Happy Endings

Alright, last chapter with some time jumping in it lol. This chapter has a little treat it in for my loyal friend and reviewer, AuntMo. I'm sure she'll recognize it when she sees it lol.

"I don't get it." Jacey muttered, confusion in her voice and expression.

"Okay I didn't exactly plan it, it just kind of...happened." Dean tried to defend himself. Jacey looked at him then sighed and looked back at the original source of her confusion.

"How did...what did...why this?" The red head asked.

"She got upset." Dean muttered, shrugging. Jacey paused then slowly turned back to the man she had married several months ago, a look that clearly stated 'are you fucking kidding me' was on her face. Dean scratched the back of his neck and tried to avoid looking at his wife and instead looked to where their daughter was giggling.

"So...you keep telling me...not to cave...and yet...you're the one...that goes out...and buys...a puppy, when she gets upset?" Jacey asked.

"Well...you know...we were talking about it..." Dean faded off, still not entirely sure how he had come to this decision either.

"Okay...let's just back track...and tell me the story." Jacey stated, deciding she needed the full information. All she knew was that she had left Dean and Emma alone for the day after getting called in for work and came back to find a golden retriever dog playing with her two year old daughter and a bunch of stuff for said dog.

"She got upset so I figured, you know, why not go to the humane society." Dean explained, shrugging his shoulders. "So we got there and we were having this grand old time, looking at all the animals, petting cats and everything."

"How did you go from petting to buying?" Jacey asked.

"Well see that one there, it didn't bark." Dean continued. Jacey raised an eyebrow. "You know when you walk past the room things and the dogs jump up and bark and all that? Well that one didn't. It just sort of sat there in the back, looking all sorts of sad."

"Huh." Jacey muttered. She looked back at Emma and the dog and how the two of them were both tugging on a rope toy, looking anything but sad.

"Emma wanted to see him." Dean pointed out. "She actually put her hands and face against the glass, tapping it at to try and get the dog over. So I asked someone and they opened the door. So when the dog finally looked up, Emma just plopped herself on the floor and held out her hand." Dean's eyes watched the playing taking place in the living room and couldn't help smiling. "Took a couple of minutes but she refused to budge and the dog finally came over to her."

"So you decided to get it?" Jacey asked.

"Well not at that point." Dean replied. He put his hands in his pockets and leaned against the wall then looked at his wife. "I asked the guy about him and he said the dog had been tied up to a post outside of the place for what they guessed was all night during that big thunderstorm that happened a couple of months ago. When someone came to open up they found the poor little guy lying in a puddle of water, tied to the post with a rope around his muzzle. He limped when they finally got him inside."

"Oh man." Jacey muttered, her eyes already beginning to water from that tale.

"They were going to have to put him down soon if he wasn't taken." Dean explained the point that had made his final decision. Jacey looked at him in surprise. "He didn't do anything, wouldn't let anyone near him when he was getting shown and he yelped whenever someone grabbed him." He paused and kicked a ball across the floor to the playing duo. "Little Lady there heard that part, looked up at me and asked what that meant, then burst into tears and hugged the little guy, begging me to save him."

"Aww Dean." Jacey was now actually crying as she hugged her husband. "I definitely would have done the same then."

"What else could I do, right?" Dean asked, rubbing Jacey's back. "So I got him then we went to that pet place and got all the stuff you see now."

"You are such a good guy." Jacey pointed out. "So how old is he?"

"Uh...I think they guessed it at about...two years almost." Dean replied. "So Emma's decided that he's going to share her birthday." He looked over at his little red headed wonder girl, now dancing around with the dog, wearing a crown and her ballet tutu and waving around the rope toy as if it was some sort of wand. "Hey Emma!"

"Wha?" Emma asked, spinning around to look at them.

"Tell mommy what our doggy's name is." Dean instructed. He dropped his eyes to Jacey, a grin on his face. "You're gonna love this."

"He's Yoshi!" Emma shouted, bouncing around. Jacey just stared at the two year old before laughing.

"Told ya." Dean muttered, his hand dropping down to pat at Jacey's butt before he walked over to play with Emma and Yoshi.


