-chapter one-

WARNINGS: AU (alternate universe), non-canon (non-canon, doesn't follow story-line), GENDERSWAP (change of gender, genderswitch, gender-bender), OOC (out of character), FUTURE SMUT (sex scenes), REVERSE HAREM (a girl with multiple relationships with boys at the same time (and it's respected by all the boys)) and SEVERAL OTHER STUFF THAT MAY POP UP.

Please note that the RATING WILL CHANGE in future chapters.


Tsuna went by lots of names.

While there were just about thirty different ones, these were the most often used: there was No-Good-Tsuna- Baka-Tsuna too (Sawa-baka was an unoriginal spin off of this nickname, so it didn't count). No-Boobs and Brain-Dead were other popular choices, but the one she went by the most was Dame-Tsuna.

However, Sawada Tsunami was her real name. (… Not that anyone would try to remember that.)

She let out a sigh.

Why couldn't she good at something? Maybe then, everyone wouldn't, er, dislike her so much. All she had was her mother's innocent face; the messy mop of hair from her father; and her lack of talent in, well, everything, unique only to herself. Tsuna wanted something good to happen to her! Maybe meeting some people that would be the greatest friends ever! (And maybe a little romance too? She was seventeen- and she had never even gone out on a date, never mind having her first kiss!)

The girl flopped into her pillow, groaning loudly into her pillow.

"Do you think I'll ever be able to get a boyfriend?" She whined self-depreciatively through the pillow to her confidant: the little green chameleon she had been given, what, sixteen years ago. She couldn't really remember who gave it, but she could vaguely recall a charming (albeit sadistic) smile, and gorgeous black eyes… A little blush entered her cheeks at that thought.

The reptile crawled onto her finger, and its tongue flicked out to stick to Tsuna's cheek for a moment, almost questioningly. Tsuna smiled at the nonverbal 'reply' she got from her pet.

"Maybe," she answered, lifting her head somewhat to kiss the top of Leon's head. "I mean, I don't think anyone would want a useless, no good girl like me." Tsuna laughed softly, sadly.

Leon seemed to be frowning at her, though she didn't notice. The faithful pet would have to do something about its owner's low self-esteem… A wicked glint entered the reptile's amber-red eyes, and it hobbled off Tsuna's finger, heading towards the window. It knew exactly what it would have to do…

Tsuna didn't have time to wonder why her usually attention-seeking pet was leaving her immediate vicinity, when her mother called for her.

"Tsuna-chan! It's dinner time!"

"HIEEEEEEEE! It's dinner already? I'm coming, mama!" She yelped as she scrambled to her feet. The girl nearly fell off her bed in her haste, squealing as she tripped over various items on the floor. She really needed to clean her bedroom up!

After somehow surviving the minefield that was her bedroom, she rushed towards the dining room, panting as she took her seat on front of Nana.

"Ah, my cute daughter's finally here~" The woman cooed, reaching over to pinch Tsuna's cheek. She beamed, taking hold of her chopsticks as she expertly grabbed some fish from a plate. "Were you talking to your boyfriend over your phone? You should invite him over for dinner, Tsuna-chan!"

Tsuna's cheeks flushed dark red, her spoon falling onto the table in a clatter. "Hie! M-mama!" She whined, feeling heat spread across her face, and inching over her ears.

Nana giggled. "Just kidding~"

The girl breathed out a sigh of relief, sagging into her seat. "Don't be like that!" She complained to her mother. "You know I'll never get a boyfriend!" The silent, So don't tease me about that! went ignored by her mother.

"Don't be like that, Tsuna-chan!" The brunette woman admonished. "You're so adorable and lovely – I don't get why you aren't popular!"

Tsuna didn't even answer her mother, choosing to eat her food with a resigned look on her face.

The woman smiled secretively, watching her only daughter eat ravenously. She had a good feeling for her daughter – as if everything she'd ever hoped for would be coming true soon- and oh! Her eyes brightened as she recalled the letter that had drifted into the kitchen just moments ago (the curious, little green bird that brought it disappeared as she entered the kitchen, so she didn't really think much about it).

The news that the letter brought was phenomenal, to say the least. Reborn-chan was coming back to visit- and maybe even stay with them permanently!

Nana let out a squeal. She couldn't wait to have a son(-in-law?) to spoil!


A/N: I just wanted to try something out with this story… I've always been a fan of fem!27 fics, and those harem ones too, so I just thought about mashing them together. I confess that this is partially influenced by 'The Great Big Sky of Love', but I'm hoping that this'll be original, and not too similar with that work of art!

Pairings: Guardians27 (1827, 8027, 5927, 6927, 3327and a little Adult!L27), X27, D27, B27, Arcobaleno27 (R27, Verde27, Skull27, Colonello27)

The above list will be posted at the beginning of every chapter from hereon, and it will be updated along with the story!

IF YOU WERE WONDERING, this universe is completely(?) different from the KHR universe. Below are the reasons why:

- They aren't connected to the Mafia! (Though Reborn is sometimes called the Sexy Mafioso Who Charms The Panties Off Women /shot)

- And, yes, there still are supernatural/non-realistic elements to this story, such as age-changing-materials, untrue content (about radiation, women, life, love etc.), and other stuff even though it's a different universe to KHR

- Most of the romantic prospects for Tsuna will be famous. Underneath are some of the examples:

- The Arcobaleno Five are an extremely popular band, made up of Reborn (guitar, electric; main vocals), Colonello (keyboard; back-up vocals), Lal (guitar, electric; back-up vocals), Fon (guitar, bass) and Skull (drums). However, they are currently on 'hiatus', and its members have mysteriously disappeared – and no one knows exactly why…

- The Varia are a group of six dashing male dancers/models, and are also known for their prowess in everything 'sexy'. Members include: Xanxus – the unofficial leader of the group, mysterious because of the lack of information about the scar that mars his body (this adds to his idol factor, according to Lussaria); Belphagor 'Bel' – the 'prince-sama', most loved things about him are his smile and laughter (apparently, they cause 'sexy chills' to go up the fans' spines); Squalo – Xanxus' 'right hand man', his long hair is his main feature (his skill with the 'sword' as well! Wink wink, nudge nudge), but when you rip off his shirt… whoo- that's hot!; Lussaria 'Luss-chan' – he's the one that everyone adores to hate, and while he isn't as popular as others on 'romance', the girls love him for his feminine side!; Viper 'Mammon' – some say he's the 'pimp' of the Varia group, driving them to accept jobs or not, and while he denies it, he certainly seems to be obsessed with the amount of money they're making from what they do…; and finally, Leviathan 'Levi' – normally ignored by the others, he's the 'tsundere (yandere?) teddy-bear-kun', he's often found by Xanxus' side, trying to please him as best as he could- and he's mostly the one having to deal with the fangirls' yaoi fantasies of him with Xanxus.

- The Primo Guardians are known as 'Generation I'. The band is mostly seen with Giotto (main vocals), Alaude (guitar, bass), Daemon (guitar, electric) and Lampo (drums), but the other Guardians are still a part of the group…

- The Vongola Famiglia is, well, the entertainment group that 'owns' the Arcobaleno Five, Generation I, and the Varia. (Actually, the Arcobaleno are only affiliated with the Vongola)

- No, Tsuna and his/her Guardians will not become a band, but they will be referred to as 'Generation X' by… future characters…

I may add more stuff to this list as the chapters go on, so just look at the Author's Notes to see if I added anything new!