Goku/Chichi One-shot.

His flower.

He watched her as she danced around in her wedding dress, having fun with all the guests that were invited. She danced with little children as well. He watched her from the food table. He had stopped stuffing his face with food just to see his newly wife dance happily. She looked so beautiful in her dress, smiling.

This beautiful flower was his now.

He watched her cradling their son, hushing him to sleep, singing a soft lullaby. The way she held him in her arms showed tenderness, and gentleness. She held him in such a loving way a mother would.

She's a mother. A beautiful mother.

She wore her night gown, ready to sleep once she placed their son to sleep. Her long black hair, down and soft like silk.

His flower.

He watched her cook his favorite foods as he was training their son Gohan. He gave his full attention to his boy, but time to time he would glance at his wife. She had a content smile her face.

He held her closely to him as she shed her tears, for fear of losing him at the Cells games. His flower was in distraught. He knew he could not stay. He knew that she would mourn for him. He needed her to focus on Gohan, and their baby. The unborn baby that he would give her.

He was dead, but he still watched his flower. He watched as she gave birth to their newborn son, Goten. He was sadden that he could not be there with his family, but it was for the best.

The past seven years he watched his sons grow, and he watched his flower bloom once again after his death.

Here with them now, Goku watched as his sons ran into the woods to play. He turned his attention back to his wife. He watched as she hung the large blankets for them to dry. He watched her smile, happy at how clean they are.

He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her.


He turned her so that she would face him. She looked at him with confusion in her eyes. He only gave her smile, before he captured her lips with his.

He knew that she didn't know what he was doing, but she returned the kiss anyway, it made him happy.

He was happy be with his wife.

His beautiful flower.