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Trapped in the past Chapter 1: Being beaten up isn't fun

When he woke up the first thing he noticed was pain. The next thing was that he was in a room. It was pitch black. Urrrg...where the hell am I? What happened? Oh yeah, I was kidnapped by an enemy Famiglia...great...just GREAT. This totally makes my day! Better go and search for a way to escape, luckily they didn't take away my mittens, pills and the ring. When he searched for an exit he heard a noise and quickly got back to what he believed was the spot he woke up at. As soon as he sat down a man with short black hair and yellowish- brown eyes came in. He didn't recognize him.

He was glaring at the man when he began to speak: "Ah, I see you woke up...Vongola Decimo Sawada Tsunayoshi" Tsuna just continued to glare "Oya, oya. Quite the talkaktive I see. I guess you want to know who I am and what I want?" "So? You going to tell me?"The man smirked "My name is Adriano Santo the sixth boss of the Santo Famiglia and...you see...I want you to give me some information about the Vongola." "Do you really think I would betray my family? Are you really that dumb?" Tsuna said, wincing but successfully keeping his voice steady. Ouch...I never thought I would be greatful of Reborn being so sadistic..

Tsuna was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the other sighing "I think it can't be helped...I'll just have force the answers out of you. Because I really don't want to get rid of you without getting at least something." At this Tsuna gulped. "So let's get started" with this he was dragged into another bright room and the torture began.

§A few hours later§

Tsuna panted. All he could feel was pain. He could't think clearly but he didn't tell them anything and that was all that counts. It was clear that Adriano was growing tired of beating Tsuna up. "Talk already!" he screamed. Another punch. Tsuna just laughed weakly and painfully. "I've had enough! You won't tell me anyway! I'll just get this over with."

Adriano slammed his fist into Tsunas head again. He could feel his consciousness slipping.

The Santo Boss noticed this and smirked "Don't be afraid little Vongola Decimo, I won't kill you. The next time you open your eyes you'll be in a place far away from your beloved family. You won't be able to return to them and nobody will know where you are~. Doesn't it sound wonderful? Goodbye Sawada Tsunayoshi..." everything went black.

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