Little feet painted with ten different colours of nail polish touched the floor softly before sliding into a pair of fluffy blue slippers with glow in the dark star decorations on them. The shifting caused from her getting out of bed woke up the dog that had taken a residence at the end of it for the past six months. She lifted a bubble gum pink nailed finger to her lips and hissed at the dog to stay quiet before she shuffled herself across the floor to carefully and quietly open the door.

So far so good.

She could hear noises and carefully shuffled over to the staircase. Her hands gripped the banister as she walked slowly down the stairs, taking a big step to avoid the squeaky one. Leaning over, she looked into the living room, her eyes growing wide at the sight in her living room.

A man dressed in red with a big red bag was crouched at a tree, putting brightly wrapped packages under it.

She quickly covered her mouth to hide the squeal that attempted to leave and rushed back up the stairs to check on her parents. Both of them were lying in their bed, apparently asleep. Her green eyes grew even wider as she hurried back to the stairs and rushed down them, not bothering to skip the squeaky step this time. The noise made the man turn around and put his own gloved finger to his lips, winking an eye at the little girl. She giggled softly and copied him.

"Hello Emma." The man whispered.

"You know my name?" Emma whispered, surprised.

"Of course I do." The man retorted, laughing quietly. "I make it a point to remember the names of all the children who have been extra good."

"Did you get my letter?" Emma asked, bouncing in place as she tried to keep quiet.

"Indeed I did." The man replied, smiling. "You asked for some very nice things, that's what makes you extra good." Emma smiled happily then looked at the bag, her eyes widening at the sight of the bone that was visible.

"Is that for Yoshi? Like I asked?" The little girl whispered.

"Shh." The man whispered while he nodded. Emma squealed slightly and watched the bone get put under the tree before she suddenly remembered something. She rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a few cookies that she had made during the day with Jacey. Pulling open the fridge, she also grabbed a few carrots, figuring if she wasn't going to eat them, then someone, or something, else could.

"These are for you." Emma announced, holding out the cookies and carrots.

"Why thank you Emma, they look delightful." The man declared, taking the offerings and biting into a cookie. He made a big show of eating it and rubbing his belly, making Emma laugh. "I should get these out to my deer and get on my way now."

"Do you have a lot of houses still?" Emma asked.

"I'm almost done." The man replied. He placed a gentle hand on her shoulder and carefully steered her back to the staircase. "Now you remember, don't tell anyone about this. This will be our little secret."

"Right!" Emma agreed, nodding. She stood on the steps then leaned over and hugged the man in red. "Have a careful flight and tell Mrs Claus I say hello."

"You bet I will, good night Emma, sweet dreams and have a Merry Christmas." The man instructed. Emma giggled and ran up the stairs. There was a few seconds of silence after her door closed before another one opened and Dean carefully descended the stairs.

"Well?" The father asked, grinning.

"This thing is freaking hot." Sam muttered, pulling off the fake beard and waving his hand to fan his face.

"Well it did the job of giving you rosy cheeks." Dean taunted, reaching forward to pinch his brother's cheeks. Sam slapped away the hand and shook his head.

"Tell me again why I had to do this?" He asked, biting into one of the carrot sticks he held and sitting on the couch.

"Because we all knew she would check my room to make sure it wasn't me." Dean reminded him. He looked over at the Christmas tree and grinned. Most of the decorations were at the half way point, right in Emma's height. After the lights and tinsel strands went on, she demanded to decorate on her own. The only thing she accepted help with was getting lifted up to put on the Angel.

The next morning Jacey made a show of asking what happened to the cookies and Emma giggled and claimed she had no idea.

It took until noon for the little girl to learn that she was going to be a big sister, at which point she had started jumping around, excited that her Christmas wish had come true.


"Okay, you ready?" Dean asked.

"Yep, all set." Jacey declared. Dean nodded and flipped off the dining room lights before he and his wife headed out. Jacey carried the large princess fairy birthday cake while Dean carried a smaller bone shaped cake that Jacey had molded out of the canned dog food for Yoshi.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Emma..." The gathered crowd sang as the cakes drew nearer.

"And Yoshi!" Emma cut in.

