Thicker Than Blood

Summary: Dean's life is pretty good. Nice job, loving family, great roommate buddy, pretty steady girlfriend and even a kid. Too bad all of that is about to get shattered when a newcomer arrives in the form of a one night stand who just so happens to be more linked to the people around him then he originally thought. That picture perfect world may not be so perfect after all when the "photoshopping" gets revealed.

Rating: M (violence, language, mature themes)

Disclaimer: here we go again...any person, place or thing you recognize, obviously not belonging to me. Does this make people happy? I'm going to say yes seeing as how my stuff's never gotten in trouble before...huzzah.

There was ringing.

Why was there ringing in the beautiful world of his dreams?

Persistent ringing too.

Whoever it was, they were going to pay dearly for disturbing his sleep.

His hand blindly reached out and grabbed for the offending electronic device. It shook in his hand as it continued to ring and he cracked open an eye to see who he was going to be yelling at. He paused, surprised by the displayed name before his thumb hit the button to accept the call.

"Hey." He greeted carefully, glancing at his clock and reading 3:17am.

"Hey Cas I uh...I need a favour." The female voice that came through the other ended sounded shaky and weak. He frowned, sitting up quickly. His eyes darted over to the window where he heard the sounds of rain falling outside before he climbed out of his bed.

"What's wrong?" Castiel whispered. He knew he had to be quiet with his roommate asleep in the next room. He was already grabbing clothes, ready to take off.

"Can...can you come and...let me in? Maybe...bring a towel...please." The response startled him.

A few minutes later, still in his sleeping clothes of pyjama pants and t-shirt, he trudged out of the elevator and blinked, shocked to see the red haired woman standing in the little room between the lobby and the outside world. He paused for a moment, long enough to take in her drenched and shivering appearance before he quickly crossed the lobby to open the door and let her into the building. Once she stepped in, he wrapped a towel around her, now realizing what it was for.

"What the hell happened?" Castiel asked.

"I really don't want to talk about it right now." She clung to the towel, holding it closer to her body as she stood in the middle of the lobby shaking.

"We're going to talk about this, Jacey." Castiel stated firmly. He rubbed his hands up and down her arms then pulled her closer to hug her gently. "You're not getting out of this one."

"I know!" Jacey snapped slightly. She sighed and shook her head against his chest. "Just...don't wanna talk about it right now, okay?"

"Okay." Castiel agreed. "Come on, let's get up to the room, I'm pretty sure I got some of your emergency clothes in my closet." Jacey laughed slightly and let him steer her into the elevator. "Have to be quiet though, my roommate's asleep."

"What's the roommate these days?" Jacey asked.

"A mechanic." Castiel replied. Jacey raised an eyebrow but said nothing. "Do you want to take a shower?"

"I just want to go to sleep." Jacey muttered. Castiel nodded, giving her arm a gentle rub again. They walked out of the elevator and into the room in silence. He dug out a bag labelled with her name from his closet and left her his room to change. There was a slight battle over where she would sleep but she insisted on the couch and even got herself settled before he gave in and fetched a blanket and pillow.

"Get some sleep, I'll see you in the morning." Castiel whispered.

"Thanks Cas." Jacey replied as she shifted on the couch and closed her eyes. Castiel sighed and went to his room, wondering about who's ass he'd have to kick later.


Dean wandered out of his room, scratching his chest. He yawned and stretched, heading straight to the kitchen for that cup of morning coffee. He froze mid stretch in the doorway of his destination room when he saw something he wasn't used to seeing. Standing at the sink, rinsing off some dishes, was a woman in grey sweatpants and a white tank top. Her red hair was piled up in a messy bun on her head. Her back was to him so he couldn't see much else but he appreciated the view he was already receiving.

"You weren't here when I went to bed...I think." Dean spoke up finally, making the girl jump and and pause. "It's also not quite my birthday so unless you're an early present..." He faded off as the girl turned around and his eyes widened slightly. "Oh shit."

"Oh geez." Jacey muttered.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Dean asked quietly, glancing around to make sure Castiel wasn't nearby.

"Well..." Jacey started but stopped as the other member of the household came into view. "Morning Cas."

"Hey...looks like you guys are introducing yourselves." Castiel remarked, walking over.

"Not quite, we haven't said names yet." Jacey pointed out. She looked back at Dean as she dried her hands off on a dish towel. She held one out and waited as he slowly took it, confused and uncertain. "I'm Jacey Morgan."

"Uh...Dean Winchester." Dean muttered, not even sure what was going on anymore.

"Jacey came in last night." Castiel explained. "Couldn't turn her away."

"No, no...course not." Dean agreed slowly. "So do you guys know each other?"

"She's my half sister." Castiel replied.

A feeling of dread settled over Dean.


"You have to tell him!" Sam instructed.

"No fucking way!" Dean argued, sliding under a car.

"He's bound to find out eventually." Sam pointed out, leaning over the car to look around the engine.

"Not if she keeps her mouth shut and you and me do the same." Dean shot back.

"What about Lisa?" Sam asked. He heard the clanking of a dropped tool as Dean cursed under his breath. "She doesn't know the full details but if I remember correctly, those girls have met."

