Thank you to all my faithful readers. Sorry it has taken so long to get another story out there, but i was writing for Young Riders as .

Hillside Elementary


Anger swelled in his mind as he ran into the boy's bathroom. Mr. Myers was going to pay for getting him in trouble. He looked around the small room and smiled. The boy rubbed a finger over the scar on his neck, a gift bestowed by his stepdad's cigarette, the eight year old decided now was a perfect time for revenge. He pulled a handful of paper towels out of the dispenser and tossed them in the garbage can. With a smile he pulled the matchbook out of his pocket. He often carried matches with him. He never knew when he would need them. He struck the first one and devilishly smiled into the flame. His brown eyes reflecting the hate he felt. He dropped it into the garbage can and watched as the flames crawled up the side of the can. It needed to be bigger. He wadded up more and more paper towels and tossed them inside the can as each burst into flames. The orange flames licked the outer rim of the small receptacle. He loved fire. He could make things disappear in fires. He laid more paper towels on the floor and kicked the garbage can over and watched as the fire consumed the paper. Smiling he ran from the bathroom and pulled the school's fire alarm as he exited the building.

Present day

The flames crackled as the building filled with smoke and flames. He smiled as he watched from the shadows. He closed his eyes and was enticed by the smell of burning wood and human flesh and the sounds the fire made. His heart pounded as he heard the sirens in the distance. He felt the anticipation rising in him as he knew they would be too late. They were always too late to save the building, which brought him pure joy knowing he could not be defeated.

Gage stood in the doorway with a coffee cup in his hands, staring at the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Her raven hair spread across the pillow, the sheet hugging her nude body as she curled up looking for warmth. He walked toward her never taking his eyes off her, and sat the coffee cup on the bedside table. Pushing a strand of silken hair off her face, he replaced it with a kiss.

."Mmm," the sleeping beauty mumbled.

"Good morning, Beautiful." The blue eyed man said.

"Here's your coffee. The shower is all yours." He placed another kiss on her lips as her eyes fluttered.

Sydney opened her eyes, stared into the most gorgeous smile she had ever seen, and said "You're already dressed. What time is it?" She sat up looking at the clock.

."7:15, you have plenty of time." Gage smiled back at her handing her the cup of morning energy.

"Why didn't you wake me when you got up?" she quizzed him after savoring the first sip.

"Well, it's not every day I have an angel in my bed. So I wanted her to stay there as long as possible." He said real low and real close to her lips. Closing his eyes he kissed her slowly and she welcomed it. The ringing of the phone interrupted them. He pulled away still tasting her coffee on his lips.

"Gage here." he said into the phone.

Sydney took another sip, grabbed a shirt that laid on the edge of the bed and proceeded to the shower, Gage watched, smiling as she left the room, Trying to pull his attention back to his boss on the phone.

Clearing his throat he answered "Yeah, 'll be there as soon as we can." He hung up the phone.

Sydney exited the bathroom wearing the shirt she had grabbed from the bed.

"You look better in my shirt then I do." Gage, said with a smiled..

Sydney smiled at him and grabbed her coffee.

"Was that Walker on the phone? "

"Yeah. There's been another fire. He wants us in the office as soon as possible. They have the results and it too is arson." Gage said again touching her cheek.

"Ok. I will be ready shortly." She smiled caressing his hand.

Gage smiled at her.

"Then I will leave you alone so you can get dressed or we will never make it into work today." he said with a smile, longing to just climb back into bed with her in his arms.

Forty minutes later after stopping for a quick drive thru breakfast, they walked into Company B Head Quarters, they walked over to Trivette's desk where he and Walker were going over information on the fire.

"This is the fifth building burned in as many weeks," Trivette stated, catching his friends up on where they were. "All started with matches. The matchbooks all left at the scene. Small amounts of C-4 at each location. Again, a body was found in the rubble. We're still trying to get an ID on it."

"Something isn't right" Walker shook his head. "Check local areas see if the MO matches any other cases. I don't think this is an isolated serial arsonist. "

"I'm on it," said Trivette with a nod.

Walker handed another file to the junior Rangers. "John Phillips. AKA The Smuggler. He is back in Dallas and he is bringing an assortment of arms and explosives with him. I need you two to go to the warehouse on Milbourne Park. He was seen there yesterday by a couple of DPD officers. See what you can find."

The Rangers nodded and walked out the door.