"And Yoshi." The crowd added, sharing looks of amusement. "Happy birthday to you!" Dean put down the doggie cake and stepped back while Jacey put the other cake in front of their daughter. Three bright candles sat in the middle of the cake and Emma wasted no time in blowing them out.

"What did you wish for?" Gabriel asked, leaning on the table and grinning at his niece

"That the new baby would be a girl." Emma declared, reaching over to pat her mother's growing belly.

"Why a girl?" Sam asked.

"Cuz I already gots a brother." Emma stated, matter of factly as she turned to look at Ben who was attempting to sneak a bit of frosting.

"Hey!" Dean's voice interrupted the attempt and Ben sat back, grinning.

"Okay okay, let's get this cake cut up!" Amy, Sam's fiancee, instructed as she smiled happily.

"Oh yeah, better indulge Amy's sweet tooth." Meg, Castiel's current girlfriend, declared. The two girls were cousins, something that the gang had only learned at Christmas time when they had all gotten together for the first time since Castiel had started dating Meg and the two had told the rest of them.

"Can I have a piece with the wings?" Another little girl that sat at the table asked excitedly, bouncing in her booster seat.

"Abby, settle down." Annie, the girl's mother and Gabriel's wife, instructed. The two had met apparently several years ago in New York and Annie had gotten pregnant with Abby just before Emma was born, something Gabriel neglected to inform his family of for several months. They had gotten married just before Abby was born and the whole group had flown over to be there on Jacey's insistence. So far, the girl was turning out to be a little female clone of Gabriel. The little family of three had moved from New York to be closer to everyone after the birth.

Dean liked having a niece but he wasn't so sure if he liked the fact that whenever Abby and Emma were together, they caused trouble that no one could explain.

"Alright, let's get this thing dished out before there's a riot." Jacey decided. Dean instantly produced the knife and helped his daughter cut into the cake, an act that was followed by cheers from the surrounding group.

After the kids had been sugared up and let loose in the backyard to play with Emma's presents and Yoshi, the adult women had gathered in the kitchen to clean and talk while the men were left to watch the kids.

"So when is she due?" Dean finally asked the question that had been on his mind ever since Sam and Amy had entered the house.

"What?" Sam asked.

"Dude, don't pull that." Dean shot back. "I've seen enough pregnant women, I know the sighs now."

"She's only three months along." Sam caved, sighing.

"Well least you're getting married in a month." Gabriel pointed out. Sam nodded, smiling slightly. "Now all that's left is good old Cassie."

"Do not call me that." Castiel warned, pointing at his brother.

"Join us, you cannot escape the inevitable." Gabriel mocked in a creepy voice. "You will succumb to proposing. You will succumb to knocking her up. You will..."

"Dump this beer over your head if you don't stop." Castiel cut in, tilting his beer over Gabriel's head.

"Not the hair!" Gabriel yelled, arms flailing up to cover his head.

"Dude, you are such a woman." Dean laughed, shaking his head at his brother in law.

"Shut up!" Gabriel whined.

"Uncle Gabe!" Emma chastised, spinning around to look at the adults. "Shut up is rude!"

"Sorry Ems." Gabriel apologized.

"Now apologize to daddy." Emma instructed.

"But..." Gabriel started to argue.

"Daddy, it's Emma's birthday, you can't disagree with her." Abby pointed out.

"Sugar, you're supposed to side with me." Gabriel pointed out. Abby just crossed her arms, copying her cousin's pose as both girls stared at the older man. "Oh fine...I'm sorry Dean."

"Man, I love these girls." Dean laughed, giving the girls a thumbs up. Emma and Abby smiled before returning to play with Ben and Yoshi.

"Just wait until she's a teenager." Sam pointed out. "And if the next one is a girl too...you are so screwed." Dean just shrugged it off as he sat back, watching the kids.

Later that night he lay awake, wondering and worrying about the day his little girl would come home with a boyfriend.

The End

Okay so this was like the comedy story of all my stories and I was laughing through pretty much this whole chapter (except of course for the part with the dog's story, I teared up there). I hope you all enjoyed this nice little break from mayhem.

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