entire potions grade depends on it."

"I know, Hermione," growled Harry.

"Ask Snape for Moste Pontente Potions, that's the book we used in second year, it had the instructions written extensively, plus extra."

"Alright, thanks. Have you decided what you're doing yet? What's it like with Boot?"

"He's – "

"A right smarmy git. Did you see how he was looking at you?" Ron interrupted, scowling.

"And how was that, Ronald?"

"Like he wanted to eat you! Bloody pervert..."

"And what, pray tell, is wrong with him looking at me like that?" Hermione rounded on Ron, now walking backwards in front of them.

Harry tuned out his friends as their argument escalated in volume. They were on their way to Defence Against the Dark Arts, and they were yet to discover who their new teacher was, as there had still been an empty chair at breakfast that morning.

Harry entered the classroom before his bickering friends, and stopped in surprise. Ron actually walked into his abruptly stopped form. Harry staggered under the weight of his friend, but Ron righted them both quickly.

"Remus!" Harry shouted.

Those already in the class turned to look at Harry and began muttering amongst themselves, and he blushed slightly. He noticed Malfoy staring at him again. He scowled slightly.

"Harry, good to see you again. Sorry I didn't tell you I was teaching, I couldn't make it to the school until this morning." Remus eyed Harry, and Harry understood. Full moon was last night.

"Alright, settle down," Remus called over the class, amused.

One by one the students all slowly turned to face the front. The class was full, as Defence was a much more popular subject than Potions. Harry sat with Ron and Hermione at the back, whispering excitedly, Ron and Hermione's argument forgotten.

Remus immediately launched into a summary of the years assignments, and requirements for the exam at the end of the year, as it seemed that most of the teachers were now doing.

"... Now I know you're all aware of my affliction, courtesy of the rumours in your third year, and I want to tell you that arrangements have been made, you are all perfectly safe, I have a foolproof room and Professor Snape brews me my Wolfsbane potion every month, so there is nothing for you to fear me about."

Remus spread his arms wide to the silent class. "Yes, I am a werewolf. Professor Dumbledore could not find another teacher at such short notice, and I was quite jobless when he came to me less than a week ago."

There was a murmuring amongst the class, as though the students were trying to decide whether he would suddenly transform and try to jump them. Remus let them go on for a while longer before he continued.

It was at this point that Harry started to space out, and let his gaze wander around the classroom. The walls were already hung with what looked to be information posters. Some featured details on the monthly changes of a werewolf (surprise, surprise), there were yet more on other creatures, like Grindylows and the Demiguise. In back corner of the room was an old-looking chest with a large padlock on it, and Harry could hazard a guess that it contained a Boggart.

By the end of the lesson, it sounded like it would be an average year of Defence, if not better than the rest. They all remembered Remus as one of their best instructors.

The bell rang for lunch, but Remus called Harry back.

"I'm so sorry I haven't been able to see you over the summer, Harry. I was so busy trying to clear everything up. Dumbledore only approached me last week." He said as Harry settled himself atop a table in front of the teacher's desk.

"It's alright," said Harry, smiling softly, "this way my owls won't take days to find you!"

Remus smiled, and they lapsed into a brief silence.

"Harry, how have you been holding up?"

Harry looked up in surprise. "Since the war? Fine, Remus."

"Not the war, Harry."


Harry looked away. So much had happened since Sirius' death at the ministry. It was almost like it had happened years ago, but the wounds were still far too fresh.

"Alright, I guess. That first week after the Ministry was the hardest, but then the war happened and everything got pushed aside, so I don't know."

Remus looked earnestly into Harry's eyes. "Harry, you know I'm here, alright? I'll always be here. I know I'm not Sirius, but..."

Remus did not mention that he thought Harry was one of the main reasons Dumbledore had been so keen to hire him.

"I know, Remus. And thanks."

And then Harry surprised himself, and Remus, as he leant over impulsively and gave the werewolf a hug. Remus' arms came up around him, and they stayed like that together for a long moment. Harry liked this hug. It really was like hugging a dad.

Later that night, Harry brought his potions things to the library. He found Malfoy already there, head bent over a desk near the back of the room, candle light spilling softly over his face. Harry observed his rival briefly as the blonde boy absently pushing a glowing lock of hair from his face, before marching over and dropping his things on the desk with a clatter. Malfoy jumped, and scowled when he saw who it was.

"Took your time, didn't you?"

"I am so sorry, Your Highness, however can I forgive myself for being a single minute late?" Harry replied sarcastically as he settled in a chair opposite Malfoy.

Malfoy leant back in his chair and tucked his hands behind his head. "Your Highness, I could get used to that," he mused.

"Fuck you," Harry scowled.

"With pleasure," Malfoy drawled, one elegant eyebrow raised.

