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▌Future Erased
an OC story by we are the hurricane

▒ i. in the beginning

I'm in London.

This doesn't sound very weird. People go to London all the time. But, only a few minutes ago I was in Australia, talking to my friends after school. Being completely innocent. Just being a seventeen year old girl trying to study for her higher school certificate, having to try and put her past behind her and move on. To try and find that, maybe, just maybe, what would happen to her in the future and the past wouldn't happen and she'd just be normal again.

But now my normality is gone.

I got whisked away by my future-self and her (also mine, if you think about it) husband and landed here. Somewhere I shouldn't be. Really, I should be back at home in the school's boarding school, at this time I would've gotten started on my homework, without this second-hand bag on my back, and the contents of it spewing out as it is incredibly small.

I want to go home. But I can't. Because here's the catch. I'm not just a country away. I'm a universe away, and almost eighteen years backwards from my time. Welcome, Summer, to the 23rd of July, 1999. The day you were born.

It's two in the morning and I'm standing in front of a shop called Henriks. Never seen it before, never want to again. I want to see a shop like Jay Jays or Cotton On, something familiar, something I visit whenever my school gives me some recreation money to go buy some clothes. But instead, I get bloody Henriks, which doesn't look like a good shop at all. I look like an idiot in my school uniform, which is freezing me to death. It was March back in Australia, so I'm in my summer uniform. Before I starve to death, I'm going to freeze to death. My future-self told me to wait here. So here I'm waiting. And no one's coming.

I better be waiting for something good. Something occurs to me that if I was waiting for something bad, I wouldn't have been brought here. I just don't see my future-self taking me somewhere that I'd bore myself to death.

While I'm waiting for something that isn't coming, the crack in the walls of the universe are closing. I might never get home. Or, I won't, seeing as my future-self told me that she lives in this universe. With my husband. Who looks completely hot, but, seriously, he wears a bowtie. The only guy who is allowed to wear the bowtie is Brendon Urie, but apparently not, seeing how much my future-self loves it.

And, also my future husband is an alien travelling in a blue box with me. The funniest thing is, this world is a TV show back where I come from. There's just stories! By Moffat and Davies. Nothing special, except to fangirls like me. And, it doesn't work out. The Doctor marries River Song. So how can he be married to me? Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey, as he'd say. Great. Bloody awesome. Spoilers anyday.

I need clothes. Lots of them. My mustard coloured dress is just to disgusting and cold. People can see right through to my bra in this light. I had to go and wear a white one today. There are no shops open on the street and I don't have any money in pounds, Only dollars. And, anyway, maybe this universe has a different currency altogether. Which means all my money is useless. Anyway, I think it would be suspicious if I give money that says it's made in 2015. I'd look like an idiot.

But, I already do. I'm an Australian girl in her summer uniform in 1999, the year she was born. I'm stuck in a parallel universe in London on the day I was born with only the Matrix to look forward to and I'm waiting for something that still hasn't come. This day is becoming the worst in my life.

But, knowing me, there are much worst days in my past and future. I'm probably the luckiest and the unluckiest girl in the whole of the universes.

I turn around to see someone's coming. And he's very familiar. He has big ears and a leather jacket.

The Ninth Doctor.

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