Sorry that it has taken me awhile to update. I've been crazy busy especially last week. I had 5 Thanksgiving dinners to go to and help with. I just pulled myself away from dance central to write. I figured my free time tonight could go to better use. So.. here it is.

Faith and Kennedy were taking a needed break after bringing everything into their apartment. They finally had everything put away and situated where they wanted it. "So, what do you think of slayer central so far?"

"I'm not real sure yet. I think it is awesome that they have all this set up to help girls and train them. I'm just wondering how crazy it is here with all these teenage girls here."

Kennedy laughed at the idea of the teenage slayers fighting over the bathroom. "I am so glad we are living together still. I would go crazy if I was them. Let's hope we don't get pulled into any drama. I can deal with demons trying to kill me, but teenagers? Hell no." Kennedy looked around the room one more time before glancing back to Faith. "Come on. We should go see if Giles needs any help."

The two brunettes walked into the library where they found most of the original group. "Hey. We figured we'd see if you needed some help."

Giles looked around to the others before he spoke. "Actually, I think we are finished for today. We were gonna take a breather before starting up tomorrow. You can help tomorrow if you are not busy."

"Sounds good to us. We do have to run to the base for a few hours, but after that we're free." Faith stated as she started to walk towards the door. "I think we might just explore the place a bit more. Maybe even go out tonight."

"Do you want someone to show you around?" Willow asked.

"Yeah, if you want to. That would be great."

Thirty minutes later, Willow was showing the two the last room. "This is the head training room. Only Buffy really goes in here. You two can come here whenever you want. Oh that reminds me. You two have to get your clearance. I mean we're not gonna do a background on you two. We just need to get you two rings. Everyone here has a ring. It pretty much gives you access to whatever you are allowed to. The girls' rings cannot get into here, but yours will be able to."

"Um... what if a demon gets a hold of the rings?" Kennedy asked as she looked around the training room, still in awe.

Willow smiled as she answered. "Actually, I put a spell on the rings. A demon cannot put it on or he will burst in flames. Only we can wear them. I have the spell to where it knows the owner and only fits for them. It will not hurt another human if they get a hold of it. It will just simply not work."

"Very impressive." Kennedy smirked at the red head and then looked at Faith. "Well, let's go get these rings."

Buffy and Willow were sitting in the lobby when they saw the soldiers walking towards them. "Hey B. Hey Red." Faith smiled at the two.

"Hey guys. Going to patrol?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, we haven't exactly had a good patrol in a long time and let's be honest. We are on a hellmouth. I'm itching for some fun." Faith said with a smirk.

Kennedy laughed before looking at the few. "Oh I'm definitely agreeing with that. I'm ready for a good fight."

"Well, we were actually going to go out too." Willow stated. "Do you want to go together? I'm sure Buffy can show you all the hot spots."

"Sounds good to me." Faith said before walking out the door with the other three. "So how do you like being head slayer B? That's got to be something that I would never want to do."

Buffy chuckled before answering. "It's not that bad. I mean I'm not in charge. We all share the in charge-ness. Giles, Willow, Xander and I. We are the original team, so I'm not gonna act like I'm the boss of them."

"That's good. I mean you don't have all this responsibility." Kennedy stated as they walked into a cemetery. "So this is the hot spot, Buffy?"

Faith smirked as she saw why Kennedy had said that. "Oh, I'm so loving this." She said before running to the group of demons around a couple.

"Hahaha. Least kills buys dinner." Kennedy said as she took off after Faith with Buffy and Willow looking at them before catching up.

Faith ran forward killing two instantly, with Kennedy next with her first two kills. Buffy had caught one before she saw Willow throw a ball of fire to another demon. Buffy went after the last one, throwing a stake into its back watching it hit the ground and Kennedy walked over snapping it neck. Buffy looked over Willow and smiled, before she glanced to the two brunettes who were kneeling by the couple.

Willow walked over with the original slayer. "We should get them to a hospital." She said as she looked at the two who had slashes in their bodies.

They watched as Kennedy pulled off her jacket. "There cuts are too deep. I have to stop the bleeding before we move them anywhere." She ripped her jacket into pieces before handing a few pieces to Faith as they started to put tourniquets on the two. "Willow, hand me that stick behind you. I just need one more."

Willow did as she was told before Faith spoke up. "I think we're good, K. Let's get them to the hospital."

Walking into Slayer Central, Buffy decided to head to the training room before going to bed. She really didn't get that much of a fight tonight and was dying to hit the bag. "Want company, B?"

"Yeah, I could use someone who can keep up. That is, if you can keep up." Buffy smirked as she headed into the room.

Faith laughed. "Oh B, I can keep up and pass you on so many levels. You could never keep up with me." She replied with a wink.

"You would be surprised." The blonde replied with a wink.

Okay... Like? Maybe.. No?