Harry shivered, and deemed the scarily light banter over. He cleared his throat. "So, do you have any idea of the books that could help us?"

Malfoy gestured wordlessly to the small pile of books in front of him. Harry noted smugly that they were all from the general library, none from the Restricted Section.

"Do any of them actually have useful information?" he asked, curious.

A tiny frown creased Malfoy's brow. "Not really. They all sort of just mention it in passing."

"Ah," said Harry, and a large smirk crept across his face. "I'll be right back then."

Harry leapt off his chair and scurried towards Madam Pince.

Draco watched as the crabby old woman scowled at Potter and the note in his hand, before ushering him into the Restricted Section, and watching over him like a hawk as he selected a book. The old woman led Harry back to her personal desk, where she checked out the book with a name and a stamp in the back.

Potter returned, looking immensely satisfied.

Draco merely raised an eyebrow again, and Potter slapped the book on the table.

"Moste Pontente Potions," Draco read the title, "and how exactly do you know Polyjuice Potion is in this exact book?"

"Oh, er... Hermione. And I got the permission slip from Snape at lunch." said Harry finally, as if it explained everything.

Malfoy carefully picked up the book and began leafing through its thick pages carefully. There seemed to be blood spilt on a page about half way through, and not just a simple drop. It looked like someone had died on top of the book. He skimmed to the back and looked at the list of those who had borrowed it previously. Harry's name was at the bottom of the list, but only three names up was what caught Malfoy's attention. Hermione Granger, 1992.

Harry snatched the book back, quickly flipping to a page just before the large bloodstain. The page, written in old, cursive handwriting, detailed extensively the method and ingredients of Polyjuice Potion.

"A month?" exclaimed Malfoy, leaning over, "it takes a month to brew?"

"Well of course," said an irritated Harry, "it's a complicated potion! It's not going to just take a few potions lessons."

"It's a good thing this is a year-long project then."

The two boys spent the next few hours carefully brainstorming ideas based on the ingredient list before them. Which ingredients could be replaced, what could potentially be added. They brainstormed, they sneered, they got along, they fought. In the end, they had a clearly outlined goal, and a basis to be presented to Snape the next potions lesson. They parted on sincere words of goodbye and a shared flipped finger.

Harry headed off towards Gryffindor Tower, but was interrupted by an amused voice. "You know, you two really are a contradiction."

"Hermione!" exclaimed Harry as his friend stepped from the shadows. He frowned. "What do you mean?"

Hermione sighed and stepped into pace alongside Harry. "You and Malfoy. You're constantly at each other's throats, you can't stand the sight of each other, and yet you can work together better than you have ever done with Ron or I."

Harry scoffed. "What gave you that notion? We were bickering the whole time!"

"Yes, Harry," said Hermione, her lips pressed together like she was trying not to laugh, "but you also wrote pages and pages of shared notes, have your topic and aim discussed, agreed upon and completely set out. Usually with you and Ron, to write that many notes requires the long availability of chocolate and other unhealthy sugary foods. My partner and I haven't even decided on what we want to do yet," she added wistfully.

"How is it with Boot, anyway? Noticed yet the cannibalistic looks that only Ron can see?"

"Terry," Hermione emphasised, "merely looks at me like one might look at a teacher or mentor. I look at him similarly. He's a Ravenclaw, he has a unique outlook when it comes to potions. You would have to wonder how he's survived all these years if it didn't hold any curiosity for him. The only problem is that his outlook is so dissimilar to mine, we don't agree on anything when it comes to choosing a topic."

"I'm sure that's horrible for you," said Harry, amused.

"Oh, but it is! We have intellectual arguments, and for once I can't be sure who will win, it's so different compared to arguing with Ron or you!"

"Should I be insulted?" asked Harry.

"Er... Oh look the Fat Lady! Back already, golly that was quick!" said Hermione brightly.

Harry rolled his eyes and spoke the password, leading Hermione into the common room. Hermione immediately claimed one of the armchairs in front of the fire, and began spreading out books in the air around her with a wave of her wand. She conjured a table-cushion to her lap.

"Aren't you going to bed? You just spent hours in the library having 'intellectual arguments.'" Harry said, using his fingers to air-quote the last words.

"What? No, of course not!" Hermione looked scandalised. "I'm doing some Transfiguration!"

Harry sighed, and raised his eyes skyward. "Hermione, we didn't get any Transfiguration homework."

"Oh, I know. I just wanted to read ahead a bit in the text book, see what we're doing."

"Alright then," said Harry, talking as if to placate a distraught child. "I'm going to bed, nice and early, you know. Relishing in the fact that I have no assignments keeping me up past midnight."

Hermione merely hummed in response, her eyes already focused on the book in front of her. Harry took that as his queue to leave and he trudged up the stairs to the boy's dorm.

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