Gage!" he yelled, trying to lift the burning hunk of ceiling off of his friend. He felt for a pulse on both of his friends and shockingly found both their hearts still beating. He closed his eyes, said a prayer and once again tried to lift the burning wood. It moved enough for him to pull Gage up off the ground.

Trivette kicked the door open and helped Walker pull Gage out the door. Walker then returned for Sydney and carried her outside. Trivette was pulling Gage off the burning porch as Walker exited with Sydney. He laid her down on the grass beside where Trivette had put Gage. Both men retreated the few steps to the truck, leaning against it and breathing simultaneous sighs of relief as the first responders pulled in.

Walker watched as the Junior Rangers were treated and placed onto stretchers and hurried into the waiting ambulances. Gage's left first followed by Sydney's.

Trivette knelt beside his partner. "You okay man?"

Walker nodded. "Let's go." They left as the fire fighters put the smoldering embers to rest.

Holding on to the steering wheel hurt, but that didn't stop Walker. He had to continue, had to find out what shape his friends were in. He pulled a bandana out of his pocket and wrapped it around one hand. Trivette watched and realized his friend was hurt.

"Walker, man, your hands are burned."

"I'm fine," he insisted as he pulled the RAM into a parking spot in front of the emergency room.

Walking into the waiting room, Trivette told Walker, "Hey, get your hands looked at."

Walker shook his head. "I need to call Alex. Let her know we found them," he said, walking to the nurses station.

Trivette place a hand on his friend's shoulder. "I'll call her. You go get checked out. That way, when she gets here you will be able to hold her."

Walker nodded, as close to shock as his partner had ever seen him. Trivette handed him over to an ER nurse and picked up the phone.

"Alex, it's Jimmy. We found Gage and Sydney."

"Oh, thank God. Are they OK?" Concern made her voice crack.

Trivette relayed the details to her and then told her about Walker. "He burned his hands getting them out. He is in emergency now getting them wrapped. "

"Oh God. I'm on my way."

Trivette heard the tears in her voice as she hung up the phone.

Trivette took a deep breath. Then he picked up the receiver again and dialed a familiar number.

"Hello." Erica's voice sent warmth rushing from his ear all the way to his toes.

"Baby, I need you" was all Trivette could say, as his emotions took over.

"I'm on my way" was all he needed to hear.

Erica pulled up to the emergency room entrance at the same time as Alex. She waited while Alex pulled Angela's car seat out of the car and then walked silently beside Alex as she carried the sleeping baby into the waiting room. Words weren't necessary. They were living each other's pain.

Erica saw Trivette sitting in a solitary chair with his head down and his hat in his hands. She walked to the love of her life and placed a hand on his shaking shoulder.

He looked up in amazement with tears in his eyes. Pulling her into his arms he cried for his friends.