~ Goodbye Charlie

When Bella got home she began to pack her bag. Charlie didn't seem to notice that she was getting ready to leave. She wondered how Xavier was going to handle Charlie and her leaving but she honestly didn't care as it wasn't her problem. She flopped down on the bed and set the alarm for the morning. She then got up and grabbed her travel bag and headed towards the door.

Charlie was reading the newspaper and he set it down. "So you are heading out?"

"I'm leaving." Bella stated.

"Of course you would be. You're a gifted child accepted to a gifted school. Why should I have a problem with that?" The man looked up at her. "Why shouldn't I be proud of that?"

"I'm not your child." The girl stated. "So why should you care?"

"You mean the fact there is no record of you being in our lives beyond a certain point and yet there are memories of us being together?" Charlie spoke up. "I had a feeling something was off but I didn't push the issue simply because I wanted a family. That possibly doesn't make any sense to you, but adopting someone is adopting someone and even if the memories are fake... well, it makes it feel more real. I wouldn't have it any other way."

"I'll try to keep in touch. I think you already know I'm not good at writing letters." Bella let out a deep sigh and she found herself walking to where the plane was waiting. Upon seeing it she saw a large black object which made her shudder when she remembered HYDRA and how she never wanted to go back to that place. "I doubt the game plan before will work."

Getting on the plane, Storm smiled at her. The teenager simply glanced out the window, not looking forward to meeting up with Jean and Scott again. Of course, she hadn't wanted to deal with Edward either as that kid reminded her way to much of the other two for some strange reason. Letting out a deep sigh, she found herself wishing for companionship. Alice had been nice to talk to, but it also seemed as if the other kids wouldn't come along to the X-Manshion with Bella.

She sat there waiting with Storm and Prophesor Xavier when the bald headed man suddenly spoke up. "We have some guests who wish to come aboard."

Bella glanced up and she was surprised to see Jasper and Alice accompanied by Mrs. Cullen. Esme spoke up, a half smile on her face. "I honestly don't like this idea, and my husband is just as leery. We're leaving the decision up to my kids about whether or not they go. Jasper and Alice are willing to try this. The others wish to have more time about this. Understand that my children reserve the right to change their mind at any time as do I and my husband."

"I completely understand." Xavier nodded.

"Anyways... I'll be taking off. They both have packed what they might need and we can always send other stuff if need be." Esme's posture revealed she wasn't at all happy with the situation but she was doing what she felt was best at the time being.

When she was gone, Alice sat in a chair next to Bella. "This plane is very cool. Don't you think Jasper?"

The teenaged male simply stared out the window without speaking. Finally though, Xavier spoke up. "We've been cleared for take off. We'll be heading back to the X-Manshion now. We'll also need you to buckle your seat belts as this plane moves very fast."

Bella found herself also glancing out the window, wondering what the future would hold in store for her. The truth was, she feared going back to the institute would mean HYDRA could easily find her. She found herself wishing there was some other way to escape from their clutches, but if one really thought about it, this wasn't a group you could easily run from.

She also didn't want to deal with Jean Grey as the girl was a major prick. However, Bella had to honestly admit that she had two people coming with her, whose attitudes were a positive addition to the school for the gifted. This meant she would have to put up with Jean's comments less and less. Hopefully she wouldn't lose her temper. Jean was the only person who caused her to lose her temper.

"By the way," Storm spoke up. "Logan is looking forward to you coming home. He's away in Canada right now though, so he isn't going to be able to see you right away. He's coming back sooner because he heard something might be up dealing with you."

"That's nice." Bella wasn't sure what to think as she never met the man you would call her father.

Jasper glanced at the front of the plane. "Who all flies the plane? I mean... the professor is in a wheel chair and Bella said that there wasn't that many adults."

"Scott actually is able to fly the plane now when I am unable to." The white haired woman let out a laugh. "Would you like to learn?"

"Yes!" Jasper became enthusiastic. "However, I don't think my parents would be happy about me flying this thing."

"Why not?" Alice gave him a confused look.

"What kids our age get to fly a commercial grade airplane?"

"That's the point! We get to do things kids our age never get to do!" The female smiled. "This is a big chance for us.

Author's note – Here is the end of Project X. It is the second fanfic I have finished. I hope to get started on the sequel, Project Xii soon. I hoped you liked this fic. :D