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1820 hours, April 10, 2539
UNSC Sword of Arthur
Planet Aether's Orbit

Captain Luke Dawson watched the planet below with little interest, part of its surface coloured with angry red and molten yellow. Where white clouds used to be, black haze crept on the surface, the signs of glassing. Though the planet was 'saved' from a full glassing from the Covenant, the planet was evacuated due to the high levels of radiation and toxic haze. Ironically, the planet's name was the Greek word for air and light. Now it was just darkness and dust.

Dawson sighed and rubbed his eyes. It's been two days since he last slept and at least four hours since he last rested. He was beginning to think he had somehow caught a case of insomnia. Three years after the planet was evacuated, some drone had picked up a strange reading of energy. The Captain was chosen to accompany a group of scientists on the search.

And all they found so far was just a ghostland.

He looked towards his left, where the doorway would lead to his private quarters. What he would give to actually get in his bed and have a nice quiet nap. Hell, even a coma sounds inviting right now. The things lack of sleep could do to you was-

"Sir?" an officer had come up to him, a datapad in hand. It was one of the hourly reports.

Dawson cleared his foggy head. Maybe next time.

"What is it Garcia?" he asked.

"Sir, we've been scanning eastern part of the planet for any signs of the anamolies ONI informed us about. So far, just spikes in radiation levels, possibly Gamma waves, and-"

"If it's still the same as the other reports so far Garcia," Dawson said in a lazy-like tone, "Then you are dismissed."

"Of-of course, Sir." Garcia turned around, had just taken two steps when his datapad alerted him of something.

Garcia looked down, furrowed his eyebrows, the lines of stress reappearing on his forehead. "That's...odd. Sir." he looked towards his leader, who looked back at him. "Well...we've just picked up on a strange reading. Not like any kind of radiation with seen."

Dawnson woke up at this last bit. "Then what is it?"

Garcia fumbled with his datapad for a moment, asking for feedback from his team who had scanned the location. "It's not any kind of electromagnetic waves we know of. Neither is it of any Slipstream space radiation. It's...something else entirely."

Dawnson stayed silent, reeling in this new bit of information. Then he spoke, his voice grave. "Contact ONI. Tell them phase one of Project Myth is completed."

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