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Twenty-five years later:

As I drove my light blue minivan onto the reservation, we passed a woman struggling to juggle two small children and a bag of groceries. It took me back to the first time I'd traveled this road. Oh how times had changed but still stayed the same. I pulled over to the side of the road and rolled down my window.

"Kim, do you need a ride? We're driving right by your place."

A look of relief washed over her tired face.

"Yes, Mrs. Black. That would be wonderful."

John Joseph, my fifteen year old son, hopped out of the passenger seat and opened the side door for Kim Cameron and her two little boys. He'd been named after the men that had saved his parents and brother's life in a different time and place. He didn't know the story but I did and tears formed in my eyes remembering that day, the day Jacob had been born.

John Joseph chatted away with Kim, who was not much older than he was, as I drove to her rusted covered trailer down the road from Sam and Leah's place. When we pulled up, I didn't need to remind him of his manners as he jumped out to help Kim and the kids to the door. I had to smile to myself, so honorable like his father and big brother.

Kim turned and called back to the van, "Tell Dr. Black that the medicine worked and little Embry is doing much better."

"I'll tell him."

It only took five minutes to reach our little slice of heaven, a modest cream two story house with a wraparound porch. My husband, Jacob Black, Sr., set up an after-hours office over the garage, never wanting to be out of touch with his patients.

I wasn't surprised to see my twenty- one year old daughter, Claire, who was home from college where she studied pre-med, standing on the front porch waiting on us.

"Mom! Hurry up. Dad said Jake and Emily left the hospital over an hour ago and I'm dying to see my first nephew."

"Hang on," I told her. "I need to pack up the food to take with us and we'll be on our way."

"Already did it," Jacob, my beloved Black Hawk, informed us as he walked out of the front door with a box.

"Are you anxious much, Grandpa?" I asked, smiling at his enthusiasm.

"Well Claire hasn't seen him yet and I just want to make sure everything is okay. It must be the doctor in me." He was trying to downplay how much he wanted to see his first grandchild.

"Sure that's it. Well hop in. I have the presents and diapers already in the back," I told him.

Jacob put the food in the back before taking over the driver's seat. I sat next to him, putting on my seatbelt as we pulled out of the driveway.

John Joseph and Claire talked in the back but I paid no attention to their conversation. Instead, I thought back to the days after Jake had been born. Finding out Black Hawk was actually in my own time and had been for years prior to my departure rocked my world.

Apparently he went searching for me after I disappeared in his arms that day. After a while and with his hope waning, he went back to live among his people though he never gave up completely. His heart refused to let him.

As much as he loved seeing his family again, he was miserable. He spent hours in the sweat lodge, looking for answers to his prayers and that was when it occurred to him. Time travel didn't have to be a one way path. He said goodbye to his family and friends and went off to reenact the ceremony I'd told him about which succeeded and transported him to the present.

It was Billy Black, a distant relative as it turned out, that found him. The only problem was he arrived before I'd actually shown up in the first place. Left to the mercy of time, he decided to refocus his energy until the time came to be reunited. After much thought, he enrolled in medical school, became a doctor and learned everything he could knowing one day I'd come for him.

Of course I came and it was the hardest thing he ever had to endure not to reach out to me when I did. He'd watched in the shadows that day at Billy's place when I'd arrived but he knew he must not interfere and that I must complete my journey so that our son could be conceived.

Although a sense of fulfillment came with becoming a doctor, a large part of him still remained vacant and with such emptiness came the harsh reminder he still had to wait for my return. Although it felt like an eternity, eventually I did come back again and sure enough I reappeared pregnant and in the throngs of labor.

I was so out of it, I didn't even realize where I was or what was happening at first. Billy rushed me to the clinic, calling everyone as he drove. Black Hawk, or Jacob as he was now being called, was actually the farthest away and he almost missed his son's birth. He'd arrived just in time to pull him out. Finally fate and luck were on our side.

Since that day, we'd never slept apart. Jacob worked as a doctor on the Reservation and was doing his best to help. He'd been thrown for a loop when he saw the decay of his people and made it his mission to improve their life in any way he could.

When little Jacob Strong Wolf Black, or Jake as we called him, was two years old, I finished my degree and took a job as a counselor at a school on the Reservation. It was perfect for me. Not only did I feel like I was helping but I had the holidays, weekends and summers off with my child. Sue Clearwater had since retired so she watched Jake for me and her own granddaughter Emily Uley.

Our life was filled with wonderful moments: getting married but this time with my father walking me down the aisle, moving into our dream home, the births of our other children Claire and John Joseph, family vacations, holidays and special moment in between.

Our life was also filled with its share of trials: my mother's unexpected death, Claire's bout with meningitis and thinking we would lose her when she was only five years old, several broken bones and during their teenaged years, occasional broken hearts. We'd come through it all, together.

I hadn't even noticed when we arrived at our destination until he reached over and touched my cheek.

"My heart, we're here. You seemed a million miles away."

"More like in a different time." I grabbed his hand and brought it to my lips, giving a small kiss as a sign of my devotion to him.

Claire and John Joseph had already jumped out of the van and were unpacking the gifts and food. Jacob stepped out to help them and it gave me a minute to compose myself. Sure I'd already seen little Jacob or Trey as we were told they were calling him, but this felt like the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

The front door opened as I saw Sam and Leah step outside with my miracle child, Jake. I couldn't remember a time when my son and Emily weren't together and was honestly surprised they'd waited so long to have kids. They'd married out of high school, went to college together and now Jake was a teacher on the Reservation and Emily was working from home as a freelance writer. She put her career on hold to take care of their first child.

"Hurry up and get in here. Trey just woke up and wants to see his family. I swear he smiled at me just five minutes ago and I bet he will do it again!"

"It was gas," Leah said under her breath before she and Sam chuckled at their son-in-law's enthusiasm.

Claire rushed past her brother and into his house, not needing any encouragement to see her nephew, who was obviously a genius according to his proud papa. We followed suit and walked inside.

Emily was sitting on the couch, the empty cradle besides her, holding Trey in her arms. I couldn't help but beam with pride when I realized that he was swaddled in the blue blanket I'd crocheted for him, compliments of my lessons from Edna in another lifetime.

"Hey Grandma, Grandpa, look who just woke up," Emily cooed.

"Can I?" I asked as I took a seat beside her.

"Of course." She gingerly placed him in my waiting arms.

As I stared into his cherub like face, I saw my son, my husband and myself and felt an overwhelming feeling of completion. I didn't know I was crying until Jacob reached out and wiped the tear from my cheek. I looked over at him, noticed the twinkle in his dark, warm eye and knew he felt it too.

We'd been through more tribulations than most. We'd literally conquered time to be together but none of that mattered. The only things that did were standing here in this room with me and I felt like the luckiest woman in the world.

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