Hey guys... It's Hidden in Sunlight here.


But anyway, I would really like to apologize to all my readers about this. But I'm going to discontinue this story.

I could list a whole bunch of reasons for why I'm doing this (I've lost my muse for it, the story went completely off its tracks, I'm not that into this story anymore, I think it's absolutely crap now that I've read back on it etc.) but I'm pretty sure that you guys wouldn't appreciate it, especially since you have to read this bliddy authors' note that's so long-winded it's giving you aneurisms or whatever medical condition you can think of.

But yeah.

The main gist of it is that I'm going to discontinue it.

On the bright side, I might start a new series of drabbles (since they seem to be the only thing I'm good at) that is also fem!Tsuna x All! Yay!

So... apologies again, and I hope that you'll forgive me for doing this.

- HiS