Plan To Love

chapter one

Andromache never felt so alive. Her long, shiny hair whipped her face lightly as she made her horse race faster, and faster. Wind slapped her face gently, and all anger from her seeped out. And there she stood, on top of the field, looking down on the ships. The Trojans. Hector. Troy. Hector.

Her fiancé, hector, there he would be, coming, for her. To take her away from her family. Forever. She slowly let the horse break into a trot as she went back to the castle; she memorized each part of thebe deep inside her eyes.

Her white thin cloak slowly fluttered in the breeze. It was a nice feeling until she came in tact with the soldiers.

"Move aside, girl, you are blocking his royal highness's way." A soldier grunted, motioning her to move aside. Andromache felt the anger coming on again. Who were they, to say such rude words?

"Who are you people to say such rude words?"

"This is the crown prince of troy, you ruthless Theban. Now move aside!"

"I shall not." Andromache held her ground.

"Know your place, girl." He said, as he unsheathed his sword. He took the action to slice her with it, when someone held his hands down. Without a word, the soldier stopped. Instead, he said, "this is the prince who came to marry your princess. Not let us pass, girl, for your princess's sake!"

"This is prince hector?" she asked. And moved aside.

"I would watch that mouth of yours, Theban." He growled, and then entered the castle.

*****planning to love*****

Hector and his soldiers were talking to her father by the time Andromache was inside castle grounds. She has forgotten to take off her cloak- she had only remembered when she came in- it was too late now.

"Andromache! Where were you, my sweet daughter?"

"I think you know the answer, father." She replied, giving a small smile at his father's slight uncomfortableness. "Is prince hector here?"

"Yes, indeed, he has waned t see you. Oh, and perhaps you should reduce the amount of going out to ride, my dear-"they reached the great hall where the queen and the Trojans were waiting. They bowed to the king.

"Prince Hector, may I present you, my only daughter, my whole life and love, Princess Andromache of thebe,"

Andromache pulled her cloak away, where she was wearing a light blue dress, simple but beautiful. Her hair, never messy, was hanging long, not a single decoration upon them, but never looking any les of a beauty. The Trojans, including the soldiers, gasped. Surprised once, for the fact that she was the strong-willed maiden on the way they passed, and fro her beauty, twice. Hector could not take his eyes off of her; he had heard many rumors about her, Andromache. But he had never thought she'd be like this.

"A pleasure, princess."

"The pleasure is mine," replied Andromache, her voice colder and icier than the warm, welcoming voice of hector or her father. Clearly, she did not want this marriage.

"Um, pardon me, my lady, but were you not the goddess we have crossed on the way?" a new voice asked; Paris. Andromache's cheeks slightly pinkened.

"A maiden, yes, goddess, no. I am not worthy of such a beauty. And who may you be?"

"oh, yes," Paris paused for a moment." a honor, my lady I am Paris of troy."

"The honor is mine. Andromache." Paris smiled cheekily. He was a good looking fellow, just like his older, hector, but Andromache could not help feeling that Paris was more comfortable to be with. After all, Paris was not the one stealing her away from her country and family.

"I shall have him apologize."

"There is no need, I understand. It was hard to see that I was me, and it was my intention, any ways. Women are often treated less than men. It is no matter."

But Paris had already called him.

Alexander came to his side. "Yes, milord?"

"I believe you owe something to Lady Andromache?" he gave her a confused look. Sighing, Andromache put of her cloak once more. Alexander blushed furiously, and knelt down in front of hector and Paris. My lords! Forgive me! I have not known she was your betrothed!"

"You should be apologizing to Lady Andromache, should you not?" Paris asked, noticing Andromache's expression.

"It is no matter," Andromache brushes it aside. "Now if you'll follow me, my lords, I will how you to your chambers."

*****planning to love*****

"I have to say, brother, Thebe is such a great country!" Paris exclaimed.

Hector narrowed his eyes. "How many, brother?" he asked.

"What...What...WHAT? Hector!"

"It was merely a jest, brother."

"Forgiven. So, how do you take your betrothed?"

"Paris…" hector warned.

"I am just asking, hector. Although, her appearance. Ah, it looks as if Aphrodite herself touched her once."

"Paris! If u dares to even go a metere near Andromache, I will bruise you so hard you won't EVER get to walk again!"

"Alright, alright, we'll see…" Paris ducked the pillow that came straight for his head. Although pillows were harmless little things, when it was grasped and thrown by hector, it could leave a bruise.

After Paris and hector calmed their laughter, Paris asked the crux of the point.



"How do you plan to love each other?"