"Then I'll just keep them all away from each other." Dean decided firmly.

"Uh huh." Sam muttered, beginning to wonder if his brother was delusional or not. "Yeah, I can totally see that working."

"Shut up bitch!" Dean snapped.

"Everything going okay boys?" John asked, walking over and looking at his sons.

"Yep, just checking everything over before the customer picks this baby up." Sam assured his father.

"Good, I got lunch ordered, it should be here any minute." John informed them, patting Sam on the back then going to his office.

"So tell me this grand scheme of yours." Sam suggested, looking down at Dean as he slid out from under the car. "How exactly do you plan to keep from Cas the fact that not only did you spend a whole day with his sister but you fooled around with her as well AND started feeling stuff for her all while you were in a fight with Lisa two months ago."

"There's no feelings." Dean countered, getting to his feet. "Alright? None. What happened, happened. It's done, in the past, and that's where it's staying. So leave it alone!"

"Uh huh." Sam muttered, nodding his head and looking thoroughly unconvinced. "You are so screwed."

"For the love of God, will you please just shut up!" Dean ground out.

"I'm just trying to help." Sam defended.

"Yeah well it's not working so drop it." Dean muttered. He sighed and used a clean cloth to wipe at his face and hands.

"Umm...huh." Sam stuttered, his head tilting as he looked past his brother. Raising an eyebrow at the behaviour, the older of the two turned around and found Jacey at the garage door, pushing sunglasses onto her head and holding a bag of take out food.

"What are you doing here?" Dean asked. He paused slightly, surprised to hear the edge to his voice.

"I work at the restaurant that this order got made at." Jacey replied, rolling her eyes. "Our delivery guy had a few other deliveries on the other side of town so I took the ones over here."

"You have a car?" Dean mentally punched himself, wondering why all his questions were coming out so harsh.

"Yes your majesty, I have a car." Jacey shot back. "Now who's paying for this because I have other things to do."

"Uh, just uh...over at the office." Sam spoke up quickly. Jacey nodded and walked away from them. "Dude..."

"I know, I don't know what I was doing." Dean grumbled.

"That was harsh, even from you." Sam remarked. Dean sighed and leaned on the car they were working on. "And you gotta live with her...what are you going to do?"

"I have no idea." Dean replied. He looked over at the office as Jacey walked back out. His eyes followed her and he felt a little disappointed that she didn't look at him at all. Had she heard everything he and Sam had said? Part of him wondered why he should care but a part of him hoped she hadn't. He would have to talk to her, that much he knew. If she was going to be living with him, they had to get over this.


"How's my boy doing?" Dean asked, standing on the front porch of Lisa Braedon's house. They had been together for about three years even though the last few months had been extremely rough and they had only just recently started reconciling. He reached forward and took the nearly two year old from his mother's arms. Ben smiled happily and waved his arms, his hands touching Dean's face and helping the man forget all the stress of the day.

"The mess doesn't bug you?" Lisa asked.

"Course boy's a boy, they gotta get messy." Dean pointed out, grinning at the food mess that covered most of Ben's shirt. "We may still need a bath though."

"That's what we were going for." Lisa remarked with a smile as they headed into the house. "So how was your day?"

"Don't ask." Dean replied, bouncing the baby at his side. "It's just been...a roller coaster."

"Fun." Lisa muttered sympathetically.

"May just stay here tonight to avoid anymore of it." Dean suggested quietly.

"What is it?" Lisa asked.

"Cas, my roommate, his sister showed up last night." Dean explained. "I guess things are...well...they're not good or something. I don't know really. I haven't really gotten much of the story, just that she showed up in the rain storm, wet and shaking. What else could he do?"

"Well did he ask if you were okay with her staying?" Lisa asked.

"It's not a big deal." Dean muttered, shrugging. His eyes turning back to Ben as the child began sucking the left over food off his clothes. "It was his place first."

"Yeah but you live there too." Lisa pointed out. "You deserve a story and an opinion."

"Lisa, it doesn't matter, really." Dean stated firmly. "I don't care. I just figured I'd let Cas and his sister have the place tonight so they can talk it out, figure everything out." Lisa crossed her arms then sighed, defeated for the time being. Dean knew the look well enough though. She wasn't giving up, she was just taking a break. The topic wasn't dropped and he dreaded the next time it would be brought up. He'd play along with her though. She had threatened to not let him see Ben when they were broken up, he wouldn't be able to handle that if she had actually gone through with it. He loved the kid too much.

He would just have to figure out this Jacey thing fast before anyone other than his brother knew the real story. It would all work out, it had to. He just needed to talk to her.

But for tonight he would just avoid her.

So new story. Yes I know it has some similarities to The Swan's Song but I promise you, it's not too similar. All my AU Normal stories always have some sort of trouble with the made up person but right now, as I'm not too far ahead in my planning, I don't think I'm giving Jacey some evil twisted psycho person who wishes to kill her.

There may be one or two just mean people who wish to hurt her but nothing big like the last two human based stories. And huzzah, finally a story that is actually going to have John and Mary alive and well, lol.