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The herons approached the starting line. Tursgud grinned evilly at them from the other side of them.

"It was a good idea for you all to run, that way one of you might finish."

Stig gritted his teeth, but at a word from Hal backed off. Zac, who was third in line and standing right behind the two, watched with interest. It seems I backed the right person.

The first whistle sounded and Roland took off for the hills. His teammates cheered him on till he was out of site.

Tursgud was next, and the scene was pretty much the same for him. Now it was the herons turn.

"Very well birdies. One last chance to reconsider."

Seeing Hal shake his head, Sigurd continued.

"No? Very well. No flying birdies, that would be cheating..."

The whistle cut him off midsentance. Hal started for a moment before motioning to his team.

"Come on."

The started jogging for the foothills amongst th catcalls and jeers of the other brotherbands.

Once they were out of sight, Hal and Stig stopped and allowed Zac to pass them. The idea was that they all agreed to run. No one specified how far.

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